Manpower Recruitment And Selection Strategy In A Manufacturing Firm

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM


The topic of the study is on manpower recruitment and selection strategies in a manufacturing firm, a study of Rock Tama Spring Water Company, Nanka. The researcher used oral interview and questionnaires to gather data. Data so far collected were analyzed using simple average and percentage techniques. Thus were the findings; the observation was that the company depends mostly on internal source of recruitment; Rock Tama Spring Water company does not allow new blood from entering the organization. Low products and high turnover are major problems of recruitment and selection strategies in manufacturing firms. Unstructured interview on employees also contribute to improper manpower recruitment and selection strategies in Rock Tama. The company makes use of unskilled labor which has disadvantages related to production. Recommendations; the management should use strategic job opening or positions should be advertise to both current workers and the general public, organization should use proper medium of advertising for dissemination of information so that it will attract prospective and qualified candidates, properly organized orientation and induction should be conducted for employees so as to enhance maximum productivity and also employment should base on competence. In conclusion, when the above findings and recommendations are duly carried out, there should be improvement that will lead to adequate development of proper manpower recruitment and selection strategies in Rock Tama Spring Water, Nanka.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Recruitment involved the activities of seeking and attracting prospective employees, from which qualified candidates for the job can be selected. Company in Nigeria have low performance manpower recruitment and selection strategies because the task is by no means an easy one, as it involves predictions about people which are often subjects to errors. Because when you go to an organization, they don’t focus in recruiting proper personnel and selection process, they forget the idea of quality personnel and recruitment, those they employ are those that come from their tribe, race, religion even people from e same place or family.

This can be done well, if the organization recognizes that manpower constitutes the most important resources of an organization and that efficient performance of employees is crucial factor in the success of the organization of which recruitment is an example. There are also obvious facts that some people are better at performing some functions than the others and no one can do all things well. In addition, during selections, there is also a primary consideration of whether the individual is likely to be able to contribute to the success of the organization by bringing in his or her personal experience to the organization.

A high level of objectivity is required in other to avoid numerous errors that may emerge in the systematically plan and execute the recruitment and selection of workers.

Organization achieve the objective/goals through workers they employed, when this employees are not qualified there is no way the objective can be thoroughly accomplished. The task of recruitment, the personnel management has the following functions as planning, organizing, maintenance, separation and thus, help to select the right person at the right time, he also help the organization to know whether the employee perception of the roll to see if it fits the reality of the job or not.

For an insight into the history of Rock Tama Spring Water Company Nanka, Anambra state is owned by Chief Jacob Enemuo. He established many companies like Pillar Poll Filling Station, Rock Tama Spring Water e.t.c.

Efficient depot at night mile corner Enugu state. Rock Tama Spring water company was established in 2011 in Engwu-nanka, Orumba North Local Government area in Anambra state. Source of the water is extracted as a natural spring water.

In rock tama spring water, he has 120 staffs, they are involved in shifting method that is day and night. The industry can boost of turning out expertise is highly needed in the industry. Coming to employment majority of the workers come from same area. The industry is holding a good rate of share in the Nigeria labor market so far.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

For many years now, records has shown that rock tama spring water Nanka has been experiencing high rate of labour turnover, low productivity because of low performance in recruitment and selection strategy arising mostly from the establishment irrespective of management effort to prove it to the researcher sets out to find the following;

  1. What best way should be adopted by organization to know and select manpower for performance appraisal
  2. How people were recruited into a organization
  3. If the method adopted by organization in recruiting and selection manpower is good enough to recruit capable hand.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study includes:

  1. To determine the extent to which business organization employ or adopt modern techniques and procedures for the recruitment and selection of manpower.
  2. To ascertain how organizations recruit and select staff
  3. The study will also highlight the problem of manpower recruitment and selection
  4. To obtain the method of interview in which the organization adopt to assess the prospective employees
  5. To know how employer advertise for staff need and manpower selection in organization

1.4 Significance of the Study

This study is significance or important to Rock Tama Spring Water company in the sense that it will help the management to develop a suitable and effective manpower recruitment and selection strategies, increase the body of literature for the student and also act as a spring board for future research.

1.5 Research Questions

These are vital questions the researcher intends to find answers to this question are very important because they lead to a viable and reliable study

These questions are as follows;

  1. What caliber of employee or type of employee does your company mostly employ?
  2. How does organization recruit and select staffs?
  3. What are the problems of manpower recruitment and selection in your organization?
  4. What method of interview does your organization adopt?
  5. How do you advert for staff need and manpower selection in your organization?

1.6 Scope/Delimitation of the Study

In the course of the study, delimitation of the study will be directly towards manpower recruitment and selection strategies of Rock Tama spring water company, Nanka Anambra state.

1.7 Definition of Terms

The following terms are defined as they are used in the course of study;


Recruitment involves the activity of seeking and attracting prospective employees from which qualified candidates for the job can be selected.


This involves screening appreciations short listing, inviting shortlisted candidates for an interview and interviewing after whom successful candidates are appointed and if they accept in writing and reporting for work.

Personnel Management:

Personnel management is the planning, organizing directing, and development compensation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and societal objectives are accomplished.


An organization is a system of co-ordinate activities of a group worker co-operatively towards a common goal under authority and leadership.

Business Organization:

A business organization is an organization oriented primarily towards economic production.


This is an integrated plan which an organization uses to accomplish its objective


This is the activity of making thing by industrial processes.


This is a business company where business transaction are carried out


The number of workers needed or available to do a particular job


This is the process of introducing somebody to a new job, skill and organization

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