Polytechnics in Anambra State

Welcome to Samphina Academy. This Page Contains the List of Accredited Federal, State and Private Polytechnics in Anambra State, Nigeria.

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List of Accredited Polytechnics in Anambra State

  1. Anambra State Polytechnic
  2. Grundtvig Polytechnic
  3. Federal Polytechnic Oko

Federal, State and Private Polytechnics in Anambra State

Anambra State Polytechnic

Anambra State Polytechnic, PMB 002, Mgbakwu, Anambra State is a State Polytechnic Established in 1980.

List of Courses Offered in Anambra State Polytechnic

Grundtvig Polytechnic

Grundtvig Polytechnic, KM 11 Onitsha-Owerri Expressway, Oba Anambra State is a Private Polytechnic Established in 2019.

List of Courses Offered in Grundtvig Polytechnic

Federal Polytechnic Oko

Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State is a Federal Polytechnic Established in 1982.

List of Courses Offered in Federal Polytechnic Oko

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