Personnel Management In Public Sector Organization (A Case Study Of Kwara State Transport Corporation)

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Personnel Management In Public Sector Organization (A Case Study Of Kwara State Transport Corporation)

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Personnel management cannot be treated in isolation since it has an integral part of management.

For the purpose of this project attention shall be focused on management as the coordination of human resources in the public sector (Kwara State Transport Corporation as a case study) through planning, organizing, selecting, recruiting, rewarding, training, negotiating, evaluating, decision making and innovation activities.

Therefore, management is the ability of every manager to coordinate both human and materials resources for the accomplishment of organizational objective.

The efficiency of an organization, whether private or public depends, to a large extent, upon how effective work force for the job at the right time. It is recognition of thus aspect of personnel management that ordinary Tead and Henry Mental F. C. have define personnel administration as the direction and coordination of the human relation of any organization with a view of getting the proper regard for the general well being of the workers.

Personnel management is one aspect of the broader field of human resources of manpower management.

Manpower management basically involves procedure whereby human resources are organized and directed towards the achievement of organizational individual and social objectives.

It does not only relate to personnel management, that is the management of employees as all individual but it also concerns itself with employees organized in groups (Unions).

Therefore, personnel management has been described by Edwin Pillar (1960) as the planning, development and conservation, integrated, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual organization objective are accomplished. Personnel are very essential ingredient in any organization, if the personnel are properly utilized by the leadership largely determine whether the organization will still achieve its set objectives. Recruitment is a very important function of personnel management for it is positive in selecting candidate with special skills and ability and personnel characteristics to fill the job vacancies in the public sector or any other organization.

This is done after a reasonable man power planning exercise has been carried out man power planning implies the determination of the number and the categories i.e. of employee required to achieve the set goals.

All the aforementioned facts are being carried out under an efficient personnel administration and this we are going to see how it is been carried out in Kwara State Transport Corporation, Ilorin.

1.1 Scope of the Study

It is normal to see a fully established organization with effective personnel management. Hence all organization in order to achieve set objectives therefore, the need for effectives and efficient is for the coordination of the activities both human and materials resources to achieve the objectives of the organization.

For this reason the researcher looks into the various way by which the management of Kwara State Transport Corporation met their obligation through the following ways:

  1. Recruitment of staff
  2. Remuneration
  3. Motivation of staff
  4. Training of staff.
  5. Promotion policy

Head of department has a very important role to play as regards to the personnel administration in the area of suggestion and ways of improving on the issue militating against the successful management of human resources in Kwara State Transport Corporation as the object of study.

The personnel management could not be separated from any organization in their bid to meet their set goals.

1.2 The Aims and Objectives of the Study

The aims and objective of this study is to evaluate the personnel administration of Kwara State Transport Corporation.

The case study will save as a n approval of proposal management in the public sector. The purpose of this also is to see how the public sector has been able to harness human resources for the effectiveness of their services and how the area of detect can be improves.

1.3 Importance of the Study

The importance of the study is to evaluate the personnel administration is Kwara State Transportation corporation union Nigeria. Appraising me various tools of management of transport sector will do this. In the effective administration of its personnel, to meet the need of transport goals, personnel are needed for the effective and efficiency of transport system and as such, there is the need for the recruitment of personnel into the service of the transport sector, for effective and efficiency transportation system in the state.

This study is also geared up towards looking at various ways in which the personnel of the transport sector are enumerated for the services rendered to the people for effective transportation system.

1.4 Methodology

For the realization for this project, deferent research method will be used, there will be observation and participation. Besides, secondary data from the organizational and finally, some will be from textbooks, journals and documents.

1.5 Meaning of the Terms Used

Transport Sector:

Transportation system for the social economics development of the state that is effectively and efficiently transportation of people from one place to the others.


Is the wise manipulation of available resources for the accomplishment of an objectives.


It is the setting up transportation of people from one place to the other at affordance price.


This is to put together of both human and national resources for the realization of the objectives.


Is the objective or of any organization.


Is an intention of the government to introduce transportation system in order to reduce transport problem in the state.


It is the salary or economic return to an employee for the services he has rendered.

1.6 Organization of the Study

The organization of this study is the ways through which the contents of the project work have been written.

  • Chapter one: focuses on the introduction, the scope of the study, the aim and objective of the study, the importance of the study methodology, meaning of the terms used and the references.
  • Chapter two: examine literature review, here we are referring to various authors.
  • Chapter three: deals with the historical background of the case study Kwara State Transport Corporation.
  • Chapter four: focused on the interpretation of the questionnaires and data analysis.
  • Chapter five: deals with the recommendation and conclusion.

Chapter Five

5.0 Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1 Recommendation

The effort of the researcher may not be useful and suit for adoption if there is no recommendation for prospective readers and users of this project.

The work of the researcher is diligently and carefully carried out in order to make it stand the test of time and for the usefulness of management board, not only in KWSTC but other organizations, firstly it is recommended that personnel management in public sector organization should be taken care of with more adequate attentions. A department of personnel management should be created that will ensure coordination, supervision as well as welfare of the staff. Incentives and motivations should be regularly practiced. Abraham Maslow theory of needs should be applicable to public sector organization so as to create conductive atmosphere for work and workers.
The 20th Century has brought modernization and industrialization, therefore there is need for capacity building at all level as well as training and re – training in order to keep the workforce abreast of the current developments KWSTC needs equipments and modern vehicles but the workers needs to be trained how to manage and maintain such equipments or vehicle even ahead of its arrival.

Routine auditing of personnel, find and motor vehicle should be embarked upon, in order to get the workers prepared and remain steadfast at all times. This auditing should be done by an independent or outside auditors.
The management of KWSTC can still do more in terms of efficiency and service delivery if they could desist from acquiring luxurious and high capacity buses. Through it is a very good initiative if it can be maintained for a long time, but in most cases, the buses that were purchased at an exorbitant price ended up being abandoned and rejected due to inexperienced or unskilled mechanics at the work shop to handle such vehicle. In order word, instead of spending so much on luxurious buses, it should be expanded on common eighteen and generate the expected income for the corporations.

Dangers in over speeding and drug abuses as well as other offences against traffic laws should be strictly adhere to by the workers, they should not see themselves as government workers or their vehicles as government owned vehicle thereby driving recklessly on the road, the action that can affect the image of the corporation and could lead to total collapse of the organization which in turn could throw the workers out into unemployment market.
Lastly, management of transport sector should always educate their workers on the danger attached to fraud and embezzlement in the transportation industry as the practice can easily paralyzed the entire organization.

5.2 Conclusion

Based on the finding of this study, it could be concluded that personnel management is the coordination of activities of the workers toward a goal through cooperation and management by objectives. The personnel officer will also motivate peoples participation by ensuring their personal fulfillment through involvement in the common venture.

An effective personnel management will people cooperation and relations among workers but this should not be mistaken or taken for granted to create an unofficial atmosphere in the organization.

It is therefore, important to know that no one knows the particular method of management that can survive the tests of time. Hence it is the situation of the environment that should determined which method should be adopted.

Personnel Management In Public Sector Organization (A Case Study Of Kwara State Transport Corporation)

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Personnel Management In Public Sector Organization (A Case Study Of Kwara State Transport Corporation)


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