Manpower Training And Development As A Tool For Enhancing Employee Performance In Organization

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Manpower Training And Development As A Tool For Enhancing Employee Performance In Organization


The purpose of this work is to verify whether manpower training and development contributes to an increase in effectiveness and efficiency in job skill and elimination.

Questionnaires personal interview and field visits were used by the researcher to gather fact for the study a total number of one hundred and ninety one (191) were distributed to the three (3) level of management to level middle and lower level of management respectively out of this figure (191) 150 copies were completed and returned thus analysis was based on the answer for these questionnaires collected back.

More so the research carried out by the researcher shows that the criteria for nomination used by management for selection of candidates for training course has to a large extent accounted for why most staff do not have the opportunity to participate in most training programmes even when the are supposed and willing to do so and also satisfactory attention is not given to the worker on the issue of training in the organization.

The researcher suggest these solution to the problems as follows:

The company should encourage its staff especially workers with lower qualification to increase their skill and knowledge also the manpower training need of staff should be widen to include all type of training need obtained in all organization they should select staff training & development mainly through performance evaluation result again the company sponsor its employee to professional exam and full time course collage (university).

In conclusion training and development is very necessary and vital and even indispensable for every organization to survive.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The importance of human resources in an organization cannot be over emphasized. Every organization depends more on the resources for attainment of its objectives. However the objectives cannot be achieved unless organization made up of employee who have skill knowledge but in the long run. They may find it very difficult to cope with their jobs due to many factors such as organizational changes and so on.

The manpower training and development programme is very important activities the management cannot afford to Miss because not everything can be learned in the work situation. When workers are employed they are being trained and developed in order to increase their abilities skills and knowledge however employee are not just trained for their benefit only the organization benefit from them.

Indeed this is what the researcher is out in this study to learn from Nigeria breweries Plc Night Mile corner Ngwo Enugu.

They should answer on behalf of other organizations. It is not enough to stress for enhancing employee performance and efficient services delivery at Nigerian breweries Plc without effective training and development programmes for the person that will accomplish the objectives untrained staff can be a constant sources of inefficiency at work. Really there is not place for the untrained workers or even the intelligent mature in these days of specialized works through training and development organization can improve the quality of output lower the cost of waste and equipment maintenance lower the number & cost of accident and also prevent low turnover and also prevent senttiecism.

Infact the importance of training and development cannot over emphasized it plays large role determining the enhancement of employee and efficiency of the performance of the organization.

1.2 Statement of the Problems

In every organization all over the world the management set up the organization goals and ways of achieving the goals the Nigeria breweries Night Mile Ngwo, is not an exception since it performs many activities in other to attain its goal effectively and to do this they have to train their workers training is very important in an organization because it will help to improve workers performance in an organization.

This research is cantered on the need for manpower training and development as tool for efficient performance on the light of the objectives of the company.

Nowadays some organizations have been able to identify the importance of training and development now the question is why do some organization perform better than other in other words why is that some organization despite the high cost involved in training and development are able to train employee or why is it really considered necessary in some companies. In trying to answer this questions its then become very important to determine the following areas.

  1. Identification of individual of existing jobs
  2. Identification of potential training needs of exist sting jobs.
  3. Identification of individual pertaining performance level
  4. Determination of expenditure of resources on training performance with respect to the manpower training and development objectives

Therefore it is hoped that study in this regard in the institution chosen would throw light in the issue involved in training and development in other organization which are operating in Nigeria

1.3 Objectives of the Study

Following problems already stated above it is the objectives of the research to determine the following

  1. To determine the training and development needs of employee in organization with a particular reference to Nigeria breweries
  2. To access the performance of employee who benefited and low often they benefit from manpower training and development programmes.
  3. To access the performance of employee have trained.
  4. To find the method the employee and which methods are most acceptable by its employee
  5. To find out whether employees are encouraged to attend this training programme and they are being encouraged.

1.4 Research Questions or Research Analysis

The research question used for the purpose of this study include the following

  1. Does the company engage in any form of manpower training and development
  2. If yes to No 1 what type of training does it engage in
  3. How do they rate their training programme
  4. Have they benefited from the company’s progarmme
  5. Does training increase your productivity
  6. What type of training do they prefer

1.5 Significance of Study

For the manpower training and development programme to be effective its objectives benefit and process must be clearly understood from utilitarian standpoints.

Therefore it properly done it will be used as a means of increasing good performance and efficiency of workers. Thus the finding and recommendation to be made from this study will be very useful to student of business administration and other in the related field would head the personnel department of various organization.

The study will also be very useful to both student and researcher who will undertake research on training and development and other topics on human resources management and also Nigeria Breweries use in making amendment where necessary.

1.6 Scope of Study

Based on this study the researcher aims at achieving all the above-mentioned objectives.

They study is being conducted in Nigeria breweries Plc Night Mile this is to enable the researcher do a through study of the subject matter the researcher however believe that the findings will be applicable to other organization. Also limited to the process as it enhances employee performance of the company

1.7 Limitation of the Study

In writing the study the writer was constrained by a number of factors prominent among includes

Financial Constraints

Under this limitation the researcher could not due to financial handicap attain the desired scope and dept expected. Another problems encountered by the researcher is high cost of material which militated against the project work occupied with high cost of transportation which presented the researcher from visiting other branches of the industry to gather much need data.

The constraints: Although time should not be considered as a constraint cognizance must be given to the fact that academic work which was also undertaken by the researcher by which lectures and office duties could be seen to have limited time. This could be seen to have limited the research to in-depth study.

Bureaucratic Constraint

Under this limitation strong attempt were made to interview or reach the top officials failed because of protocol in handling officials engage and procedures in realizing the required data or officials secrets of the company.

1.8 Definitions of Major Terms


This is a systematic process of altering the behaviour of employee to increase organizational goals.


A measurement of the efficiency of production ratio of output to input (10 units per one hour)


An economic establishment put up with the aim of maximizing profit.


All employees in an organization from chief executive officer down


Deals with the activities undertaken to expose an employee to perform additional duties and resume position of importance in the organization hierarchy


Perform to carrying an action that is carry out an action in its best


Instrument for work.


Ability to work well without watering time or resources.

Chapter Five

Summary of Finding Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1 Summary of Findings

In as much as the researcher does acknowledge that fact manpower training and development here encompasses the function of top management.

Management should not lose sight of the fact that the environment that is the economy of this country.
Apart from that all section of the organization need manpower training and development in order to achieve the goals which the organization had set out.

5.2 Recommendation

Training and development are vital tools for effective and enhancing workers performance in an organization. It is therefore on this premises that the researcher has made these recommendation.

The analysis of manpower training and development of Nigeria breweries Plc shows that it is not being given satisfactory attention therefore the researcher deems for necessary and vital to make this recommendations the company should encourage its staff especially WSCE/GCE holders to obtain additional qualification in order to increase their skills and knowledge.

  1. The company should employ more diploma, degree and master degree holder since presently the strength of these skilled labour is not enough.
  2. That manpower training need of staff of Nigerian breweries Plc be widen to include all type of training need obtained in all organization both public and private.

More so, it will make them to be more efficient in their jobs that is performance effectiveness and efficiency such training need should include.

  • Acquisition of more skills
  • The opinion of the staff should also be sought and included in the training policy if they are found to be relevant.

They should select staff for training and development mainly through performance evaluation result performance appraise should not be left to be a traditional paper work exercise which is not used for meaningful job. This instrument of selection based on merit (a better appraisal report) will make it possible for the right caliber of workers to have opportunity to attend training and development programmes and will also help to eliminate nepotism favouritism etc and other vices resulting from selection through nomination by arrangement.

The company should sponsor its employee to professional exams and to full time course in collage/universities since these will increase the skills and knowledge (performance).

In addition to that the company should not relevant in its effort to get it staff trained since it increase productivity.
The organization should continue to differentiable the type of training courses given to differentiate categories of staff since every staff needs a particular type of training depending on his or her position or rank.

5.3 Conclusion

In the light of the finding from the research one can convectively position that training and development is very necessary and vital and even indispensable for every organization to survive it is generally believed that a trained worker is an effective and efficient work..

Therefore every organization should see training as its responsibility not only because employee benefits from it but also because the organization stand to gain it as it increase productivity. Training supposed to be a continuous process and money invested in it should be regarded as money will used (invested).

There is a saying that goes like this whatever one has learnt or training for is as far more better than what is manipulated that is to say that whatever one has been trained for or learnt the person becomes use to it and can go it effectively and efficiently while the one manipulated can be easily be forgotten this goes a long way to prove that training and development are vital tool for enhancing workers performance in an organization.

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