Planning As A Management Function (A Case Study Of Ilorin East Local Government)

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Planning As A Management Function (A Case Study Of Ilorin East Local Government)

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Planning is regarded as the most important function of management in every establishment e.g. public or private organization. Therefore, among other management function it is simply the first.

The essence of planning by any organization is to use the past present to forecast the future. Therefore planning and forecasting are synonymous. This bring the idea of planning and management.

From the foregoing. It must be noted that the local government area need much of this planning under a political dispensation because they are closer to the people and they are responsible directly to the people or electorates who elects them.

The success or otherwise of any local government or organization or individuals alike depends largely on how will they able to plan. Indeed, it is the foundation which the nation is built upon. According to Nwachuwu (1998) planning goes beyond attempting to attain staked organization objectives it involved the development of strategy and procedure required for effective realization of the entire plan. It entails determination of control direction and methods of accomplishing the overall organizational objectives.

1.2 Statement of the Research Problem

  1. Lack of goods plan
  2. Ignorance on the part of the chief executive
  3. Lack of time to execute a programme on long term
  4. Lack of expertise
  5. Poor information system
  6. Mis-information activities
  7. Consistent policies on the part of the local government
  8. How inadequate finance hinder planning process
  9. Lack of purposeful leadership

1.3 Objective of the Study

The overall objective of the study is to critical examine planning as a management function
Below are the specific objective

  1. Look closely the role of planning as a management function
  2. Examine the various causes of failure to plan
  3. Find out the reasons for the planning as a management function
  4. Investigate into the cause of inadequate financial resources at the local government level
  5. Investigate into the reason for poor information system
  6. Inspect closely into what causes the financial misappropriate at the local government level
  7. Assess vigorously the main reasons why the local government could not achieve their objectives

1.4 Significance of the Study

To disclose the level in which failure to plan hinder the progress of the local government. To ascertain the causes of lack of planning local government in Nigeria

It further diagnose the causes of irregular payment of workers salaries to the management of local government it reveals the causes of problem of project abandonment. It enables us look closely into the reason behind lack of purposely leaders at helms of affairs of the local government

To investigate the aftermath of inadequate fund or zero allocation at the local government.

1.5 Scope of the Study

This research work intended to cover area like the definition of planning and management, importance of planning, features of good plan, types of plan as well as planning circle in an organization intends to cover the areas of failure to plan the chief executive management of organization management by objective (MBO) and qualities of a good manager. The literature review will therefore be restricted to the above area.

The study may touch some areas of management functions such as controlling, organizing for purpose of effective evaluation and analysis during the investigation.

1.6 Delimitation and Limitation of the Study

As usual, the level of information received for this study largely determined the accessibility of the researcher to the working toots such as text books, newspapers, journals and so on. Depends on both or either of the forthcoming reason.

Due to financial and time constraints, the researcher could not go be young this content of this project. These constraints not withstanding the researcher still strive harder to ensure that the information available are adequately tapped and utilized to arrive to arrive at a well dependable solution

1.7 Organization of the Study

The organization this study is the ways through which the contents of the project or research work have been written

  • Chapter one: focused on the introduction, statement of the research problem, objectives of the study, delimitation and limitation of the study, methodology
  • Chapter two: Examined literature review here you will be of the study methodology
  • Chapter three: Focused on the historical background of the case study. Organizational structure of the case study, functionality of planning
  • Chapter four: Focused on the concept of planning, planning procedure, characteristics of planning. The various techniques of planning and the problems of planning technique.
  • Chapter five: This area dealt with the recommendation and conclusion.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

The essence of this chapter is to carry out the summary of findings observed by the researcher in the cause of this research work.

Planning from the foraging has played a significant role in the life of any individuals, organization either public sector of private sector.

In fact, it was discovered that whether the organization set objective is short or long term or whether this management intent to perform other functions or not they (organization) must as a matter of necessity involve some elements of planning in all their endeavors. However, the local government being the third tier of government as established by the constitution can only help to perform the complementary role in which they plan vigorously and also ensure the all other department or people in every unit of the organization are carried along before decision that affect the local government or organizations as the eqase may be is carried out as some people will say “One falls because he fails to plan”.

In addition it was also discovered that if any group or organization/ individuals could achieve a set objective/result they must set objectives in all area where performance affects the health of the enterprises, according to peter F. Drucker, father of management by objective in 1954 where he had laid down a philosophy that emphasis, self control and self direction this emphasis reorganization efforts to decentralize management decision process instead of the zero allocation syndrome which ahs resulted in.

5.2 Conclusion

The local government area must be under a total control of either the federal or state as the case may be instead of being under the control of the state in come matter and federal in some other matter, this makes it difficult for the council to identify whom among the two organization they are responsible to:

The local government autonomy must not only be restricted to some matter of schedule of duties alone, if most also cover the jurisdiction and financial autonomy that is, they must be able to generate revenue as well as how to spend it considering the level of human and material resources available to achieve the lost.

There. Should be a fourm where the federal and state and local governments will must and how out their differences if not the local government area can be made to die a perpetual death if the situation of zero allocation responsibility on staffers and provisions of social amenities to the populace.

To achieve effectiveness and efficiency, we have to imbibe the planning culture at every time and in all other management function as mentioned above.

5.3 Recommendation

Having gone through all the are for mention the following recommendations are submitted.

This idea of everybody involved in setting a plan of the organization should be encouraged as in management by objectives as provided by peter F. Drucker.

Seminar/workshop must be organized for the elected officers most especially during the political era to educate the chairman or other elected and appointed officers on the need for them to forecast the future using yesterday and today to plan ahead for a better tomorrow. i.e. when they have excessive income/resources today they must invest wisely these researchers. For the raining season is on the way and it most certain that the days will come but a good initiative to invest for the future could help in providing the solution to the future callmity which is capable of running the local government doing so will increase the revenue base of the local government.

Finally, the local government most not only plan the income and expenditure is guide against wasteful spending this allocation and embezzlement they must check out all fraudulent as soon as the new allocation formula that favour the state and local government is put in place.

Non-payment of salaries and allowances to worker and contractors in almost about thirteen out of sixteen local government areas of the state is largely due to lack of plan because when the local government were receiving excessive allocations from the federation account, they prefer spending the allocation along with the internally generated revenue because of the hope to receive another allocation in about thirty days to come. Although the problem seem to be more of external to some people but to the researcher it is a problem jointly created by both the federal government one part and the local government on the other side. As at today the problem is almost on round the entire 744 government areas in Nigeria.

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