Isolation And Identification Of Bacterial That Are Pick Up By Housefly Over The Human And Animal Premises

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Isolation And Identification Of Bacterial That Are Pick Up By Housefly Over The Human And Animal Premises

Chapter One


The house fly, musca domestica, not only in a nuisance pest, but also acts as an important mechanical vector for lots of pathogenic microorganism agents, including bacteria, protozoa, worms, fungi and viruses amongst humans and animals. The populations of house flies transmit the diseases agents by means of different parts of their bodies’ chairs body, appendages and mouth parts) and secretions (regurgitates and faces). House flies enter to the several places, including contaminated premises because of their own biologic habits for feeding service MW. (2000) medical entomology for students 2nd ed. Cambridge University press. The habit of house fly favour the spread of bacteria and other diseases causing organisms. www.idph.state1/us/enhealth/pefilthflies.html.

Consequently, house fly for example, can spread diseases such as food poisoning and dysentery regarding to bacteria service MW. (2000) medical entomology for students 2nd ed Cambridge Unversity press. www.idph.state1/us/enhealth/pefilthflies.html

More than 100 percent associated with the house fly may cause disease in humans and animals including typhoid, cholera bacillary dysentery, tuberculosis anthrax ophthalma and infantile diahea, as well as parasitic protozoa and worms www.edis.lfas.ufl-edu/in503 pathogenic organism are picked up by flies from garbage, sewage and other source of filth, and then transferred on their mouthparts and other body parts through their vomits, faces and contaminated external body part to humans and animal food. www.edis.lfas.ufl-edu/in503.

In addition to classical pathogens, there are newly recorded bacterial which are medical importance as the new findings macoveil and zurek L. ecology of Antibiotic resistance genes: Characterization of enterocci from houseflies collected in food settings applied and environment microbiology 2006: 72 4028.4035.

Houseflies have long been regard as potential carries of microorganisms since pathogenic microorganisms are widespread in the hospital environment there is abundant opportunity for flies to become contaminated and in turn, to contaminant the patient environment in the present study, an attempt was made to isolate and identify pathogenic bacteria fungi and parasites from the house fly musca domestica collected in the surgical hospital and also in a remote residential area located 5km from the hospital. A total of 113 flies were collected 65 from a surgical ward (test) and 48 from a residential area for comparison ten genera of bacteria were isolated from the test group of flies compared with nine from the control group in primary isolations it was observed that the load of bacteria carried by the test group of flies was significantly more (p/ less than 0.001) than for the control flies pseudomonia aerugnosa, enterococcus faecalis and vividens strepthococci were isolated only from the test flies the isolation rate of staphylococcus aurevs was significantly higher (p less than 0.001) in test housefly than in the control houseflies.

There was no significant different in isolation of parasitic ova and custs from test and control housefly candida spp were isolated in almost equal numbers from both groups of houseflies yet none of these was Candida albicans houseflies therefore may acts as vectors of potentially pathogenic bacteria in a hospital environment have reported which houseflies in food handling and serving facilities carry and may have the capacity to transfer antibiotic resistant and potentially virulent bacteria. Meek in the study founded by orikin pest control has described new nine transmitted bacterial by houseflies. Three of them consisting, acinetobactor, baumanni that has been linked to meaningitis, Bacillus pumilus, which can cause food poisoning and enterobactor sakazaki which can cause urinary tract, pulmonary and blood stream infections.

Because M. domestica is capable of carrying a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites disease over its body’s appendages, we can make some critical steps forward to fight against these micro organisms basically, one of these step is to identify those pathogenic agents and as a results promoting the status of society health. Service MW. (2000) medical entomology for students 2nd ed. Cambridge University press the aim of the study was to isolate and identification bacteria that are pick up by housefly over the human and animal premises.

Chapter Four


Many scientist indicate that the external surface of Musca domestic (legs, wings, and mouth, parts) constitute a large source of bacterial they isolated (Graczyk, 1999, mutsue etal 1999).

The biology and ecology of Musca domestic make it an ideal mechanical vector of human and animal pathogen cattle, barns, poultry house, slaughter house and hospital are sites were house flies can reproduce (Peter et al, 2007)
The results of this study indicated that Musca domestica could play a great role as a mechanical transmitter or carrier of bacteria in this study, most of the bacteria isolated were medically important including Uebsiella Pneumonare and Pseudomonas aerginosa. These finding agreed with the result or Uaziriannzedel etal (2008) in Ahwaz which showed presence of Escheichia coli, Pseudomonas Geryginosa and Ulebsilla pneumonae on the housefly collected from slaughter house.

This result are in accordance with other report which high light the important of houseflies in carrying various pathogen bacteria (Thaddeus etal 2001).

This is the first repost of bacterial isolated from housefly in the four largest market at Ilorin town in kwara state Nigeria. These are the largest and most populated market in the state where by people travel coming from long distance to purchase their food stuff in the market.

File genera or specie of bacterial were isolated from the external surface of Musa domestical in the four markets altogether. Escherichia coli was the most common isolates present in all market and the largest carries was found at Oja-Oba (45%) and new market (40%) the reason for high percentage of Escherichia coli (45) in Oja Oba market is become Oba market does not slaughter housefly, the house flies were collected from the meat selling section of the market therefore the meal and its contamination in Oba market come from the slaughter house of the other 3 market (Ipata, Mandate and New Market) then the high contamination of Escherichia coli in this market may be due to the “hand to hand” transfer of the meat and the pathogen may be picked from the meat unto the housefly. Since the meat selling points is so open, the environment is duty for survival of microbes especially Escherichia coli, therefore there is easily transmission and pick up of the pathogen by the housefly to human foods.

The reason for high contamination of Escherichia coli (40%) in new market is close to an unclean canal or dirty water. Traders in this market defecate in this water making it feacally contaminated. Since the slaughter house is opened and its close to the contaminated water there will be easy access for the flies to pick up pathogen from the feaces to the slaughter house and into the meat these findings are in accordance showed presence of Escherichia coli in houseflies collected from slaughter house.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa (30%) was the highest in mandate market, this is because the area in which the market is located is a developing area, and Pseudomonas can be found in soil, water etc then the houseflies would have picked up the pathogen from the soil and plants around that vicinity and then infact the meat on the slaughter house since it’s an open slaughters house this result is similar with the result of HAMID etal in 2012. Which showed the presence of pseudomonas in high number from the houseflies in tran hospital.

Ipata market carries high contaminated house flies with staphylococcus (35%) this is because the butchers in the slaughter house were very unhygienic. The place in which they keep unslaughter (live) cows and other animals is closed to the slaughter room/house the environment is also very dirty. Since staphylococcus are normally associated with the skin, skin glands and mucousal membrane of warm blooded animals. Then this factors can make the environment high with staphylococcus contamination. This result is in accordance with Kasiri et al result state high isolation of staphylococcus in market slaughter house.

There was low Bacillius and Klebsilla pneumonaen in the four markets this is bcause Kebsiella pnemonae can only be found highly on houseflies around hospital vicinity in which they transmit Klebsiella pnemonae among the patients, this result is similar to that of azahimis et al report of high contaminated housefly by Klebsilla vicinities.


The aim of this study was to isolate and identify bacterial that are pick up by housefly over the human and animal premises.

Isolation And Identification Of Bacterial That Are Pick Up By Housefly Over The Human And Animal Premises

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Isolation And Identification Of Bacterial That Are Pick Up By Housefly Over The Human And Animal Premises


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