Local Government As An Instrument Of Rural Transformation (A Case Study Of Ilorin East Local Government)

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Local Government As An Instrument Of Rural Transformation (A Case Study Of Ilorin East Local Government)

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

Rural development is one of the arms of the ministry of social welfare in the formal northern Nigeria government. It was under ministry of education and community development when kwara state was created in 1967 after about a year, the kwara state government removed local government community development from education and also removed local government section from governor’s office and emerged the two together to become one ministry known as ministry of local government and community development in the year 1969. (Rural development section was under this ministry).

Presently, ministry of rural development now exist. At its inception, kwara state comprised of two provinces, namely kabba and Ilorin. The arrangement of rural development activities was based on provisional administration, but at the end of 1968, divisional administration was created. Among the division created form the provinces were Igbomina / Ekiti, Ilorin, kabba, kogi etc.

Rural development is one of the instruments used to obtain popular and renowned participation in development. The discussion, decision, planning and implementation of development projects are jointly done by members themselves and the rural development promotes who parties the programme.

The attention of local government to rural development activities is due to proper co-ordination and must do assignment of local government administration. Nevertheless, most of these developments are initiatives of rural community members but after all has been said and done, rural community members are not independent of local or state government assistance and support.

The contributions of local government towards any rural development can never be over emphasized.

1.2 Aims and Objectives of the Study

In view of the importance of local government as an instrument to transform rural areas, this study aims at highlighting the impact of the local government (Ilorin East local government) on rural transformation of its jurisdiction. Also to examine the problems and solutions of economic and social activities of the area.

Moreover, the research is conducted to expatiate on the step that has been taken by various rural communities and local governments in rural transformation (2005-2008).

1.3 The Significance of the Study

This study would be useful and beneficial to Ilorin East local government and other agencies of rural transformation. It will contribute to the existing knowledge and serve as a reference to future researchers.

1.4 The Scope and Limitations of the Study

This project work deals with how Ilorin east local government serves as means of transforming its rural areas. It covers the period of local government reform of 1976 to date.

There are some constraints encountered in the process of writing this project work among which are collection of writing this project work among which are collection of information from local government personnel who usually referred to some document as “classified document” and secret files which could not be reached or treated for this work.

Also, finance is another constraint which is the orbit in which every other factors rotates and since it is limited, then one or two problems were encountered, like cost of transportation and typing.

1.5 Research Methodology

In carrying this work, I made use of descriptive method. In gathering information primary and secondary method were adopted.

The descriptive is concerned with true investigation of the contemporary issues and then made it known in a work like this in a descriptive way.

Primary method of data or information collection has to do with collection of information (s) for the first time, that is fresh and true data gotten from the use of questionnaire, interview and observation.

On the other hand, secondary source of data is a process or means of gathering information from information that has been supplied by another person before on the topic or its relevance. Information can be gotten through textbooks, magazine, journals etc.

1.6 Organization of the Study

This project work is divided into five chapters.

  • Chapter 1 contained the general introduction to the study and other relative issues such as the aims and objectives importance, method of data collection and the scope of the study.
  • Chapter 2, is the review of related literature it contains the local government review in Nigeria meaning of rural transformation, objectives of rural transformation.
  • Chapter 3, contains the historical background of ilorin East local government, the land topography and the population of the area.
  • Chapter 4, has to do with presentation and finding and analysis of these findings in other to know whether the findings are reliable, true and worth believing or not.
  • Chapter 5, is the summary of what has been looked into in the study. The conclusion of the study and any recommendation are in chapter five of the study.

1.7 Definition of Terms Used


This is the power granted or supported by law


These are groups of people living in the same geographical area and having the same culture.


These are groups of people elected to run the affairs of local government. They see to the smooth running of local government.


This is the system used by the electorate to choose their political representatives.

Local Government:

This is the third tier of government created to monitor the affairs of the people at the grass roots.


This word is used to refer to areas of a local government which is not developed in terms of social amenities and infrastructures, compared to cities.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Recommendations and Conclusion

5.1 Summary

The researcher’s work encompass the definitions of local government using views various scholar we have seen the short coming of the government on items of inadequate infrastructural facilities, insufficient capital, mis management of resources, inadequate manpower and so on.

But various methods are being adopted by government through communal efforts community development programme to aid the transition of better life to the rural dwellers.

Further more, the research method though was a tool for further investigation. Different methods were used such as observation and questionnaire method though are method thought are methods were successful but it was not with the problem.

In view of all this work, government at the local government is being encouraged to engaged in development activities of people.

5.2 Recommendations

The following recommendations would give us a dear cut for improving the area and by and large, the following recommendation are put forward by Jum. P. PRADFORD (1993), Don’ts organize in Paul crenel (E.D) political issue in community development these are;

  1. Ability to exert pressure in decision making community members must be consulted in the determination of their own welfare that is they must be involved in any process of decision made.
  2. Community participation: members must be co-oped to feel as part of the projects and they must be involved in communal development.
  3. Creation and use of power: there must be institutional framework which is capable of taking the destiny of community members of the accomplishments of their own felt needs.
  4. There must be a target for any project embarked up on for affectation must have a realistic target if not it can credit lack of interest in community development and greater height.
  5. Avoidance of directive: directive should be avoided as much as possible for community to resort not being directed their effort should be complimented through moral booster aids and technical advice in the conception and implementation of their felt need.

5.3 Conclusion

It should be noted that development of community is through the improvement planning by the people, through the improvement, mobilization are achieved. Therefore the people at local should involve in transformation planning through the identification of their needs are solution to the problem encountered them. By doing this, responsibilities of the government at local level reduced, through the hard working of the people.

The commitment of government to community transformation at the government level should always be free. The local government to be in charge of local problems without interference from the state and federal government. The government at the council level will often find it difficult to identify the important needs and problems comforting the communities at large. Only the communities people will be able to identify the problems encounter them since if affects them directly and try to solve the problem before looking for assistance from outside community.

Therefore the community should be advised to embark on community transformation effort which in turn will lead to development.

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