Management Information System And Team Work In Selected Banks In South-East, Nigeria

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Management Information System And Team Work In Selected Banks In South-East, Nigeria


The study aimed at investigating the “management information system and team work in Nigeria”. The goal of this study was to investigate the role of team work and management information system in promoting organization performance and specifically the study focused on examining the relationship between various department and their responsibilities in companys’ performance. This study is importantly significant to researchers, companies and managers. These two variables could have a considerable impact on how managers encourage their staff and companies at large to perform and work as a team and whether their companies are likely to practice or not.

This study adopted a case study research design where where two banks (Gtbank and Zenith bank) located in South eastern Nigeria was selected. Data were collected through questionnaires, documentaries sources such as journals, books and various organization reports. A total of 500 respondents were selected and data collected were analyzed both qualitatively and quantitavely with the help of computer software program called Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).

The outcome of the study reveals that the company has been positively performing well as the result of working as a team and effective management information system. This has given an opportunity for each department to collide with other department as a team for the better results of the company’s performance. The researcher had given out how team work could be potentially the chief facilitator of organizational performance in respective places and the government is recommended to expand banking productivity by allowing private sectors to foster banking and performance, since, healthy competition in any sphere winds up with benefits in producing good service. Eventually, the study recommends an addition of number of trainings that promotes awareness and the spirit of team work and importance of solidarity in their working places.

Chapter One


1.0 Introduction

This chapter set up the background information and attempts to introduce the study about the “management information system and team work in selected banks in south-east, nigeria”, followed by the statement of the problem. Subsequently, the chapter presents the research objectives and its pertaining research questions. The chapter winds up with the significance of the study.

The chapter winds up with the scope of the study and conclusion of the chapter.

1.1 Background of the Study

It is important to remember that people do the work and crate ideas that show the original service. Thus, it is agreed that resources remain unutilized unless the human element is involved. An organizations success or failure is highly determined by effective and efficient utilization of resources at its disposal, such as human, material, financial, and information resources. Among these four resources, the human resource is the most important part and crucial of a resources for the survival of an organization or business firms.

Business organizations having motivated and talented employees providing service to customers are likely to pull ahead of the completion, even if the products offered are similar to those offered by the competitors.

Customers want to get quick response at the right time and they want to receive their products or services promptly and accurately. Only people can make these things happen. Only people can produce a sustainable competitive advantage. And, performance management systems are the key tools to transform people’s talent and motivation into a strategic business advantage. In many organizations, performance management means that managers must comply with their HR department’s request and fill out tedious, and often useless, evaluation forms (Aguinis, 2007).

Management Information system that attempts to achieve too many objectives is likely to die of its own lack of focus and Wight. There is no one type of system or set objectives that is best suited for all organization. The purpose for a given performance management should be determined by considering business needs, organizational culture and the systems integration with other HRM systems. In line with this, the conceptual foundation of performance rules on a view that performance is more than ability and motivation. It is argued that clarity of goals is key in addition goals themselves are seen to provide motivation (Locket & Latham1990).

According to Kandula (2006), teamwork is an activity in which tasks are interdependent and performed by different individuals in a collaborative manner with distinct skills to service a common goal with performance excellence. In this sense, team is a group of individuals who collaborate with their unique skills to achieve a common goal in the most efficient manner. Teamwork has become an important part of the working culture and many businesses now look at teamwork skills when evaluating a person for employment. Most companies realize that teamwork is important because either the product is sufficiently complex that it requires a team with multiple skills to service, and/or a better product will result when a team approach is taken. Therefore, it is important that management in organizations do encourage the nurturance of a team environment so that sharing of skills and experience become possible between employees that efficiency and effectiveness within an organization workforce. Also, I have been proven that workmates learn best from others when conducting tasks that involve social interactions.

All high performing service organizations implement teamwork in one way or the other. Other important reason why organizations prefer teamwork is to gain employee satisfaction. Teamwork has an unlimited potential in providing abundant opportunities to people to fulfill their various motivational needs which in turn leads to improved employee satisfaction. The entails form commitment to carry out actual implementation of teamwork. For any effort to be successful initiators have to complete faith in the desired outcomes; It helps in setting good organization goals.

Problem solving focuses on decision making, including how the team identifies problems and searches for alternatives to improve their problems- solving skills, some teams participate in games that require team decisions in hypothetical situations. While interpersonal processes, focuses on improving interpersonal processes that try to build trust and open communications among team members by resolving hidden agendas and misperception. In this every team member is involved in matters concerning team. Teamwork is about working together to achieve shared goals, and getting that lovely feeling of shared achievement that comes from success. It is about how we work together as a Team. Good teamwork involves having good systems and processes to work effectively together as a Team.

Effective Teamwork is about setting a Good Example: And finally, effective teamwork can only come about when the team leader sets a good example, which can be emulated by the team members. In order to keep the team committed, positive, and motivated, the team leader himself/herself has to have all these qualities and make it apparent that he/she does. After all, the team leader is the person the team looks to for support, direction and guidance, hence, any cynicism or negativity on his/her part is picked up by the team and is reflected in their teamwork. So, even if it means forcing yourself to, it is important to maintain a supportive and positive attitude always. The study therefore intends to analyze the role of team work in today‟s organizational and companies‟ effectiveness.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Teams are the major feature of organization life. Organizations are made up of subsystem, units and subunits (Departments/ Divisions). These should work together as team means the activity of one unit should aim at supporting the other unit towards organization success. The work organizations are made up of groups of people. Most activities of the organization require at least some degree of coordination through the operation of groups and teams.

The terminology team came to replace group in work places. These seem to be very different things in there applications. Before, departments of employees would be considered as groups when each employee performs independent tasks and have minimal interaction or coordination with each other. Seemingly, Group work lacked what is known as common objective by sharing information, coordination of tasks and influence to each other. Team came to bring together employees toward a common objective by sharing information, coordinating their work, and influencing each other.

Today most of the third world countries organizations have started to adapt the use of the term. There is a need to identify the role of teamwork in organization performance as much have not been done to analyze the role of these teams when it comes to achievements of organizations goals.

According to what I have observed based on the literature I have done, teams bring great sense of accomplishment to organizations. Despite of its sensitivity, most of the organizations have not done much in encouraging and evaluating team‟s performance towards organization achievements. The reason could be having little information on the extent to which teamwork contributes in organization performance.

The research delves into identifying and analyzing the contribution of teamwork in organization performance by using Gt bank and Zenith bank in South eastern Nigeria as a case study.

1.3 Research Objectives

1.3.1 Main Objective

The main objective of this research was to investigate management information system and team work in selected banks, a case of Gt bank and Zenith bank.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives
  1. To study the role of teams in promoting organization performance
  2. To describe the way managers and employees execute the performance management system.
  3. To recommend best practices in teamwork promotion
1.3.3 Research Questions
  1. To what extent do teamwork promote organizational performance?
  2. Is the management Information systemof the organization meeting its intended objectives?
  3. What should administration do to promote teamwork in organizations with reference to Gt bank and Zenith bank?

1.4 Significance of the Study

The opposite of this is to see whether the negative might provide any negative impact within a company and if managers would take the result as a warning so as to think carefully. The study will help organization realize the contribution of teamwork has towards organization performance in achieving its planned goal and objectives. The study will also make managers realize the important of promoting teams in work places.

1.5 Organization of the Study

This work is organized in to five chapters. The first chapter provides the introduction and background to the problem. The second chapter gives an overview of the literature. The third chapter highlights the research methods used during data collection exercise. The fourth chapter provides the discussion of the findings and the fifth chapter gives conclusion and recommendations from the study.

1.5 Scope of the Study

The researcher chose which Nigeria Banking Company (GT BANK AND ZENITH BANK) in South eastern Nigeria, for the collection of data and information. The Organization covered is a Public Organization. The focus was on the important and the role of team work in promoting organizational performances.

1.6 Limitation of the Study

Time limitation, Collection of valid/accurate information (data), interpreting and giving them a meaning is something that can take time of a person who is doing a study. This study was to be submitted within a specific time according to Dodoma University regulation and calendar; hence this was one of the big challenges when a researcher was conducting a study within a very short time deadline to meet. Another challenge related to time is traffic jam in In South eastern Nigeria city. The researcher had to move from one place to another for data collection. The researcher was able to manage her time to tackle the situation, with the help of the work plan which guides in all the stages during the study.

Poor Response Biased and Attrition, conducting a research in these third world countries is a big challenge. It is very difficult to get information from those key informers. Most of them will think you want to use information against them and others will think you are going to get a lot of money hence they will want to share that money with you. A lot of people will be ready to give information after being paid by a researcher. If key informants would not cooperative enough in information sharing during the execution of the study, then this would be a threat to the study. Another case of poor response comes from means of data collection especially when questionnaires are involved. As individuals perceive in different ways, some of them perceives questions in their own way hence the researcher couldn‟t get enough information needed for the study conducted.

Lack of funds, conducting this study was somehow expensive. It was a challenge due to lack of funds for the research expenses. The study intended to collect data from South eastern Nigeria where the researcher incurred the transport expense while moving from one place to the other. The need for stationeries equipment and facilities were also some of the expense incurred by the researcher

1.7 Conclusion

Conclusively, chapter one discovers the role of team work in organizational performance. It has displayed the background of the study, namely, research objectives, pertinent research questions, and the scope of the research, as a final point, that presents the thesis report understanding and also come across the measures and efforts taken by GT BANK AND ZENITH BANK as a company to promote its employees to under team work. The situation of GT BANK AND ZENITH BANK in Nigeria has been evaluated in this section in order to widening up the clear understanding of this subject. While the next chapter, (Chapter Two) will deal with
Literature Review suitable to this domain of team work.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.0 Introduction

This chapter presents the summary of how this study was done, conclusion and recommendations on important on team work in any organization performance. The chapter ends by giving out the suggestions for future researchers. The chapter also provides conclusion and recommendations which are based on research findings.

5.1 Summary of the Findings

This study investigated the role of teamwork and how it can promote the organizational performance focused on Nigeria Banking supply company as its case study. The study observed the impact of teamwork to the Gt bank and Zenith bank personnel an organization together with its importance to the company.

5.1.1 Impact of Teamwork to the Organization

The researcher discovered that Gt bank and Zenith bank personnel (staffs) believe in operating its daily to daily activities under team base. As majority of them have a positive mind that teams /teamwork can bring positive impacts to their organization performance while very few of them have negative thought on that. This has been demonstrated through the number of respondents whom were interviewed and filled questionnaires as stated in previous chapter (Chapter IV). Accordingly, the idea of teamwork is already a step forward to bring positive changes to the organizational performance.

Concerning the above data, the study has verified that teamwork has got a big impact to the performance of any organization. Through teamwork (staff working under teamwork) any organization can come out with positive changes and results to the organization. Teamwork has confirmed to be among the strategies that can be employed in promoting organizational performance.

5.1.2 Importance of Teamwork

The study revealed that teamwork has been too helpful to Gt bank and Zenith bank as an organization in conducting its day to day activities. Starting with the improvement on productivity, respondents have shown that for the company to deliver its services to the society their staff needs to keep on working as a team. Majority of respondent agreed that teamwork is very important in improving productivity of their organization. The improvement on productivity has been performed by delivering services to a big number of customer within short period of time where each personnel has a role to play on his or her part effectively to fulfill the task hence to provide a good satisfaction to the customer. Improving productivity has been mentioned as one of the advantages of working under teamwork by Mullins (2008).

Improvement of quality of the services was another point discovered during the research Majority of respondents pointed out on the matter of improvement of quality and innovation of service and work in general. The study unveiled that teamwork involves all member to play their roles in making decisions on certain matters hence provide chances to service with result with quality for the betterness of the company. Although some of the respondents did mention on not being involved in any decision making in any matter concerning the company. Working in teams means that each person lay down his or her individual interests and opinion to the unity and efficiency of the group or company. Innovation involves modernization, improvements advances and it brings chances to identify easiest ways to perform duties. Gt bank and Zenith bank as an important tool within and without the country for power supply, use lots of system in all its office duties and stations (power transmitters). They all need high level of operating systems and technologies. By working under teamwork all members will make sure to learn the proper use of the systems and technologies and also give option to which the technologies would be easily applied with the aim of simplifying work and the same time can be used to save time (by using little time to resolve different queries).

The study also came with another important of teamwork and that‟s to improve employees motivation and commitment. The majority of the respondents gave their views on how team work can improve and motivate and commitment to the staff members within the organization towards their specified positions and work in general for the best of the company. One respondent said working within a team give a person a sense of belonging to a certain group hence it will motivate a person in fulfilling his responsibilities. Other opinion arose that for those who work under teamwork are mostly working hard to avoid disappointment (especially to others who are working together as a group). So this course of action proves the theory that states for every action there is opposite and equal reaction and enforces individual commitment and motivation more effectively.

There was some of the respondent who reveals that the issue of motivation and commitment does not involve team work to some people as it is more of self inspiration. They argued that sometimes working environment can inspire a person as an individual and not necessarily as a team.

Another important of team work as per the study was to improve organizational motivations and commitment to employees. The truth is individuals are easy convicted by their fellows / colleagues, through this fact team members stand a good chance of motivating and encouraging each other. Again, if team work practice is effective in the organization individuals will be motivated by the environment available. Then management should implement and encourage teamwork as a strategy to improve their organizational performance. Team work can also bring about better learning curve and one of the staff interviewed said that promoting teamwork in the workplace is highly recommended.

Creativity is another importance of team work as it was mentioned by some respondent. When teamwork is involved there is more scope for creativity. Since individuals work together in a team manner, they are in a good chance to be creative in creating ideas evolves out of their interactions. Often little bits of advice from colleagues may help individuals to come up with new ideas, rather than working and staying alone with own work and environment.

Most of companies /organizations nowadays are operating under the most competitive environment. Without creativity an organization can be in a risk for loosing number of customers as they will be facing lots of problems. Despite the fact that Gt bank and Zenith bank is the only company dealing with the power supply in the country but still it is very important to maintain its services and that will encourage customer to fulfill their responsibilities such as paying their bills in time hence the company will gain high performance due to the good working system.
Equal distribution of work, since a team is committed towards a certain goal all the members of the team are delegated to a certain/ specific job. This ensures all the members of the teamwork towards the common goal and only a few members are not burdened with work and responsibility in order to finish the work.

Personal accountability, although the teamwork skills in the workplace are put to test, when one work in a team it also helps to increase personal accountability. Every individual have their own targets set for themselves. When each of the members reaches her/his individual goal, the organizational goal can be easily achieved. It is this accountability which eventually helps in achieving the larger goal set forward by the organization.

Equal distribution of work and personnel accountability may seem to be avoided when teamwork is involved. This is not true one of the characteristics in effective team is when each and every member is specialized in a certain task and is doing it with efficiency. Then teamwork is the best way to ensure equal distribution of work and personal accountability to every member within a team is followed.

To conclude on the importance and advantages of teamwork, they had been brought up to prove the importance of teamwork to organizations. Gt bank and Zenith bank staff members have shown how teamwork has been important to their daily activities. The majority have shown vivid examples on how teams have been helping towards their working environment and have mentioned things like delegation of authority, creativity, equal distribution, personal accountability and the like as explained above. All these are enhanced by team work and the main is to promote organizational performance and development.

5.1.3 Conclusion

The study main objective was to investigate the role of teamwork in promoting organizational performance, a case of Nigeria Banking Supply Company. The study managed to reveal the impact of teamwork to Gt bank and Zenith bank as an organization (company), the importance of teamwork to the organization‟s performance, the extent to which teams have been helping the organization and above all the study observed the weakness parts of teams at Gt bank and Zenith bank and other hindrance reasons behind meeting the standards targeted.

5.1.4 Recommendations

Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that an effective information management should emphasize on giving training opportunities to the staff so as to enable employees be more responsive on the important of teamwork at the working place. Training should also be given to employees on carries development regarding their level of education and positions so as to add more efficiency hence to increase the good performance of the company.

Besides, Management should have plan to retain staff which reduce recruitment cost and increase efficiency as they will be working with staffs who have skills and experience. Also the researcher recommends that the culture of offering rewards, promotion and carrier development should be done fairly to all staffs and be provided to staffs according to their performance and level of education. Improvement in management style should be done. Total quality Management (TQM) is advised to be used as a management style.

This will enable both employees and employer to effectively participate in the management system in planning and making decisions for the bitterness of the organization. Remuneration to low level staffs should be revised in comparison to the vivid cost of life and this will also help the retention of staffs, and also will encourage them to keep on working with high motive hence to increase the good performance of the organization.

The study also recommends that communication within the organization should be effective both from upwards to downward and otherwise. Teamwork should allow the staff to get in touch to with each other or departments on various jobs to be accomplished be the company so that to bring the high-quality performance to the organization. Management should provide a welcoming door and environment to suggestions, new ideas and creativity that will aim at promoting organizational performance.

Staff should be more free on giving out their opinions on matters that do concern their working environment and work in general so as to be looked and if need be to allow the management work on those issues. The researcher also recommends that the staff should be reminded on vision, mission and objectives that will remind them on acting accordingly and be able to meet targets and eventually, the effectiveness of teams should be evaluated.

5.2 Areas for Further Study

The study could not exhaust all issues on the problem of impact of Teamwork and management information system on promoting organizational performance. Such an approach would require a lot of detailed information from organization and a case study approach may provide the best method of obtaining information.

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Where does the information come from in a bank system?

The information being collected and gathered for the system normally comes from both inside and outside sources. A bank is understood as a place where the financial services such as checking/savings and providing credit to the customers are offered.

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Where does the information come from in a bank system?

The information being collected and gathered for the system normally comes from both inside and outside sources. A bank is understood as a place where the financial services such as checking/savings and providing credit to the customers are offered.

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