Planning Implementation And Control In The Public Sector (A Case Study Of Kwara State Bureau Of Economic Planning)

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Planning Implementation And Control In The Public Sector (A Case Study Of Kwara State Bureau Of Economic Planning)

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

The main essence at any development planning is to organize the priorities of government in such a way as to quicken the pace of development. With in the last two decades, most countries of the third world nation, have drawn up national development plans with the objective at accelerating the economic growth and the rate at which the standard of living of the populace can be raised in addition to sustaining an increases rate of economic growth and raising the standard of living of the people most of the plans also aim of limiting the foreign control of the country economic.

Nigeria as a developing country, is characterized by the attributes of less developed nations these feature of under development include poor housing standard of living poor health facilities, poor housing condition , problems of infrastructures, illiteracy, low level of economic development compounded by object poverty.

Government at all levels federal state and local had made concrete efforts to stand the scourge of these attributes though various development plans.

There is the need for a continuous monitoring and evaluation of the development process of any nation, so as to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to correct and identifies anomalies on the growth path of such nation. This will enhance further growth and development.

1.2 The Aim of the Study

It is the aim of this study to assess the trend of development in kwara state and to see to what extent the various development plans had been able to meet their objectives. The aim of the study is also to examine the problems inherent in the various plans and how it can improved.

1.3 The Scope of the Study

The study intend to discuss the various development plan of kwara state. This will not be done on sartorial basis unless where it is important to do so in order to take our point clearer. Development planning procedure in kwara state will be discussed and the problem of its implementation and control.

1.4 Research Methodology

In carrying out this study both primary and secondary method of data collection have been used. Most of the interviews are staff of the kwara state department of budget and other staff ministries and parastatals are also interviewed.

The various development plans of kwara state various progress report on the capital and recurrent expenditure of kwara, state are examined. Other sources of information include journals, budget speeches and other government publications.

1.5 Meanings of the Term Used

For proper under standing of the study, some terms need to be define. These are the basic terms which serve as the foundation on which the study is build. These terms include the following built. These include the following.

Development Planning

This involves the deliberate efforts by the government to set out its development, and objective to demonstrate initiate in tackling the country’s development problems in order to attain rapid economic growth.

Plan Implementation

After the formation of the plan, it must be implemented for its objective to be realized financial allocation has to made to each project and programmes. But the effective funding in any particular comes from the annual budget

Public Sector

This means those sections of the nation economic operations which are directly under the state control. Public sector activities include the regulation of competition the operation of public enterprises, the conduct of monetary fiscal policy

1.6 Limitation of the Study

A study of the nature, which has to examine some vital government document files, reports etc. is most likely to face with some striking limitations our major limitation is the classification of some vital government document under confidential, top secret etc to which we have no access which would have been tremendously helpful in our research.

Also, another problem is the unwillingness our respondent to give adequate answer to our questions because of fear of leaving officials secret.

1.7 Organization of the Study

The study comprises of five chapters the first chapter deals with the general introduction to the study also included in chapter one is the scope, the aim limitations and research methodology.

  • Chapter two consists of literature review i.e the meaning of planning, economic planning as a concept, planning implementation and duration and types of planning
  • Chapter three embraces the historical background of the department of economic planning in kwara state together with the organization structure and ministerial responsibilities of the department.
  • Chapter four examines the planning procedure kwara state, plan implementation and control in kwara state.
  • Under chapter – four also an assessment of major physical developments in kwara and reasons why plan implement is a log in the wheel of progress.
  • Chapter five contains our finding, conclusion and recommendations.

Chapter Five

Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

Our thorough examination of planning implementation and control in the public sector with our focus on kwara state has shown that development planning has not been adequately managed in the most efficient and effective way.

The geography of kwara state had shown that the state is full of rocky, and marshy land which makes all sorts of construction works extremely difficult.

As a result of inadequate physical and social private sector to adequately participate in the state economy. Hence, larger percentages of the population are civil servant. Many of ten refer to kwara as civil service state.
Industry is so sconty and the few available one concentrate at the state capital.

Another important problem militating against economic development of the state is political instability. For instance between 1967 to date (about 33 year) as many sixteenth and above chief executive had serves in kwara state.

This often leads to inconsistency in policy formation and implementation

Also planning implementation and control the in the public sector often faced with the problems of competent and reliable contractors. In the public sector contractors are often nominated or selected based on political considerations. Contractor awarded to political heavy weights who have connection with handle government project are not based on competence and reliability of contractor. As a result project are either not executed at all or executed poorly with full contract sum paid speedily.

Some contractor would even delay executive of project with a view to claim contract variation resulting from general increase in price level. This normally leads, in some cases, to abandoned projects.

In some occasion, some project is completed at double sum compared to what was originally planned for.
This study perhaps, has been able to shed some light on an issue that has continued is bother a greater number of people. Despite the fact that development planning and usually well packed and formulated in the public sector, it is said that wide gap usually exists between plan target and actual performance.

It is unfortunate to recall that inspire of the Nigeria rich potential in human and natural resources which qualifies her the rank of giant of Africa, Nigeria has not able to annex these resource to better the life of her citizens.
Nigeria still falling in object poverty. This study seems to suggest that bad planning and misplaced priorities are not only reason but also faulty implementation and contral are among the reasons for this anomaly.

5.2 Recommendation

Having gone through the various fact of planning implementation and control in the public sector we now in a position to offer some suggestion for improves performance.

There is the need for the public sector to be more realistic in its planning. There is not advantage in having an ambition but unattainable plan. Planning should reflect the resources available in government purse.
Efforts should be geared towards improving the supervisory role of the implementing agencies or ministries. The project pr planning unit of each ministry agency should be organized in such a way as to enable to perform well. The ministry of works should be always involved in implementation stage so as to make use of its profession setaff for effective monitoring and evolution.

Government should try as much as possible to ensure that the need financial resources are judiciously spent for public purpose. The policy makes should desist from paying the contractors even when they don’t perform.

The contractor should only be paid an amount commensurate with the job done.

Emphasis should be place on how to obtain the best value for the money spent by government.

Also, the government should encourage private business men to invest in the economy since the government does not have the finance to engage in many industries. Even when the finance is there experience have shown that government is among the worst manager of industrial enterprises. Many government industries or public corporations only serve as drain on the economy, therefore the public sector should encourage the private sector to participate fully in the economy activities through provision of industrial infrastructure lattice good roads, adequate water supply electricity, good roads, communication system etc.

Plan distortion or budget indiscipline must also stop if planning is to be meaningful in the public sector. Some new projects tool precedence over these that are already in the plan. Efforts should be made to ensure that project implementation adhere strictly to approval plan.

Finally there is need for periodic reviews and evaluation of plan implementation. This will enable the implementing agency or ministry to be aware if there is any gap between what of planned and actual performance. Through periodic evaluation and to correct any identified anomaly.

Although, several goals of development planning are still to be achieves in the public sector there is not doubt that the overall effect of planning on the economic has been beneficial our examination of the physical achievement of kwara state between 1970-1995 had shown this.

However there is wide room for improvement effort should be geared towards improving the planning implementation and quality’s of planning as well as elimination the various constraints on effective formulation and implementation.

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