Personal Selling As An Effective Promotional Tool In The Nigeria Banking Industry (A Case Study Of United Bank Of Africa Plc)

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Personal Selling As An Effective Promotional Tool In The Nigeria Banking Industry (A Case Study Of United Bank Of Africa Plc)

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The evolution of different companies with different banking increases the rate of competition which brings about the need to develop approaches which serve as a guide and platform for the company’s development and survival in a short and longtime.

There must exist writing the company effective promotional tool which will ensure steady growth and development of the company. Especially in the face of depression in a developing country like Nigeria.

The role of personal selling as an essential tool for company growth cannot be over emphasized as it helps to define longtime policy of the company and ways of achieving these effects for the company benefit.

Personal selling means findings alternation opportunities and developing profitable personal selling, selling specifics a target market. It is a process of promoting and maintaining personal selling between the goals of the company, the capacities and its selling opportunities. It relies on developing a clear company’s objectives.

Hence, the bank management will be saddled with the responsibility of seeing their own plan work effective as expected.

In one of the reasons that could be adduced for it is that might be doe to the fact that people have lost faith in the banking services, either for the delay the encountered in the bank whenever they want to save or collect money from the bank. Personal selling is the interpersonal arm of the promotion mix; advertising consists of one way non personal with target consumer groups.

In contrast, personal selling involves two ways personal communication between salespeople and individual customer, whether face by telephone or by other means.

As such personal selling can become effective than advertising in more complex selling situations sales personal can probe customers to learn more about their problems.

They can build long-term personal relationship with key decision makers. The role of personal selling varies from company to company, some firms have no sales personal at all for example, organization that sell only through mail order catalogues or through, customer, representative, sales agent or brokers.

As banks more toward a stronger market orientation, their sale forces are becoming more market focused and customer oriented. The old view was that salespeople should worry about sales and the company should worry about profit.

Personal selling rather than a sale oriented sales force will more effective in the long run. Beyond winning new customers and marking sales, it will help the company to create long-term, profitable relationship with customers. As such, the company sales terms can be central force in an organization relationship in selling program.

1.2 Statements of Problems of the Study

The problems of personal selling cannot be overloaded despite the usefulness of personal selling in both industrial and customer market. These difficulties arise from a number of problems that faced sales person. The various problems encountered during the course of this research whether personal selling is an essential tools for company growth, in the alternatives, personal selling may not be an essential tool for company growth. These two hypothesis must considered to know which of the two as a big pictive of what a firm will do in some selling which need two interested parts which are the target market and selling. Target selling is a fairly homogenous group of customer to who a bank which to appeal some of effective arise form a numbers that face sales personal the problem are:

Size and Location of Market:

Large and wide spread markets such as retail outlets for moving the customers’ goods can only be covered at a great cost by massive sales forces. Some manufactures branded, packaged foodstuffs employ such sales force.

Time Lags:

Where there is lags between arousing customer interest and the receipts of order, the use of such ratios as sales order to sales call may be meaningless. Business may take a long time to develop, especially in management can do is to monitor

  1. Size of customer order
  2. The ratio of sales proposal to sales achieved.
Geographical Spread:

More than half a million of customer are spread all over the nation which sales people have to cover. This will increase the cost of distribution which will equally affect the turnover of the company.

1.3 Research Question

In the course of research answer will be provided to the following research question.

  1. What is personal selling?
  2. Does personal selling creates more awareness than any other promotional mix in the banking industry?
  3. Does the promotional mix used by the banking industry make their services known to customers?
  4. Are the attitudes of staff in the banking industry good, comforting and encouraging to the customers?

1.4 The Aims and Objectives of the Project

  1. To find a way of restoring confidence in the mind of people through direct discussion, regular visit to big accounts.
  2. To solve problem of concentration and attention during presentation of message.
  3. To make personal selling known to customers as a good promotional mix in banking industries.
  4. To help banks adopt the marketing concept to the services rendered in banking industries.
  5. Providing information

1.5 Statement of Research Hypothesis

A research hypothesis is a specific statement of expected outcomes of an experiment. The following hypothesis tested in the research work.

  1. H0: Personal selling does not create more awareness than any other promotional mix in banking industry.
    H1: Personal selling creates more awareness than other promotional mix in banking industry.
  2. H0: The attitude of staffs in the banking industry are discomforting and not encouraging to customers.
    H1: The attitudes of staffs in the banking industry are good and encouraging to customers.

1.6 Significance / Justification of the Study

In view of this, the research critically examined the significance of personal selling in Nigeria banking industry to customer to the society and as an adopted by many organizations particularly, united bank of Africa plc. To what extent is it important to the social aspect of the company? Efforts will also be made in this section to look into the problems encountered in the adoption of different personal selling in sales to its consumers and all organization in general. Many people believe that the importance of existing banking system must be felt in its revenue generation and effectiveness in the adopted of personal selling pot in place, to make sure they reach satisfaction stage of consumer and ever their own target.

This research attempts to examine the importance of personal selling to the growth of a company in Nigeria, case study of united bank of Africa plc, in doing this and attempt will be made to look at the various source of revenue generation through adopted promotional mix. Mix above all, the optimum satisfaction of customer in the nearest future.

1.7 Scope and Limitation of the Study

The scope of this research work shall be limited to general administration and geographical area of United Bank for Africa, it concept rationale personal selling. Every research must be limited by some factors this research is of no exemption. Some of the problems that be encountered by this research are:

  1. Unavailability of relevant data which the company may regard a ‘score’ in the organization.
  2. Inadequate information given to research by respondent through questionnaire
  3. The research having high schedule for lecture and assignments

Nevertheless, the factors do not make the research irrelevant or invalid; the questionnaire will be clear so as to make respondents see clearly and gives relevant and sensible response and answers.

However the limitation of this study did not any way invalidated the work. The research uses some of the officer to get the need information for the investigation. Another problems encountered was that of actual getting respondent answer question because they are always busy, more so, after so many visit to the company, some relevant information to the study were acquired through staff in the united bank of Africa and customers services manager in the organization as well as customer patronizing the company.

1.8 Definition of Terms

This is to define the related terms in the course of this research. These terms include:

  1. Personal selling
  2. Finance
  3. Target market
  4. Marketing tools
Personal Selling:

Is offering the exchange items of valve for a different item. The original item of valve being offered may be either tangible or intangible. The second item usually money is most often seen by the seller as being of equal or greater valve than that being offered for personal selling.


A management of large amount of money especially by the government or large companies.

Target Market:

A target marketing and related marketing mix. The targets are the potential buyers of our product. The people we want to satisfy with the quality of our product or services.

Market tool:

It enables the selling to get the proper decision and plans to put in place to create utility satisfaction to the customer at a profit.

1.9 Plan and Organisation of the Study

The research work is divided into five chapters for clarity purpose. According to table of contents.

  • Chapter one consist of introduction, objective of the study, statement of problem, scope of study, limitation of the study, definition of key terms and plan of the study.
  • Chapter two discusses the literature review of the study.
  • Chapter three highlights research methodology, population and sample, sample design and size and data collection method.
  • Chapter four discusses data presentation and analysis and brief history of the case study.
  • Chapter five which is the last chapter talks about summary, findings, conclusion and recommendation.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

These findings were obtained from the data collected from the questionnaire and oral interview. In the course of this project work, it was discovered that promotional tools such as personal selling, publicity, sales promotion, advertising has crabbed the customers to be aware of the services of banking industries are has hitherto maturity influencing on industries most patronized of all other financial institution in the country to day and this has created on impression of wisdom of advertising theory which is the concept of AIDA model attention, interest, desire and action. Hence, the promotional mix message of the banking industry in particular must attract attention of customers which arose action.

Furthermore, it could be noted that good customer relation which has been established let customer satisfaction and it is among the crucial reasons why customers patronize the banking industry. This shows that modern banking industry that recognize the need for marketing concept is a philosophy of business which states that the customer want satisfaction in the economic and social justification for a form’s existence.

The attitude of staffs in baking industry is generally good and encouraging from the research camel out. Although few people still have the opinion that the staff attitudes are not encouraging and this might result from the fact that these set of people might be offended on way or the other.

Lastly, it is sincerely discovered from the data gather that marketing concept, adopt in promotional activities, modern technology innovation, the use of marketing strategies are all fact that can be used in improving the services of the banking industries.

One may have to question the need of personal selling in Nigeria Banking Industry. It is very simple to explain the need for personal selling in selling demands that the personal selling most attract customer form who it can sell is services.

It is also essential that personal selling encompassed from sales oriented which has hitherto characterized the marketing of their services in Nigeria. Competition is appearing here and there with the emergence of more banks, both communities and others. Banks generally can conduct survey and interviewing to determine their stand among their clients expects and improve on how to cater satisfactorily to their needs.

Personal selling is the live and therefore central to the business activities because it is the continued patronage of the customers on which the survival of any business is based.

Whatever is done in the firm is going to affect the customers directly or indirectly, so its important that all employees of banks should be said on the marketing concept and its principle of customer orientation.

Summary of Report

From both the descriptive analysis, it was found the selling volume profit analysis is an important tools in an organization which contribute to the profit of the selling and survival of the bank, if properly carried out, implemented and monitored in the profit analysis profit as the most important measure of firms performance was analysis. The break-even point analysis was used to establish the relationship between personal selling as an effective promotional mix with the united bank of Africa (UBA).

5.2 Conclusion

This project has examined the needs for personal selling in Nigeria Banking Industry. The researcher agreed base on presentation of analysis in chapter four that personal selling are more useful than analysis in any other promotional mix in Nigeria Banking industry. Based on these conclusions, the idea of personal selling can be generalized for all banking industries for use.

5.3 Recommendations

Based on the findings of this project, the following are recommended for effective impact of personal selling in Nigeria Banking Industry.

In Nigeria Banking industry, many problems arise most especially in the use of their promotional mix. The knowledge time is of paramount importance of the banking industry and when it is not appropriate used, sometimes constitutes a problem. It is therefore recommended that marketing expert should be employed and contracted in the application of the promotional mix.

It was found that level of the promotional activities is low mostly in personal selling; one could therefore suggest that the banks should make effective use of personal selling.

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