The Motivational Theories Of Management And Their Influence On Employee (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc Ilorin)

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The Motivational Theories Of Management And Their Influence On Employee (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc Ilorin)


The topic of this project is “The motivational theories of management and their influence on employee. (A case study of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc Ilorin) This write up will consist of five chapters that will emphasis on what motivational theories actually entail for other researchers to lay hand upon and gain something meaningful from it.

  • Chapter one is all about introduction of the research work, objective of the study, statement of the problem, justification of the study, research hypothesis, and scope of the study, limitation and definition of terms.
  • Chapter two wills entail the reviews of related literature on early view of motivation, Various School of employee’s e.t.c
  • Chapter three is the research methodology as well as the embodiment of the case study of Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) Plc
  • Chapter four constitute presentation, analysis and interpretation of data.
  • Chapter five handles the summary, conclusion and recommendation.

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • Certification
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 Objectives of the study
  • 1.2 Statement of the problem
  • 1.3 Justification of the research
  • 1.4 Scope of the study
  • 1.5 Research hypothesis
  • 1.6 Limitation of the study
  • 1.7 Definition of related terms

Chapter Two

2.0 Literature Review

  • 2.1 Early views of motivation theories
  • 2.2 Schools of management thought
  • 2.3 Meaning of the study
  • 2.4 Consequence of un-motivation
  • 2.5 Comments of nigerian writers on motivation
  • 2.6 Requirements of a good system of motivation

Chapter Three

3.0 Research Methodology

  • 3.1 Research design
  • 3.2 Procedure in gathering data
  • 3.3 Population of the study
  • 3.4 Sample size
  • 3.5 Historical background of the study (NBC)

Chapter Four

4.0 Analysis and Presentation of Data

  • 4.1 Presentation of data
  • 4.2 Analysis of data
  • 4.3 Interpretation of data

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

  • 5.1 Summary
  • 5.2 Conclusion
  • 5.3 Recommendations
  • Reference

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Work can be interesting dull, easy, stressnous and challenging. However, it is a regular and reliable source of income. It gives one purpose in life and a good standard of living. It is as namtural for a man to work and earn something meaningful to improve his/her standard of living work is preferable to idleness.

Joblessness of any human being can create problem and in fact, a disaster. Work is the life wire of man’s determined how responsible and hard working they tend to be. Some are always on time, put in a good performance. Other is less puntual and tends to get through the day with a minimal amount of effort. Some researchers have assumed that the best worker may be two times as productive as the worst worker.

Workers with poor performance don’t have proper attention by their superiors while those with excellent performance seem to be given proper attention average Nigeria workers have been accused of being interested in his or her wages and not productivity many citizens of this country want to make quick money without intending to labour much for it.

The impact of motivation among workers is said to be felt through human relation approach that is based on this motion that management should workers a partners in progress. By this means, workers will be spared to be productive problems. When we are through with the study, it is hope that we will be able to see what can motivate on employee to put in his or her best efforts.

The aim of this study is to find out why good salary and start us are not only the determinant factors that make employee to be dedicated to their work and improved their productivity of the right factors of motivation are supplied or provided.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Experience had shown that Nigeria attitude towards work is unencouraged and it is affecting the country’s national out put negatively. Hence, the dwindling standard of living generally. It is not easy to predict what motivated; it leads to work and strike.

Poor performance:

This occurs workers are not properly motivated and eill lead to hadequate performance and not carrying out their work as they ought to.

Low Productivity:

The output will reduce because worker will slow down in carrying out their work and this will affect the form both in profit and in losing their customers.

Negligent of Work:

The workers will neglect their job and will be so reluctant to carryout their suites because they are not well motivated.


Workers demonstrate their grievance through strike and the work will be abandoned.

1.3 Justification of the Research

In today’s compectitive and chaotic environment if organisations are to survive, they must attract and attain people who are able and willing to perform and even go beyond what is required it is known what motivation is at the top of any manager’s agenda. It should be noted that having skilled personnel on the pay roll is adequate to attain hiher organization effectiveness. People must be willing to carry-out the task; key must put in more effort. If workers are effective, it would increase the national output of the country. Hence, increase the standard of living of people.

1.4 Scope of the Study

The scope of the study is in two forms

The geography scope (b) organization scope

The Geography Scope:

Due to the proximity factors this study would be carried out with the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) Ilorin Branch.

Organization Scope:

The study would concern itself with the issue of how the level of motivation shaped the attitude of workers in an organization.

1.5 Research Hypothesis

  • Motivated employees are more productive then unmotivated workers
  • Increase in salary does not motivate workers in all situations.

1.6 Limitation of the Study

There is always one limitation or the other which researchers encounter in his or her research work. The following are the limitations encountered in the course of this research.

Time constraint:

In carrying out this research work the time allocated was two tooo small to administer the questionnaire, to process to analyse it and make final submission of those

Financial Problem:

In accessibility to organizational library is also a major problem in gathering vital information needed to carry-out the research work

1.7 Definition of Related Terms


Motivation is the urge, drive; desire, aspiration or need which inspires individual to take actions motivation can also is described as an inner drive that energozes, moves and directs or channels behaviour toward goals.


This is an act of delegating power authority and encourage autonomy.


This are people employed in an organization to perform or carry out some certain task and be remunerated accordingly.


Organizatiopn can be defined as two or more people working together in a coordianted manner to achieve group results.


Objectives or goals arew the toward which activity is aimed. They are represent net only the and print of planning but also the toward which organizing stafing, leading and controlling are aimed.


Authority is the right to command i.e to make people work to accomplish the organization objective or goals


Delegations is a process manager uses in distributing work to his subordinates.


Responsibility is the description of position outlining the function each individual is to perform.

Training and Development:

Training and development has always been recognized as an important factor that contribute to improved performance of an employee right from the days of fedrick Taylor of the scientific management to the present day.


Upgrading of employees from a lower position to a higher position.


The rate of work efficiency especially in in dustril production.

Historical Background of the Study (NBC)

Coca-cola Company was inangurated in May 1886, by pharmacist called Dr. Thone perie Bertern.

The company was situated at No.6 marreta street altlanta Georgia USA. It was started as family refreshment and become worlwide soft drink today. It is been produced and sold in more than 145 countries. It is made up of syrup, sugar, carbodinate (C02) and treated water (H2o) which can be found in Nigeria. The syrup is been controlled by the corporated head office in Winsor London. Nigeria Bottling Company was in corporated in Nigeria in 1953 when is the biggest and number are in the food and bevarage sector. The companuy is the quit number of product such as Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite, Krest, Tank water, Fanta leman, Schwepps. The compy has also helped in developing other industires such as Delta Glass Coimpany which produces soft drinks, Crown Product Limited which manufacture Benin plastic company is owned by over 30,000 share solders. The management team has the full support. Must and encouragement of the share holders for over 40years which has resulted in the company enhancement. The company’s maximum production record is clearly astonishing by producing over 10,000,000 bottles everyday nation wide the consumption of about 7,000,000 by Nigerians daily.

Nigeria Bottling Company Collective strength is based on over 10,000 capable goals and well trained personnel providing the foundation on which many other business establishments have been built with over 2000 large medium and small scale business composing it’s supplies sectors. Its customer’s services orientation has created a network of global services over 60,000 registered and 50,000 part time dealers which is the biggest network distribution in the country. It is estimated that about 150,000 family member of this dealer one direct beneficiaries of their success. Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) put some product mainly through philan tropic activities for example the company is a leader in the crusade for environment protection.

Chapter Five

Summary Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

Every business organization, whether small or large, does one living or the either make that workers feel happy and be committed to their work because labour remains the most important factor of production in an organization. The main objective of this study is to determine the effect of motivation on in level of productivity and the Nigeria bottling company was used as a case study. The researcher reviewed much literature relating to the field of motivation and job satisfaction. I summary, this researcher work is broken down in to five chapters chapter one discusses the introduction significant of the study, statement of the problems, justifivation of research work, scope of the study and definition of terms chapter two deals with literature reviews where work of known motivational theoeries such as abraham maslow it. Herzberg e.t.t were critically discussed and analysed. The relevance of this review was to asess the thoughts of thus scholars. The work of some Nigerian scholars on motivation was also reviewing so as to recancle works of these scholars with the ones advanced by the earther scholar.

The historical background of Nigeria bottling company is discussed in chapter three. In chapter, the emergency, streegh and operations of the organization were discussed. Chapter four contains presentation, analysis and interpretation of data

The find chapter which is chapter five discussed the summary of the research findings. The conclusion were drawn and recommendations suggested based on research finding

5.2 Conclusion

The main focus of this study has been on the effects of motivation on the level of productivity when the condition of work acts as a constraint to effectiveness in production. It is obvious that individuals working under such condition would be unsatisfied with their work but where the reverse is the case, production is bound to increase.

Therefore, in meeting the goal of an organization management should also be concerned about the provision of service which would help in employer needs.

The study has helped to strengthen them argument that motivation is a very important aspect to worker’s performance. In this research work two hypotheses were forwarded and esch was tested in relation to the drafted questionnaire and the following findings were revealed.

  1. Most of the employess of the organization that are not satisfied with their job complained that
    • They are not placed on the right job
    • They have been on the job for a long time
    • That tasks are too much for them
  2. The salary paid to them is not commensurate which the work employees performance
  3. That the walking emeroment is not conductive for a better performance.

The study now arrived at a conclusion that the best way management of any organization can increase its productivity is not only to motivate workers but to also adopt appropriate Motivational method ands incentives e.g a , messenger is not likely to motivated if the management encourage him to join a cocial club such as “kano club” by the way of paying for his subscription fees. This is because it is not likely chat he would have satisfied his physiological and security need before moving to social needs. According to Abraham maslow, a lower need must have been satisfied before moving up the ladder to satisfy a higher need. Increment in salary or provision of accommodation for the messenger would have serve as a greater motivation because it would go a long way in helping him to satisfy in physiological needs. On the other hand, the earlier motivational strategy is likely to motivate a middle level worker for put in his best in achieving the organizational objectives. This is true he must have satisfied the orthur needs. Any organization that does not take cognizance of the motivation theories and applying them in the right direction is any wasting its time to go the best out of its employees.

5.3 Recommendations

Based in the finding of this research, it is necessary to give yeatself recommendations is order to enhance progress in productivity.

  1. Employees should be given salary which is commensurate which the work they perform in the organization this could be compared with similar organization. This could be compared with similar organization. To see if the salary paid are commensurate
  2. To ensure that the employees are fully motivated, the general working condition must be constantly reviewed in the line with the principle of job classification and placement.
  3. Job reaction should be encouraged as this will provide a good ground for staff. It will lead to better understanding among workers and effective co – ordination of effort.
  4. The management should make sure that the workers are allowed to participate in decision especially where they are affected.
  5. The individual goals should be interpreted in to the organization goals since the workers would feel a sense of belonging and will be willing to give their best.
  6. An attainable goals should not be set for the employees such as given the work of lecturer to a graduate because this will definitely be a task above his ability in a manner of given the job of a receptionist to an office messenger will be quite out of place. These duties should be assigned in the line with qualifications, skill and expenses based on constant job appraisal.
  7. The management should study what motivate each level of workers and direct motivation to that direction
  8. The management should take note that what brings about job satisfaction is different from that which brings about job dissatisfaction

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