Local Government As A Foundation For Nation Development (A Case Study Of Ilorin East Local Government)

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Local Government As A Foundation For Nation Development (A Case Study Of Ilorin East Local Government)

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

A local government is recognize through its function and the provision makes then local government economic development of the people with jurisdiction towards improvement the living of the local popularities are however the rural dwellers. The question that readily comes to mind why rural development or who should contribute to rural development noticeable rural development and local government are inter-woven, hence hand in hand.
Rural development implies on the innovation or modernization of sub-towns within the local government which are very far away to the state of regional government local government authority, under the 1963 republic and construction were independent bodies created by the regional government “local government was mere appendages with little or no authority” for independent action to state administration that created and appointed them.

Rural development in this country should be potential solid rural development should be seen as the corner stone of a development process of any nation an effective local government is better placed as a government at the grass root. Reducing the level of rural poverty for the development of rural areas in world of education scheme. Involves a through going transformation of social structure and extensive mobilization and motivation of the masses. However, a government that is for away from data to day realistic of rural area is unlikely to be equip the task of rural development.

Rural development as a part of local government endeavours shall be discussed in subsequent chapter ahead.

1.2 Scope and Limitation of the Study

The scope of this study is the choose cane study of Ilorin east local government area of Kwara State and its rural environment. The topic entails a very wide range but gracefully limited to a local government level. However there are relevance and similarities in a various local authorities, management principles and organization performance but to the major concern, is rural development nevertheless, in this research work facts and data are much relevant to the chosen topic.

1.3 Objective of the Study

  1. To understand how local government administration serves as an agent of communication development.
  2. To understand the historical background of Ilorin East Local Government Area.
  3. To identify the problems facing local government in rural development
  4. To recommend a suitable solution s to the identified problems.

1.4 Statement of Problems

Priors to the 1976, a local government reform in Nigeria the system of local government authorities in the country was so cumbersome and each state was practicing its own system

In west cases local government are faced with a lot of responsibilities and function eve self generated resources and insufficient compared to the needs. Its dutiful task under the law and guild line are to provide both social and economic needs for its people.

To ascertain the validity and genuinely in development of rural areas of Ilorin East Local Government area of Kwara State. The following statement could be used to test for any Local Government validity.

  1. The impact of Ilorin East local Government as regard development in rural areas.
  2. The distribution and analysis of social and economic facilities to the rural area and its populace.

1.5 Significance of the Study

Relatively we are to understand what part and the role that local government p0lkay to fasten and rural development or otherwise both concepts dot not have any linkage however, it would be noted that local government have various function and responsibilities which are exceptionally performed or are based on temporary circumstance.

1.6 Definition of Terms


Means the process or act of organizing the way things are done.


Means a multi-dimensioned re-organization and re-orientation on the entire economic and social system changes in structure, attitude acceleration of economic growth eradication of object poverty and radial change in administrative structures.

Local Government:

Means a sub-division of national and regional government which performs function which meanly all cases its legal power from national or regional government.

Public Administration:

Means formulation, implementation and modification of public policy.

1.7 Organization of the Study

In this essay, chapter contains the introduction and background to the study scope and limitation of the study objective of the study statement of problem, significance of the study, definition of the terms used in the study and organization of the study chapter two contains the literature review meaning of local government, types of local government function of local government problem of local government and objective of rural development. Chapter three contains research of data, method of data analysis and research problems chapter four has data presentation, interpretation of the findings brief history of the case study and chapter five consist of summary conclusion recommendation and references

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Findings

Every local government is faced with development aspect within its geopolitical areas, it also sees to the formulation of policies and the implementation such political and personnel policies. The issues of rural development among other can tarred roads, drinkable water, electricity, better medical services, employment opportunity qualitative education creation of recreational and entertainment centres access to communication facilities and many were. These all seem reserved for urban dwellers and yet the rural people are also humans.

However, these inequalities must be redressed through the empirical data collected in the study the study has shown that persistence effort of the local government on the development of this area had improved greatly the standard of living of its rural dwellers which could be seen in the case study of the research work.

Lastly, if the local government council are being given much mare assistance from the central government, it would go along way in performing their duties efficiently and effectively.

5.2 Conclusions

Local government as a matter emphases must be seen and treated as the wheel and tub of progressive changes and development in rural areas an important factor such as recognition is also needed to organize the rural populace so that it can serve effectively as monitoring factor to enhance accountability and increase check and balance in the process of development of ensuring optional utilization of allocated resources.

Whichever way we look at is, grass root integrated rural development is a fundamental compelling and immediate necessity for us. It is indeed much more than a must, it s our immediate future. It is through soci-foundation on which we can build our nation and mixture it rapid growth individually and collectively, we can make ourselves and our communities the very best place each and every one of us can live.

Finally conscious and deliberate effort must be made through education and general enlighten to reduce or eliminate unwanted waste and protect the rural population form destabilizing change.

5.3 Recommendation

Noted among the numerous data collected is in adequate water. In order to solve this problem alternative strategies relating to pressing situation are placed and examined. However, those already in existences should be properly taken care of by both central and the local government.

In the area of insufficient fund, the local communities and wealth individual should make communal efforts to where necessary because the government cannot really satisfy the generally public at the same time.

Education, health and nutrition of the rural dwellers is rested an the local government and communities this can be seem by the recent nine(9) years adoption and compulsory education by the federal government.

The town planning and housing for the rural dweller need to be reviewed. The current status of traditional pattern need to be modernized because we are now in the twenty first century.

Lastly, all the parts mentioned above need to be addressed in order to see the new face of our rural areas in some years to some.

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