Microcontroller Based Industrial Motor Speed Control

Project and Seminar Material For Electrical Electronics Engineering EEE

Project and Seminar Material For Electrical Electronics Engineering EEE


This seminar focuses on the implementation of various microcontrollers such as AT89C51 microcontroller using pulse width modulation (PWM), AT89C51 microcontroller for D.C motors and fuzzy logic controller for induction motor speed control. In pulse width modulated wave which modulation (PWM) control of industrial motors, a pulse width modulated wave which is generated using AT89C52 microcontroller is applied in controlling the speed of motors.

The AT89C51 provides programmable facilities through which speed and direction of rotation of D.C motors can be controlled. Fuzzy logic controller is applied in the speed control of induction motors to achieve maximum torque with minimum losses. The fuzzy logic controller is implemented using field oriented control technique which provides better control for motor torque with high dynamic performance. The desired objective of industrial motor speed control is to achieve a system with constant speed at any load condition.

KEYWORD: Microcontroller Based Industrial Motor Speed Control.


Title page i
Certification page ii
Dedication iii
Acknowledgement iv
Abstract v
Table of contents vi


1.0 Introduction 1-2


2.0 Literature Review 3
2.1 Basic components and Description 4
2.1.1 Resistors 5
2.1.2 Capacitor 5
2.1.3 Transistors 6
2.1.4 Light Emitting Diode 7
2.1.5 Diode 8
2.1.6 Integrated Circuits 8
2.2 Speed control of D. C Motor Using AT 88C52
Microcontroller 8
2.3 Principle of Operation 9
2.4 Block Diagram of The System 9-10


3.0 Conclusion 11
3.1 Recommendation 12
References 13



The electricity drive system used in many industrial application, require higher performance, reliability and variable speed due to its ease of controllability. The speed control of industrial motor is very crucial in applications where precision and; protection are very important. The purpose of motor speed control is to take a signal representing the required speed and to drive the motor at that speed.

The control of motion of a motor could be a flat-belt application, flow control application or mixing of substances. Various types of electrical motors are used to provide mechanical motion in industrial application includes A.C motors such as induction motors, D.C motors, servo or stepper motors. Each type of these motors is used in industries depending on the application required. The motion of a D.C motors can be controlled using a D.C drive which changes the speed and direction includes rectifiers with a series resistor that converts standard A.C supply into D.C and supplies it to the motor.

Through a switch and a series resistor to change the speed and direction of rotation of the motor.
Recently, due to the fast growth in technological development, the drives used in controlling the speed and direction of rotation of motors used in industrial processes are incorporated with built-in microcontrollers.
Microcontroller can provide easy control of industrial motors; they are capable of providing programmable facilities, massage display on LCD, precise control an d also protection when used to control t he speed of motors.

Furthermore, to control the speed of most D.C motors used in industries, variable voltage D.C power source are needed. When a D.C motor is switched on, the motor starts gaining speed and if you switched off the power supply when the motor has not reached its maximum rated speed, it starts to slow down. This is in line with the principle of pulse width modulated (PWM) control in which switching on and off of the supply to the motor are done in quick succession. The motor rotates at a slower speed between zero and full rated speed.

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