Marketing Planning As A Means Of Achieving Increase In Market Share In Nigeria

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Marketing Planning As A Means Of Achieving Increase In Market Share In Nigeria


Consumer satisfaction is the economic justification for the existence of any business. Hence for any business to exist, survive and grow, the same plan must be strategic. So, this research work was carried out on the strategic marketing planning as a means of achieving increased, market share in competitive market. (A case study of Nigerian Uniliver Plc Aba). In this research, we have treated these headings as follows. The problem statement which result as an increase in the competitive market of Nigerian Uniliver. So, the researcher is interested in finding out the reasons for achieving market share in competitive market. The objectives of the study which shows that the study aimed at:) Finding out reasons for product. Finding out means/how to improve the products to stand the test of time. Finding out the importance of marketing strategies in the organization Finding out if other competitors are doing better than the Nigerian Uniliver Plc. ) Providing the necessary recommendation.

The methodology is definition is the systematic gathering, recording and analysis of data about problems or opportunities relating to any field of an endeavor for decision making. Having identified the research work and an examination on the relevant literature done, this area submits how the study was carried out, how the data analysis. Some of the fools used are: research design, sources/methods of data collection, population and sample size, sample techniques, validity and reliability of measuring instrument and finally method of data analysis. The findings from the table draw 13 of our data analysis; the answer to the question was clearly stated through various responses rates represented, which typically on the areas of Nigerian Uniliver. There is no positive impact of advertising in relation to customer’s patronage for their products. The conclusion from the findings, analysis and interpretation of the study. it is pertinent to note that the variables around which strategic marketing planning revolves on should be duly considered and implemented for the achievement of any company’s goal. The recommendations the company and the entire industry should always keep abreast of their competitors strategies, strength and weaknesses and where they exercise better sustainable competitive advantage to enhance effective strategic of organization should be considered to enable the organization determine the extent of its performance in comparison to its established standards so as to quickly correct any deviation notified and this should be done on a regular basis.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

Although my case study organization, Nigeria Uniliver PLC Aba reveals that the strategic marketing planning as means of achieving increased market share in a competitive market. Nigeria Uniliver is a public limited company producing from barely by ancient people some 400 years ago Ancient attributes of modern beer contains top[ consistent which impact among, taste and foam stability to the beer. Beer is not drank for its sweetness because it is no sweet and this remains a fact.

The history of brewery industry in Nigeria is dates to thirstiest and is an imported technology. The indigenous drink in Nigeria includes Palmuline pito Kavito, Jwanga , Burukutu etc. though still new in some quarter, beer is gradually replacing these traditional drink in such as marriage birth ceremony, funeral which were seldom celebrated in past.

The only way these indigenous drinks were promoted in the past was by the fasting method, consumers, then were allowed and even now to tastes various palm-wine brought to the market by different producers and sellers and its served as a means which determines consumer patronage decision. This is because palm wine and burukutu were generic not until recently the were generic not until recently the were being branded. Bottled beer was first marketed in Nigeria Brewery limited (NBL) on June 2nd 1949. the birth of Nigeria Uniliver were on the June 2nd 1949, this marked the beginning of a buoyant industry that at present markets about six (6) brands of alcohol and now alcoholic beverages today social norms as they relate to the use of alcohol in ceremonies have changed and beer is used instead. In some cases, they are exclusively used while in others for example social clubs, a particular brand may be faboured by established norms.

The beer industry in Nigeria presently has matured into an interesting competitive market with about 28 brands of brewed by more than 28 brands of brewed by more than 27 Uniliver. In some areas in Nigeria beer is highly valued, that is drank and even used as a form of medication.

Nevertheless, most consumers prefer beer to palm wine into other alcoholic beverages, neither do consumers accepts all brands.

In view of this, proliferation of Uniliver producing different brands of beer in the country and also of the fact that consumers cannot accept all brands. The expression survives the bottleneck competition in the industry, the Uniliver adopts different measures and sow promotional strategies to attract and retain customers.

In his article titled “ product and system Dr. Walter W Ovo, chairman of savannah Bank limited outlined what he said that directly impinge on customer satisfaction. These are services information, commerce and needs that assess quality services in terms of time accuracy and flexibility in positive response to needs attracting ad retaining customers.

Nigeria Uniliver (NBL) Makers of stare gulilder, maltina, guilder max, Heineken, legend has embarked on strategic marketing that are scarely found in other Uniliver in Nigeria today some of these strategic marketing planning have had a lot of impact on consumers patronage of the product and increase in the profitability of the industry.

As rigorously gathered, those products do not have the problems other competitors products, to have because of well organized strategic marketing planning have had a lot of impact on customers patronage of the industry, as rigorously gathered, those product do not have the problem other competitors product do have because of organized marketing planning How can a business survive and remain in the business world without effective game?

How can an organization actualize customer satisfaction which is the economic justification for the existence of any business when appropriate panacea is lacking? Hence strategic marketing is the answer.

Marketing is the hallmark around which business strategies revolves on.

A.I Okafor (1995:6) defined it as all profitable human activities undertaken by the firm towards the creation of satisfied customers

Kotler (1989), defined strategic as game plan to get there

Glueck, (1976) defined strategic plan as a unifies comprehensive and integrated plan to achieve organization goal objectives

Business strategies from the focal point and basis of strategic marketing decision unfortunately, most business have failed products non existing, goals and objective unattainable simply because they neglected strategic marketing.

Strategic marketing decision is of vital importance that its absence in any organization will not go down well with such an organization it helps to manage business environment and the changed, which are inevitable it takes any an organization from where it is today to were it wants to be tomorrow. Proper strategic marketing decision turns a company from being reactive to being proactive in the face of events and situations.

Strategic marketing planning differs from company to company. It all depends on the market and business environment. Firms therefore, should adopt to the changing market conditions and at the same time face the need for creating an “anticipative “rather than a reactive managerial system. They should search for ways to handle an increasingly complex technology, unstable environment, competitors in their goods and services and offering so given and environment rapid change, a static environment can no longer be feasible.

Firms should think of moving from stagnant bureaucy o adoptive firm under extreme dynamism.

They should consider the marketing strategies of their competitors, their strengths and weakness and then develop a sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) that will enable them outweigh their competitors where there is no sustainable competitive advantage; the organization will not go far. Every business organization operates among other competitors in the market in order to increase or maintain its market share and organization would have to establish a good marketing strategy to survive intense competition and maintain sales projections and targets.

1.2 Objectives Of The Study

This study is aimed at

  1. Finding out reasons for increase customers patronage for Uniliver produce.
  2. Finding out means and how to improve the products to stand the test of time.
  3. Finding out the importance of marketing strategies in the organization.
  4. Finding out if other competitors are doing better than the Nigeria Uniliver limited.
  5. Providing the necessary recommendation

1.3 Research Questions

The following research questions were posited for his study to enable offer solutions to the problem enumerated.

The research questions are.

  1. Does strategic marketing help in achieving company’s goals?
  2. What effect has marketing concept the rate of customer’s patronage?
  3. Does product quality create customers value?
  4. Does advertising affect the rate of customer’s patronage for company product?

1.4 Statement Of Problems

This problem results as an increase in the competitive market of Nigerian Uniliver so, the researchers is interested in finding our the reasons for achieving market share in competitive market.

1.5 Significance Of The Study

  1. The project is a pre – requisite for the award of Higher National diploma in marketing to the researcher.
  2. The study will expose and build the research through his findings and analyzes in relation to the impact of strategic marketing planning
  3. It will give proper solutions to the company understudy through the recommendation regarding its problems’.
  4. it will also be a source of help to other organization having problems due to improper implantation strategic marketing planning.
  5. This study can be of great benefit to future researcher who may use its result.

1.6 The Scope Of The Study

The study covers the strategic marketing planning as a means of achieving increased market share in a competitive market ( a case study of Nigeria Uniliver plc Aba ) its concerns itself with what strategy is all about, its formulation etc. more so. Through the questionnaire, questions the management and marketing development / sales reps of Nigerian Uniliver were reached.

1.7 Limitations Of The Study

A wide range would have been taken care of but was limited by some factors.

Time constraint:

Some courses offered alongside this project writing affected the researchers time in a very great way.

Information restriction:

The inability of the company to readily release the needed information affected the researchers work.

Huge expenditure:

The location of the company brought the researcher into a tight corner of financial stringency in an attempt to source information from both the company and other quarters.

1.8 Definitions Of Terms


Something that will solve all the problem of a particular situation.


Means of achieving an aim (objective)

Strategy Market:

How company intend to go about achieving its objective.


People with needs to satisfy, money to spend and willingness to spend it.


Controlling situating by making things happened rather than waiting for things to happen and then reacting to them.

Business environment:

Those actors and forces that affect business decisions.

Adaptive form under extreme dynamism:

Firm that engages in environment and diagnosis and reacts to environmental no matter how turbulent it is

Stagnant Bureaucracy:

Firm that does not react environment changes.

Sustainable competitive advantages:

A competitor uses to win a battle over another competitor and thereby making it difficult for the competitor to copy.

Marketing mix:

The controllable variables product, price, promotion that company put together to satisfy the target market

Skimming pricing strategy:

Means of achieving more market share or attracting more customers by entering the market with a low price.

Marketing Segmentation:

Dividing a heterogeneous mark such that each sub mark or unit can be reached with specific marketing programme.

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