An Investigation Into The Problems Of Leadership In Tertiary Institutions (A Study Of Federal Polytechnic, Oko)

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An Investigation Into The Problems Of Leadership In Tertiary Institutions (A Study Of Federal Polytechnic, Oko)


This research work “AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE PROBLEMS OF LEADERSHIP IN TERTIARY INSTITUTON” looking at the ineffective and techniques which our leaders used so as to in accomplish the leadership objectives. Specifically, the work answers questions which bordered on the problems of leadership which the institution is going ontos. The five chaptered research works limit its scope of study in Federal Polytechnic, Oko using proper information gathering method to obtain data whereas twelve principle officers of the administration and academic sector are used as the sample size. Also, the interview used for data collection included students. The chapter four led to the chapter summary, recommendation and conclusion. The research work actually show the most leader ship problems which pull down the bad rapport between the management and the subordinates so as to in accomplish the set goals.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 The Background of the Study

The work “An investigation into the problems of leadership in Nigerian tertiary institutions has a critical look at the leadership problems at which the Nigerian tertiary institutions are led using Federal Polytechnic, Oko as a case study.

Leadership as known is the act of directing people/group of persons so as to accomplish as stated objectives, determines the success and failure of an organization based on the style adopted. Also leadership can be seen as the ability to influence people to strive willingly towards accomplishing groups objectives.

Konnitze and Dr. Donnell (1972) in Umeh (2005:145) define leadership as “interpersonal influence, exercise in situation and directed through the communication process towards the attainment of a specific goal or goals”.

He further describes leadership as directing, coordinating a group people in a specific situation, with the view to attaining the objectives of the group. It also involves wielding authority over the subordinates giving direction and ensuring that the objectives of an organization are met.

Moreso, leadership is in essence concerned with human energy in organization group. It is a people orientated phenomenon. It is also a force that can initiate action among people, guide activities in a given direction, maintain such activities and unify effort towards common goals.

In this research work, leadership problems autocratic behaviour, lack of planning etc.

Leadership problems are explained merits and demerits marshaled out, at the same time, the areas which require particular problems of leadership pin-pointed for ineffectiveness.

Comparisons of problems of leadership were projected lifting know the problem(s) which should not be a approached properly. Bureaucratic, management as concerned leadership are not left out. Consequently, techniques, theories and approaches to leadership are made comprehensive in the work through the aid of the intellects in leadership and management.

Finally, the research work made an open revelation of the concept “leadership”.

The application of the problems of leadership in any organization, be it service or production should not through some numerous drives such as being wicked, arrogant, rude, power fact of the force and not appeal to legitimate right. A bad leader can not transmit feeling and execution to the followers by the process that known as communication.

Federal Polytechnic, Oko was established (1981) through collective effort of the community. It is located in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The planning and establishment of the institution was executed by the Oko progressive union, supported by their result oriented leadership of its first chairman of the second civilian regime of Federal republic of Nigeria Dr. Alex Ekwueme.

Initially, the institution was approved by the Anambra State government as a college of arts and science in 1979. And was upgraded to Anambra State Polytechnic, in 1985 when there was a leadership problem.

The quality of its education programmes necessitated its take over by the Federal Government in 1993, it is today known and called Federal Polytechnic Oko.

This institution is located on a land mass covering 35.03 hectares. Because of the founder of the institution, the land where the school is erected is dominated by various individuals and organization as their contributions to the under development of the institution.

Then in 2002, after administration of Prof. Uba Nwuba, a serious crisis broke out in the institution which led to a panel set up by the Federal Government to investigate the matter. The exercise was messed up and disorganized, worsening the crisis.

In this institution, the staff instead of facing academics and problems of students they started mortgaging their jobs with acquiring wealth. There was no serious academic planning and execution, there was no coordination, supervision of staff and students was very poor and indiscipline become order of the day. Also this institution is facing the appointment of a rector.

The major problem of leadership is not well addressed students and recognize their problems. Various leadership problems of the institution have kept the status of the content of the institution in many shapes.

This is because every leadership has its own made of operation that brings in good or bad to the people.

1.2 Statement of Problem

Most of Nigerian tertiary institutions are faced with some financial problems which impinge on administrative efficiency. Federal Polytechnic, Oko is never an exception. Federal Polytechnic, Oko has been hindered in the performance of its administrative functions as a result of many problems including the inadequacy of human and materials resources. Many of these problems includes;

i. Unrealistic Federal Government promises;

The Polytechnic management has made it clear that most of the Federal Government budget allocation made to the school have not been fully released and this has been a serious sources of problem that impinged most of the administrative function. Since, 1993 the school was taken over by the Federal Government as its name changed to Federal Polytechnic.

ii. Inadequate handling of the institution fund:

There has been widespread misappropriation of fund. This is witnessed in the series of administration which have come and gone internally and externally generated revenue of the school were most time squandered by the leader abandoned.

This impinged institution activities thereby setting the hand of the clock back.

iii. Students refused to pay their levies to the union;

Students union government of the institution at various time initiated the idea of students of the school to paying students union fees levy to enhance efficient in the side of the affairs of the students.

As the government do not want to look into the affairs of student by upgrading their condition. At the department levels, association in the department, such as PASAN impose levy on the students till dulge these payment thereby bringing failure to the activities of the institution.

1.3 Purpose of Study

The general purpose of this research is to bring to limelight the problem of leadership in tertiary institution with Federal Polytechnic, Oko as a case study. In this work, the research therefore intends to;

  1. To know the type of leadership problems which is prevalent in the management level of Federal Polytechnic, Oko.
  2. To show the strategies and motivational steps leaders take to lead ineffectively. This research is going to mention some approaches a leader used so as to make the followers unaccomplished the goals of leadership.
  3. To correct the mistake that his impinged the succeed of an organization. Most of our leaders have run to failure in carrying out the responsibilities.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The findings of this study will help a lot to address the improper attitude of the leader in the managerial cadre who has never had any opportunity of studying administration in the Tertiary Institution. This study is meant to give wrong correction to the low knowledge and porous problems that make them not to accomplish the objectives.

This study finding will also make the leader to know the type of leadership which should be good for their people as the responses of various groups concerning various leadership problem explained.

The leaders will understand from this finding as it will make them take note on their problems which the subordinates could not positively responded to.

While it improves the leadership inequalities inculcated by the leaders and makes the organization concerned a failure one.

Significantly, the finding go further to tell the leaders the problems that facing many institutions. Such as Federal Polytechnic, Oko.

1.5 Research Question

  1. Is the transmission of information within the management by memo or oral information?
  2. What are the kinds of leadership problems which is prevalent in the management level of this institution Federal Polytechnic, Oko.
  3. To what extent has leadership roles contributed to the institutions?
  4. What are the functions to do in any organization, office or in the schools?

1.6 Scope of the Study

This study touches almost main parts of the leadership problems found in institutions of higher learning especially in Federal Polytechnic, Oko.

The research places much emphasis on administration in tertiary institutions with emphasis in this institution.

All aimed at the ways in which our leaders of this institution accomplished organizational objectives.

It analyzes the merits and demerits of these problems so as to make proper decisions on which to be choose in relation to the situation.

He also continued with the techniques, problems characteristics and understanding of tertiary institution and leadership in relationship with the other management concepts for the people.

1.7 Limitations of the Study

This study could have been extended to other areas but due to financial constraints and time factor couple with the attitude of some of the people expected to give useful information necessary for the completion of this work.

The researcher compelled to limit the study to Awka North and Anambra East Local Government.

1.8 Definition of Terms

Leadership Problem:

Is those things that hinders the work of a leader in the organization especially in tertiary institution.

Autocratic Problem:

It relies on authority to force work to be done.

Directive Problem:

This is leadership problem where a leader makes most decision for the people.


This is the continuous activity that can reduce the advice effects of random behaviour and goals directed.


It is the ability to influence people to strive towards accomplishing group objectives.


Someone who is tasked to judge some matter.


Those who are in the class of social status and material prosperity.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

In these findings of this work of research, it is summarized as follows;

  1. That the leadership problems, if tertiary institution of learning should be seen as cordial in that question asked was negatively answered.
  2. Also, there has not been mutual understanding between the management and the subordinates in tertiary institution in Nigeria. This is to believe that the problem has seen as forceful or dictatorial in nature. Also the mode of communication and information receives is not encouraging which is to say that it is not more of participate and democratic in nature. As it stands, the problems of leadership is not good for a progressive organization.

5.2 Conclusion

Based on the finding of the study, the following conclusions were made by the researcher;

  1. That the Nigerian Tertiary Institution should adopt a reasonable leadership to avoid such problem just like that of Federal Polytechnic, Oko as a case study.
  2. It is concluded also that dictatorial or forceful style of leadership is not most appropriate for organization but that if participate style of leadership.
  3. Moreover, misunderstanding, inspiration misinterpretation and retaliation should be out of vision while cooperation and good accomplishment it should be cultivated in our leadership.
  4. I also recommend that, there should be better information flow between the management and subordinates. There should be mutual understanding in decision making between leaders and the led.

5.3 Recommendation

In the light to our finding stated in the research study, I hereby recommend;

  1. That our leaders should agree with the history position of most behaviour scientist who have been authoritarian and in favour of participating management two-way communication and permissive leadership.
  2. I suggest also, that when considering specific techniques, let one head a warning about a pot fall dangerous to all managers, misinterpretation by subordinates of their boss attitudes. This may be avoided by managerial ability and insight.

I also recommend that there should be better information flow between the management and subordinates and there should be proper communication contact for this to have good impact on the problems of leadership. In addition, suggesting that there should be mutual understanding in decision making between leaders and the led.

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