Language Attitudes Among Teenagers And Its Effect: A Case Study Of Teenagers In Uyo

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Language Attitudes Among Teenagers And Its Effect: A Case Study Of Teenagers In Uyo


This work seeks to explain the attitudes exhibited by teenagers Uyo, AkwaIbom State to their Ibibio language. Most work done in this field is centered on language loss/death. Therefore this work will be concerned on the attitudes exhibited by teenagers to their Ibibio Language vis-à-vis English and pidgin and its effect.

The framework of this research is based on socio-linguistics approach of Baker (1992) in his work titled: Attitudes and Language.

This study is divided into five (5) chapters; chapter one is basically an introduction of the research to be carried out. Chapter two is the reviewing of relevant and related literatures, chapter three deals with sources of data collection such as questionnaires only. Chapter four highlights on language attitude among teenagers in Uyo and its effect (a brief discussion), and findings, while chapter five is conclusion and recommendations of the research, including references and appendix.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

In the time past, language attitudes has been analyzed and debated upon with respect to how languages can be endangered, and how they can die. The two main points to be considered in this research are: attitude and language, and how teenagers manipulate them.

Attitude is defined as the way that one thinks and feels about somebody or something, the way that one behaves towards somebody or something that shows how one thinks and feels. While language is defined as the system of communication in speech and writing that is used by people of a particular country. Also, another dictionary definition of language is a particular style of speaking or writing.

So for the purpose of further development and preservation of the Ibibio Language, this research is going to be concerned with the behaviour exhibited by teenagers In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State particularly those in the Uyo Local Government Area of the State to their indigenous language

1.2 Significance and Scope of the Study

The study “language attitudes among teenagers and its effects” is a study of how language is being approached and manipulated by teenagers in Uyo district of Uyo Local Government Area of AkwaIbom State, for their day-to-day interaction, fellowship and relationship.

1.3 Purpose of this Study

This research aims at seeing why teenagers behave the way they do to language (what influence and inform the behaviour so exhibited to language), see the effect of their behaviour on their indigenous language, and proffer possible solutions aimed at internalizing the language in the minds of these teenagers thereby preserving the language.

1.4 Methodology

In analyzing various related texts in relation to this field, a socio-linguistic method of approach is used in examining the behaviour or attitudes exhibited by teenagers in Uyo Local Government Area of AkwaIbom State to their indigenous language vis-à-vis English and pidgin.

Also, questionnaires are used in the observation of their attitude to language as a means of data collection.

1.5 Statement of the Problem

Most language users do not see the language that they speak as a definition of their race, their culture, and their personality. Negligence, ignorance and quest to follow the current trend have left Africans in general and Nigerians in particular far from their root – their source/who they really are.

So in this research, ways in which we have drifted from our culture (through the embracing of a foreign language) are being elaborated upon, and suggestions on how to re-position our attitude to our indigenous language are made explicit.

Chapter Five

Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Conclusion

For the language to be rescued from further threat, it is our hope that the recommendations given below be taken seriously so as to save the language from heading towards a natural death.

This study sets out to discuss, with the aid of a questionnaire, the real attitude of the Uyo teenagers to their language. It has revealed from the analysis that Uyo teenagers who are native speakers of the language, have developed a negative attitude towards their language as a result of ignorance as well as the oppressive and intrusive roles of English and pidgin languages. This has placed the language on the list of endangered species of languages.

5.2 Recommendations

For us to effectively revitalize and preserve the Ibibio Language, the under listedrecommendations are necessary:

  1. The teenagers who have the Ibibio Language as their mother tongue, should be given an awareness about the importance of their language.
  2. The primary means of communication within the home by parents to their children, should be the mother tongue which will have to increase their consciousness about the use of their mother tongue.
  3. The native speakers should be encouraged to use the available written documents in Ibibio Language that are in the state.
  4. The government also has a great role to play by making the teaching of the language compulsory at both primary and secondary school levels, most especially in the state capital.
  5. Schools also have a part to play. They must employ competent teachers to teach the language. The teanagers must be encouraged to learn the language by providing them with all the necessary assistance and reading text available.

I am of the view that if all the above suggested recommendations are sticked to vividly, there is the tendency that teenagers Uyo, Akwa Ibom State will develop a high interest in the speaking and writing of their language, which will lead to effective maintenance, development, standardization, expansion, study and preservation of their language to an alarming degree.

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