Motivation It’s Effect On Employees Performance In A Business Organization

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Manager in all types of organization are continually faced with the fact that vast difference exist in the performance of a group of employees. Some employees always perform at high levels, need little or no direction and appear to enjoy what they are doing. On the other hand, other employees perform only at marginal levels, require constant attention and are often absent from their work station.

The reasons for this difference in performance are varied and complex one could attribute some of the differences to certain individual characteristics, such as personality, intelligence or ability. One could also focus on organizational influences such as the job, the supervisors style or the reward system used by the organization as contributing to this difference. The core concept associated with each of these properties is MOTIVATION. The topic of motivation in organization has received increased attention in recent years among practising managers and organizational researchers. There are at least three major reasons that account for the emergence of motivation as a principle topic of interest.

1.1 Background Of The Study

Firstly, the ever increasing external forces of national and international competition, Economic Social, Technological and Governmental conditions have forced management to develop and acquire new techniques and mechanism to increase or at least maintain the levels of organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

This requires the effective utilization of all resources of the organization financial, physical and human.

Secondly and closely related to the first is the growing perpective of considering the human resources of the organization for long term development and growth. Organizations had long considered their human resource in term of an infinite labour pool in which frequent changes occur because of the endless supply of qualified individuals. More concern is being placed by managers on developing, stimulating and maintaining an effective strategies as job design, management by objectives and skills training.

Finally, the view of people in the place has undergone significant change. Early managerial approaches considered the individual worker as only a small “cog in he wheel” who is motivated only by money or cash incentives. Workers are motivated to perform by many different factors, which include job challenges, achievement, advancement and money amongst few.

Therefore one might define motivation in terms of some outward behaviour. People who are motivated exert a great effort to perform than those who are not motivated. In essence, motivation is an act of attempting to carry along ones total workforce by means of applying incentives and other method which can spur the workforce on a better performance of their jobs. It’s an inner drive which prompt people to act in a certain way. It is connected with incentives which can either be in the form of tangible things such as praise and reorganization of a job well done.

The primary task of a manager is to get people to contribute activities which help to achieve the mission and goals of an enterprises or of any department or other organization unit within it.

Clearly to guide people’s activities in desired direction requires one to know the best of the managers ability, what leads people to do things, are what motivate them.

1.2 Scope Of Study

This study will examine organizational behaviour and performance and analysis the view that because the individual workers has an unlimited resources he/she is solely motivated by economic factors. And that what manager needs are approaches to acquire, motivate and retain reliable resource in order to enhance productivity.

One identified major handicap of organizational performance is mismanagement. This statement presupposed that organizational need to be effectively and efficiently managed, since ideas about managing do not have much meaning unless they help to make better managers. In order for an organization to put in their best, there will be increased organization to put in their best, there will be increased organizational profit.

When employees join organization, they bring along with them a set wants, needs, desires and past experiences that combines to form job expectation, hence, before such have job satisfaction his job expectation must be satisfied. This indicates the reasons for employees to identify such job expectation and satisfy them so that employees could put in their best.

Some of the aforementioned needs are physical, others are psychological and social values the latter are much more difficult to determine and satisfy and they greatly vary from one person to another.

This basic reasons calls for thorough study in this field. In fast, a study conducted by Garry and Kenneth (1971) showed that employees motivated people seek more hours of work.

In view of these stated reasons, this study is conducted to ascertain how motivation ensured employees to put in the best to achieve their individuals goals and organizational goals. It also intends to appraise the effects of motivation on employees performance in business organization.

1.3 Objectives Of Study

  1. To examine the various leading theories of motivation and their effect on productivity.
  2. To analyse certain motivational techniques with particular emphasis on job enrichment.
  3. To know why moral is low in the overall performance of worker’s in business organization.
  4. To know whether motivation has any impact on worker’s performance in business organization.
  5. To find out whether management policy in the organization contributes to the problem.

Then finally, this study is to assess the effectiveness of motivating workers and development as a means of removing low performance of workers on the job.

These determine the impact of skills acquisition, knowledge, behaviour and attitude on the discharge of responsibility by workers after motivation.

1.4 Purpose Of Study

The aim of this project work is to examine the effects of various managerial motivational incentives on the performance of employees in an organization (business) this, study in the process will examine various motivational theories in conjunction with the various proponents (theorists).

1.5 Limitation Of Study

It is worthy of note to point out that the writer of this project is a student of business administration and not an expert. It does not therefore discuss anything more than an understanding of motivation. It is important to mention that there are various textbook that deal with the matter relating to the effect of motivation on employees performance, and this leaves the writer with the great tasks of having much more direct materials to rely on. The writer has constraints on how to limit there various literature within the context of ordinary National Diploma degree project limitation as well as plaucity of money to avoid more expenses than available.

1.6 Definition Of Terms


Is basically defined as the incentive, stimulus or inducement given to a worker with the aim of making him/her works willingly and well.


Someone who is paid to work for someone else they expect fair treatment, proper remuneration job security and progress.


An act of carrying out a piece of work.


Management can be regarded as the process of setting objective and evaluating the results in order to determine future action. Management a process by which scarce resources combined to achieve given ends, management referring to those people carrying out the activity.


Managerial skills are those needed in the process of getting things done through people. Managerial connected with the job of a manager.


Someone whose job is to manage part or all of a company or other organization.


The quality of doing something well and effectively, without wasting time, money or energy.


Producing the result that is wanted or intended.


Formal progress or development in your job, level of knowledge.


A piece of work that must be done, especially one that is difficult or unpleasant or that must be done regularly.


Connected with the way that people’s minds work and the way that this affects their behaviour.


A drive can simply be defined as action that directs and energized one towards goal accomplishment.


Something that you hope to achieve in the future.


Some thing such as a piece of equipment or skill that is useful for carrying out a task job.


An idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain something about life or the world, especially one that has not yet been proved to be true.


A duty to be in charge of or look after something, so that you make decisions and can be blamed if something bad happens.


Someone who develops ideas within a particular subject that explain why particular things happen or are true.


Something which encourage you to work harder and start new activities.


This refers to an requirement or some thing essential which is lacking which one should have.


Refers to a mere desire for a commodity. It is a commodity someone would like to have.

Business Organization:

This type of organization carry out business activities for the purpose of earning profit.


Producing or achieving a lot, causing or producing something.

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