The Organization And Management Problem Of Rural Water Supply (A Case Study Of Nnewi Water Co-Operation Anambra State)

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The Organization And Management Problem Of Rural Water Supply (A Case Study Of Nnewi Water Co-Operation Anambra State)


This research work is aimed at recommending possible solution to the organization and management problem of rural water supply programme in Nigeria with a case study of ANSWC Nnewi. The mean or average number of adult and children in the sample household are 3 and 6 respectively and total income reported is N200 to 100 per household per month.

The statement of the problems is that the growing commercial and industrial town of Nnewi has been without adequate possible water.

The purpose of the study is that the extent in which the changes in government and leadership style affect the steady water supply.

Based on the finding above, the following recommendation among other was made for effective implementation. The operational supplier facilities such as basic tools spare available.

Finally, it is also recommended that ANWC should surmise to know how eater they are producing and how much water are being lasted so as to be able to determine their operational efficiency.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

This project is based on organization and management problem of rural water supply in Nigeria. A case study of Anambra State water co-operation Nnewi.

Nigeria is blessed by nature with lot of natural resources among which among which water is one of them. Water as it is said is life, it is a daily need in household, in household industries, agriculture sectors but mention a few. In other words, it is needed by almost all the sectors of the economic. The importance of water cannot be over emphases. Most rural and urban are, area still in short supplies despite the availability, it needs to be treated before consumption thus, the government agency responsible for water spends a lot of money to treat water.

World Health Organization (1996) maintained that the supply of water to majority of the populace especially the rural areas is very much adequate.

1.1 General Background Of The Subject Matter

Rural water supply covers a wide category of schemes, ranging from a well with bucker supply water to a few isolate. huts to river several villages. The later range from simple water treated as commercial stand to tape in individual homes and provision for live stock and vegetable garden, various traditional means of communities for many are very much in use by various communities, both rural and urban area. In Anambra and indeed Nigeria. Rural water supply is inadequate in quality and it is to health, inconvenient, and unrealizable.

Thus inadequate signifiers that rural water supply is not without problems. The supply is not of water to rural areas in Nnewi of Anambra State call for serious government intervention. The problems that militate against water supply in Nnewi rural areas are numerous and deserve proper organization and management.

1.2 Problem Associated With The Subject Matter

The growing commercial and industries town of Nnewi has been with adequate potable water this potable water supply inadequate being experienced in the rural communities of Nnewi have been brought about money factors. Despite the huge sum of money being such into those rural water supply yet water is still inadequate.

It has difficult for the society to appropriate and realse the aim and objectives for setting up Water Corporation in Nnewi.

Management is an essential ingredient of all organized enderous the decision and information function performed of managers combine to form the management process within a bureaucratic structure.

The inadequate of rural water supply in Nnewi zone indicate that management and organization incisive are not without problems.

1.3 Problem(s) That The Study Will Be Concerned With

The problem of this research project on the organization and management problem of rural water supply in Nnewi Zone, Anambra State is to lives Nigeria.

The characteristics of rural house hold with respect to their demand for and use of water as well as the rural staff.

The adequately and suitability of materials and human resources for the accomplishment of rural water supply programme in Nnewi.

The extent at which the organization and management problem. Affect the functionality of the rural water supply services in Nnewi.

The extent at which the changes in government and leadership styles affect the steady water supply.

Finally arising from the above to make appropriate recommendation.

1.3 The Importance Of Studying The Area

There is need for rural water supply in Nnewi Anambra State. This study will x –lay the organization and management problems of rural water supply in Nnewi Anambra State as a basic for offering informed suggestions for improvement. It is envisaged that the finding, suggestion and recommendation of this study will be beneficial to policy markers and other agencies, interested in improving rural water supply’s specially thus study will go a long way to rural communities especially Nnewi Anambra State.

Finally our come of the study will be useful to the research as a partial fulfillment for the study.

1.4 Definition Of Important Terms


It is simple mean a colorless odorless tasteless and liquid that is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. Thus are supplied for drinking and domestic use. It can be generated through lakes, rivers, and seas.


It defined as a group of people who form a business, club, etc together in order to achieve a particular aim system or body of people example world health organization.


It is the act or running and controlling a business or similar organization. It is also know as essential ingredient all organized endeavor.

Last Chapter


This study reveals that there is organization as well as management problems that affect the functionality of rural water supply programme in Nnewi and indeed in Nigeria. It is also found there are most of the staff of ANSWC do not have requisite qualification and do work with inadequate and obsolete equipments and facilities for repairs. And that I constant changes in government do effect the steady constant changes in government don affect the steady eater supply.

It is therefore recommended that ANSWC should be given and allowed to use autonomy she requires to function efficiently. Thus, she should be allowed to develop her staff and be encouraged, supported in her institutional development plans. Manpower development and training must receive adequate attention.
The development of state water supplies and polices objectives for ANSWC to have a goal and prepare strategies to achieve such aims and objectives.

It is also recommended that there is urgent need for national water supply policy, which will provide the required sector co-ordination and foundlings involved in water supply in country and Anambra state in particular.
Operational support facilities must be made available. Basis tools and such items as spare parts, vehicles, communication facilities and workshops are necessary items for good operation and maintenance culture in ANSWC.

In order to be financially liable enterprises the corporation must give attention to her commercial activities.

The level of staff should be reviewed upwards, while the corporations must develop good customer management strategies.

The zonal managers of ANSWC should be given autonomy through deceriraliation of the activities of ANSWC so as to enable them to develop management capabilities, which will improve their operational efficiencies. Like wise, the zonal manager should delegate responsible to key senior officers with proper supervision and will define schedule be work. Good organizational structure should be part in place too.

It is also recommended that the ANSWC should strive to know how much water they are producing so that their operational efficiency can be properly determined.

The findings from the research work has lead to the conclusion that human beings can hardly exist with out water. The same goes for plants, which also need water to survive. Sufficient to say that water is essential for life. Because of this universal need, greater efforts are required form government to make water available to the populace in the right quantity and quality.

While the idea of managing out progromme to ensure a ready and adequate supply of water by the government is lightly recommendable, there is still a great need to map out corresponding strategies necessary to prospect any such programmes to conclusive and on the other hand government should devise mean of involving individuals gropes, communities and corporate organization in meeting the water needs of the people.


In the light of the above conclusion, it is hereby suggested that further research should be carried out in the following areas

  1. Implementation strategies for the success of rural water supply schemes.
  2. The complementary role of most communities in ensuring adequate water supply to the people.
  3. The problems of burst pipes and linkages in water distributions.

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