Manpower Training And Development In The Public Sector (A Case Study Of State Universal Basic Education Board Ilorin)

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Manpower Training And Development In The Public Sector (A Case Study Of State Universal Basic Education Board Ilorin)

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Local government is the closest tier of government to the people. Local government is not only an institution for economic but also the bedrock on which the growth and development rural areas by Federal and State Government super structure are laid.

Throughout West Africa, the history of Local Government Introduced by the British colonial administration to the former West African territories was imported from Britain experience in it colony in India and had little or no relationship with the history and characteristics of our people. Though community development in not new in Nigeria, it is the emphasis on it now which makes it almost a revolution.

However, community development as a process in which the inhabitants of a local government community organize themselves to provide social amenities on their own with or without government assistance.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The major problem that hinder the progress of the local government community development includes: Inadequate findings and withholding of local government funds by the control of federal government are joint account with the state government. Lack of local government autonomy over local affair, selection rather than election of local government executives by state government. Corruption nepotism and favoritism.

1.3 Objective of the Study

In view of the important of local government as agent of community development, this work will highlight the important of the local government in community development.

It will also examine the impact of local government area council in its social economic and political activities. This works will also examine the performance of local government on community development within it area of jurisdiction.

1.4 Significant of the Study

This work should be useful and beneficial not only Ilorin east local government, but to other agencies involved in grass roots development efforts. It will also help to contribute to the existing body of knowledge on Ilorin east local government area of Kwara State and serve as a reference for further research work.

1.5 Research Hypothesis

The local government administration objectives which are both political and administrative in nature can be streamlined to effectively mobilize local resources both human and materials through the achieve in conjunction with higher authorities i.e. Federal and State government to facilitate social economic and political development of these rural communities.

Local government can be a veritable agent for grassroots community development when and if the following issue are critically examine and adopted: the local government statutory power and autonomy, if given prominence with institutional backing that would encourage civil consciousness political participation and consultation on policy issued. It would not bring enthusiasms on the part of the people, but reduces areas of friction and possible outbreak of violence.

Reliable system of funding devoid of corruption practice can facilitate quick response for local demand and aspiration for programmes and projects that would have direct impact on inhabitants. Planning process and implementation carried out from local level would have absolute support of local community. The Federal and state government can interface through filed agencies with local communities by enlightment and educational campaign for implementation of policies of central government.

1.6 Scope and Limitation of the Study

This study presents the research on local government as agent of community development. It covers the role of Ilorin east local government as a catalyst for the community development and the roles of various unit of the local government in this regards. It covers in retrospect the period from the time of local government reform in 1976 as a reference point till date. Taking into cognizance that the local government (Ilorin east) under spotlight was created in December 1991.

This work would not cover certain area such as secret files or documents of Ilorin east local government and the details of pre 1976 reform period of local government. The limitation of this work is attributable to various obstacles encountered in the personnel who usually refer to some document as “Classified documents” and secret files. Time constraint was another facto as well as inadequate finance.

1.7 Organization of Study

This research work has been carefully arranged as to contain the following chapters

  • Chapter one: Chapter of this research work focuses on the introduction of the study following by the statement of the problem, purpose and objective significance of the study, research methodology, scope and limitation of the study, the organization of the study that show how the work is organized from chapter one to five. The various term used where define in the definition of terms. Finally reference was made to give account for the various material used in the research work.
  • Chapter two: The chapter two of this research work explain in the literature review of the study, introduction, the theoretical framework, current trend in thinking, summary of the chapter and finally concluded by references.
  • Chapter Three: This chapter of the research work entices on the research methodology, research population and sample, data collection instrument, method of data analysis and finally research problem and references.
  • Chapter Four: The chapter four of the research give account for the data presentation and analysis interpretation of findings, introduction brief history of the case study of Ilorin east local government, presentation of data and analysis of data, testing of hypothesis, summary of the chapter and references.
  • Chapter five: the last chapter of the research work that contains summary, recommendation and conclusion, summary of findings, recommendation, conclusion and bibliography to end the work.

1.8 Definition of Terms

Local Government:

Can be defined as the unit of administration with constitutionally defines territory and power as well as a administration authority with relative autonomy.

It can also be describe as an administrative body for a small geographical area such as city. Town, country, or state.
It can also be define as government at a local level exercised through council established by law to exercise specific powers within defined areas.

Rural Communities:

Refers to the country side and is demographically defined as that setting that has less than ten thousand people inhabiting a particular area or location. The economic activities of a greater percentage of farming.


This is a process of social transformation, which may manifest in visible change in the physical environment and or the upward movement of such hid ices gross nation product, per capital income, declining material mortality and increase employment.

Community Development:

Can be defined as a structured intervention that gives communities greater control over the conditions that affect their lives. It also a skilled process and part of its approach is the belief that communities cannot be helped unless they themselves agree to this process.

Community development has to look ways: not only at how the community is working at the grass roots, but also at how responsive key institutions are to the needs of local communities.

Chapter Five

Summary, Recommendation, Conclusion and Bibliography

5.1 Summary of Findings

So, far, these research works has attempted to evaluate the significant of community development activities Ilorin east local government as well as Kwara State in particular and the country at large.

The activities performed over the years have been examine and evaluated to measure the level of development and transformation in the community concern various community development activities are clearly highlighted as well as the role played by these programmes in the overall social, economic and political transformation of the grassroots. It also highlighted constrains faced by communities in their development stride.

5.2 Recommendation

The development stride of Kwara State as an agricultural state, without much industry in particular and the rural development has been slow due to the agrarian nature of its economy. However, the present effort by government to revolutionize agricultural industries through adequate finance, use of modern agricultural equipments and resourceful extension agricultural officials as well as the establishment of agro allied industries in the rural communities will brings about the needed changes and development.

Sustained government effort should be channeled to the provision of social amenities, such as good roads to encourage mobility to and from these rural areas.

Provision of basic health chicks and sanitation awareness and facilities, would improve health living increase productivity. As the slogan health is wealth is a reality.

The provision of electricity and pipe borne water would encourage more agro allied industries for processing of agricultural raw materials. This would increase employment and reduce wastage of on process agricultural output.

Clean water in the rural areas would reduce the outbreak of water borne disease, through provision and maintenance of bore hole.

There is also the need for government at a both state and local government level to involve community members when mooting the construction of any project in a community. Workshops and enlighten training for both local government personnel and representatives of rural communities to enhance cooperation, coordination and proper supervision of activities and project to benefit the grassroots must be encourage from time to time.

Adequate funnels should be made available to the local government as the closest tier of government to the people to facilitate, improve participation by rural inhabitants in government activities, in terms of maintaining government structures like schools, clinic/dispensary, bore hole and rural Federal roads. This will increase productivity of the people and increase government revenue drive as well as rapid grow and development.

Sustained effort should be geared towards education and enlightens of the rural population through awareness campaign to help mitigate unforeseen emergencies like epidemic, accidents and natural disaster like main flood etc.
The requirement of available is limited and scarce. Local government policies and programmes must be tailored towards proper and judicious allocation of resource to meet the needs of the people. Area of priorities must be identified to avoid the provision of wasteful white elephant projects.

5.3 Conclusion

There is the convergence of opinion that the importance of local government as an agent of community development cannot be over emphasized in nation building.

It is imperative therefore, that inhabitants of the local communities be involved in the development planning through the identification of their needs and including the adoption of measure that would discourage and reduce the effect of rural-urban migration.

Provision of agro-industries would increase and expand employment, health and medical facilities would improve and encourage health living and sanitary system. Provision of education infrastructure would also improve knowledge and awareness amongst the rural population, and raise consciousness about the presence of government in terms of maintenance of law and order in the communities. This has encouraged mutual cooperation and collaboration between the individuals and the local government in the various rural areas.

Manpower Training And Development In The Public Sector (A Case Study Of State Universal Basic Education Board Ilorin)

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Manpower Training And Development In The Public Sector (A Case Study Of State Universal Basic Education Board Ilorin)


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