Motivation And Enhanced Productivity In Modern Business Organizations

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM

Chapter One

General Introduction

1.0 Introduction

This chapter endeavor to explain the essence of the research work. It explains; of what importance will motivation enhance work productivity in a modern business organization. More so, the background of the case study will be discussed. The problems which may arise in the course of carrying out this research work will be put into consideration. Nevertheless, the major problem with most organization is the lack of motivation. Some workers work hard, yet, they are paid less and not motivated. Therefore, it is important for organizations to motivate their employees in order to have a more successful productivity. Unlike the Herzberg’s theory that explains that; the theory pin pointed some factors that satisfy and dissatisfy workers in an organization.

These dissatisfies include lower level factors like demotion, lack of safety, poor quality of administration, lack of supervision, unfavorable company’s policy, poor working condition, job security, poor interpersonal relations and a poor salary. Though, their presence doesn’t motivate but only prevent dissatisfaction. The above mentioned factors are the herzberg’s factors.

The high level factors are job content or intrinsic variables like challenging work, recognition, job achievement, growth on the job and more job responsibility. These factors motivate people to perform better. While on the other way round, other theories explained different view about motivation.

1.1 Historical Background Of Dangote Plc

There is probably no concept more important than motivation, in the study of employee’s behavior in many organizations. A manager may consider motivation as an inducement (financial or otherwise) given to the employees to ginger them to work more. By this measure, organization goals and objectives are achieved. On the other hand, employees usually associate motivation with some monetary values.

Motivation is a pervasive function that cuts across all aspect of employee’s development. It is often discussed by people in any organization. Management cannot operate in isolation of their employees because they are human beings and not machines or tools which are utilize recklessly or in a rough manner.

Dangote Plc was established in May 1981 as a trading business with an initial focus on cement, the Group diversified over time into a conglomerate trading cement, sugar, flour, salt and fish. By the early 1990s the Group had grown into one of the largest trading conglomerates operating in the country.

In 1999, following the transition to civilian rule and after an inspirational visit to Brazil to study the emerging manufacturing sector, the Group made a strategic decision to transit from a trading based business into a fully fledged manufacturing operation. In a country where imports constitute the vast majority of consumed goods, a clear gap existed for a manufacturing operation that could meet the ‘basic needs’ of a vast and fast growing population.

The Group embarked on an ambitious construction programme, initially focused on the construction of flour mills, a sugar refinery and a pasta factory. In 2000 the Group acquired the Benue Cement Company Plc from the Nigerian government and in 2003 commissioned the Obajana Cement Plant; the largest cement plant in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Group is now one of the largest manufacturing conglomerates in sub-Saharan Africa and is pursuing further backward integration alongside an expansion program in existing and new sectors.

In today’s economy, employers have gone beyond being just employers because of their interest in the management of employees’ productivity. Most business personnel have realized more than ever before that their organizational set goals and objectives cannot be achieved if their employee do not perform as much as expected.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

However, some problems that affect Dangote Plc are as a result of inadequate application of motivation, such as:

  1. The quest to achieve is an hindrance to the application of motivation and work productivity in most business organization.
  2. Lack of Interest on the side of the employee is another problem to be addressed.
  3. Some employees are self-centered that some of them find it challenging to perform some tasks within the organization.
  4. Getting trained personnel especially in this part of the country may be a problem that could cause low productivity within the organization.
  5. In these modern days, employees work more than they are paid and this at times often brings about discouragement on the side of the employees.
  6. Workers that are due for increment don’t get it at the appropriate time and this may make them relent inn their responsibilities to the organization.
  7. Communication gap between the employees and the management is another problem to be considered.
  8. Work division sentiments especially where there is no demarcation of authority between the staff is another problem to be put into consideration.

1.3 Research Hypothesis

  1. H0i There is no relationship between motivation and work productivity
    H1i There is a relationship between motivation and work productivity.
  2. Hoii There is no significant impact between the firm’s output and the work force in the organization.
    H1ii There is a significant impact between the output of the firm and its work force.
  3. H0iii There is no effect of motivation on modern business organization.
    H1iii There is an effect of motivation on modern business organization.

1.4 Objective Of The Study

The objectives of the study include the following among others:

  1. To determine the impact of motivation on work productivity ii. To determine whether or not motivation is relevant
  2. To equate motivation and work productivity as a tool to business growth
  3. To explain the importance of motivation on the survival of the modern business
  4. To help in academic contribution towards reaching possible solution
  5. To ascertain the various motivational benefits available

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The researcher hopes that the finding and suggestions would enable for effective management of employees towards achieving organizational goals. Moreso, the research work will endeavor to look into the motivational tools used by Dangote plc to achieve its success in the present day economy. And also, to see of what significance are these tools to the future productivity of the company.

1.6 Scope And Limitation Of The Study

The scope of this research work will be limited to Dangote Plc, sokoto and the following will be its limitation among others:

  1. Time constraints- due to the short time given for the study, the researcher could not get all the required information needed for the study.
  2. Finance- as a result of money constraint the researcher had not enough money to carry out the study beyond the level. The researcher could not visit places where necessary information relevant to the study could be obtained.
  3. Attitude of respondents – some of the respondents were unwilling to cooperate with the researcher because they felt, they have nothing to benefit from the study both financially and otherwise. Besides they were afraid of losing their jobs, if all information needed are released to the researcher.
  4. Another limitation is the non-availability of relevant and vital documents in the school library, which could have be useful in making an extensive research work and the library did not keep any special manuals for the topic which the researcher could make reference to.
  5. This research work was undertaking when the writer is fully engage in the class work. This has greatly constrained the research work because the researcher has to pay attention to normal class activities.

1.7 Definition Of Terms

Business Organization:

Collective endeavor consisting of contractual relationship among the various parties involved


It involves the inducement given to a worker to work more


It is the outcome or output of a firm


It refers to something new


It refers to the educational guess provided to proffer solution to a problem.


It is the importance of something.

Trained personnel:

These are skilled labors whose had undergone some level of education.

Communication gap:

This is the bridge between two parties that make it impossible for a flow of information.


It is an inducement to motivate a worker.


It is a monthly pay to a worker.

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