Influence Of Television Advert Of WAW Detergent On Consumer Purchasing Habit In Portharcourt Residents

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Influence Of Television Advert Of WAW Detergent On Consumer Purchasing Habit In Portharcourt Residents


The study was on the Influence of television advert of WAW detergent on consumer purchasing habit in Portharcourt residents. It started with general introduction to the research, statement of the problem and purpose of the study. This was followed by comprehensive literature review of television advertising on consumer buying habits of WAW detergent in Portharcourt residents. The researcher made use of the survey design to gather necessary information.

Simple random sampling was used to select a sample of the population. Through the research methodology involving collection of data from a sample of Portharcourt residents, the researcher applied self-administered questionnaire to obtain primary data which was later analyzed by simple percentage and the hypotheses were tested using the chi- square analysis method. The result showed that television was viewed as the most preferred medium of advertisement of WAW detergent. The researcher made the recommendation based on the findings that more attention should be focused on using television medium for advertisement of WAW detergent.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

One function of the mass media which is becoming increasingly important in the modern world is the economic functions of advertising. The mass media perform this function for the people by bringing together buyers and sellers through advertisements.

Again, the world is fast becoming a common market place of ideas. Many multinational companies have come to realize that people have the same basic needs and desires.

Consequently, they have heeded to calls for global marketing and can promote their goods and services using advertisements.

An advertisement is defined by the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria(APCON) as a „communication in the media paid for by an identifiable sponsor and directed at a target audience with the aim of transferring information about a product, service, idea or cause.‟

According to Benson Eluwa (2005, p.5), „Advertising is a form of non-personal method of communicating information which is usually paid for by a sponsor through various media‟. These definitions can tell one that advertising is a persuasive communication, because it tries to persuade the reader, viewers or listeners to take to the sponsor‟s point of view and also take some appropriate actions towards an object of advertisement.

In an industrial and free competitive market economy, where the interplay of economic variables dictates the market, the problem of survival of business becomes a very nightmarish one for producers and manufacturers. The singular desire of manufacturers becomes how to create awareness and market for their goods. Advertising is then one strategy that fulfils the desire completely. The desire to be buoyant in business and to increase profit has given advertisement an irrevocable reputation.

Advertising is not undertaken by management just for fun or to keep products or services. It is principally involved in persuasion or advocacy even apparently just giving us information, using media that are paid for it to get through to the mass audience with the identity of the advertisers being clear. „Advertising has the mandate to sell the advertiser‟s goods and help the consumers to shop wisely‟- Okoro (1995, p.42).

Advertising is to communicate information about a product, service or idea and thus stimulate demand.
A television advertisement or commercial is a form of advertisement in which goods, services, organizations, ideas etc. are promoted through the medium of television. Most advertisements are produced by an outside advertising agency.

Advertisers spread commercials across a number of programmes reaching many more viewers. Networks now own different „spot‟ commercials for many products in the same show. A spot has to stand out and be remembered and this brought about creativity in television advertising owing to the large number of advertisements, and many products with the same quality and cost. The unique selling point and brand awareness became ever more important.

The first television advertisement was broadcast in the United States at 14:29pm on July 1, 1941, when the Bolivia Watch Company paid $9 to New York city NBC affiliate WNBT(now WNBC) for a 20 second spot shown before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.

Television advertisements have heralded an unprecedented increase in economic activities. For some, television advertisements are always one of the best things to look out for on television because of their highly captivating, dramatic, entertaining and humorous nature. For others, this form of advertisement is nothing but an interruption of a nice quiet evening at home, especially when the viewer is seriously engrossed in a highly informative news programme.

However, beyond these two extremes, the advertiser must gain access to the consumer‟s mind in order to win his purchasing loyalty. This is why the advertiser capitalizes on the glamour and potency of television to reach out to a wide spectrum of consumers in order to market his wares. Ideally, television commercials are based on the same principle as the old-time medicine show where a medicine dealer uses banjo player and magician to attract customer‟s attention to his product and market his wares. In television commercials, the advertiser uses talents (for dramatic spectacle) and music to put the audience in good humour, so that the sponsor (manufacturer of the product) who corresponds to the medicine man will have a receptive audience when he peddles his wares.

The majority of television advertisements in Nigeria recently comprise brief advertising spots, ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes. In the Nigerian media, advertisement of this sort has been used to sell every product imaginable over the years from household products to goods and services. The effect of television advertisements upon the viewing public has been so successful and so pervasive that it is considered impossible for a politician to wage a successful election campaign in Nigeria without the use of television advertisement.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

It is a known fact that television advertisements use persuasive techniques to appeal to consumers‟ sense of buying. It is also inevitable that television advertisements have a lot of influence on human behaviour. This influence may be either positive or negative. The kind of influence depends on the kind of advertisement.

Many a time, consumers have turned down the content of advertisements due to various reasons. Some consumers maintain that the information content of the advert is not enough, while some say that the information content of the advert does not reveal the contents of the product.

What are the attitudes of consumers towards the WAW detergent television advertisements? If the above submission is upheld, perception should explain or account for why a consumer should prefer WAW detergent in a vast array of lager brands in the Nigerian market.

In the light of the above exposition, this study focuses on how WAW detergent television advertisements influence consumer buying behaviour.

1.3 Objectives of the Study:

This study is aimed at finding out the influence of television advert of WAW detergent on consumer purchasing habit in Portharcourt residents. This will help in the formulation of a comprehensive marketing and promotional strategy for WAW detergent.

The short term objectives of this study are:

  1. To discover to what extent people watch advertisements on television.
  2. To assess what appeals to consumers of WAW detergent in television advertisements of the product.
  3. To determine the performance of WAW detergent alongside other competing brands.
  4. To evaluate how WAW detergent advertisements influences consumer buying behaviour of the product.

1.4 Research Questions:

The following research questions are formulated to act as a guide in this research:

  1. To what extent do people watch advertisements on television?
  2. What appeals to consumers in WAW detergent television advertisements?
  3. What is the performance of WAW detergent in comparison with other competing brands?
  4. What level of influence does WAW detergent advertisement have on consumer buying behaviour of the product?

1.5 Hypotheses:

  • H0 = Consumer choice of WAW detergent is not related to exposure to advertisements of the product.
  • H0 = Loyalty to WAW detergent does not depend on the volume of advertising.

1.6 Scope of the Study:

The study is limited to the residents of portharcourt. The researcher will only focus on the attitude of the residents towards WAW detergent, more specifically on television advertisements of the product in comparison with those of similar products.

1.7 Significance of the Study:

The result of the study will be of immense benefit to advertisers of WAW detergent as it will provide a guide on planning, production and placement of television advertisements for the product.

Essentially, this study makes a significant contribution to the existing literature on the attitude of consumers towards lager products. The study will also be of great use to mass communication and marketing students who intend to take up similar studies.

It is also envisaged that findings from this study would assist the management of Guinness Nigeria effectively promote their products in the highly competitive environment of the brewery industry in Nigerian.

1.8 Operational Definition of Significant Terms:

In this research work, the terms defined reflect how the researcher wants them to be understood in the context of this work.

1) Advertising:

A method used to attract the attention of the consumers or audience to a product. It is a means of persuading them to buy your view, opinion, ideas and products which are usually done by a sponsor.

2) Consumer:

Someone who buys goods for consumption

3) Television:

A piece of electrical equipment with a screen on which you can watch programmes with moving pictures and sounds.

4) Buying Habit:

The decision process and actions of people involved in buying and using products.

5) Impact:

The powerful, immediate or dramatic effect that something or somebody has over another thing or person.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Introduction

The purpose of this research was to find out the Influence of Television Advertisements on Consumer Buying Habit of WAW detergent in the Portharcourt residents.

The research was analyzed using questionnaire, and hypotheses. 200 copies of the questionnaire were distributed, and 150 were retrieved by the researcher. The hypotheses were tested using the chi-square method of analyses.

5.2 Summary

The findings of this study show that television advertisement of WAW detergent is the most preferred among all other media because of its visual quality. Also, consumers who claimed to have preferred WAW detergent to other competing brands because of other variables such as taste, price, satisfaction and other interpersonal influences admitted to doing so through the influence of television advertisement of WAW detergent.

Finally, television plays a very important role in influencing consumer buying habits of WAW detergent through its advertisement.

5.3 Conclusion

The study reveals how consumers think, feel and behave towards television advertisements of WAW detergent. While consumers do not swallow hook, line and sinker whatever advertisements are beamed to them, they are however drawn to television advertisement by appeals of WAW detergent advertisements.

The study also explains that in television advertisements, the audience must want something, notice something, do something and get what they want.

The frequency of needs satisfaction in this study is very instructive. The respondents show interest in WAW detergent advertisements as a result of their entertainment value.

Finally, it was discovered that most consumers were influenced to buy WAW detergent as a result of advertisements that they see on television.

5.4 Recommendations

The study shows that consumers have certain variables that influence their buying habits such as price, taste, product design and advertisement.

Out of these other variables, advertisement was considered the most influential especially with television as the most preferred medium.

It is therefore recommended that in the advertisement of WAW detergent, the company should pay more attention to using television as a medium of advertisement. Television should be considered first before any other media of advertising as its influence is most exciting.

The advertising department of the company should design messages that are appealing to men as they are more susceptible to WAW detergent advertisements. They should also endeavor to check that all claims which they are making about their products such as price factor, taste, quantity etc. which would be reflected on television advertisements are true and authentic.

5.5 Suggestions for Further Studies

Due to the limitations surrounding the research such as time, fund etc. the researcher suggests that other researchers embarking on project relating to television advertising should first refer to similar project works like this, and also make use of useful search engines on the internet.

Future researchers should embark on meaningful research on the importance of advertising, and the importance of television as a medium for advertising. They should pin- point on factors militating against television advertising in Nigeria, so that he/she can further educate the consumers, advertising agencies, industries and government on television advertising. This will be used to boost the economy and satisfy the consumers.

Influence Of Television Advert Of WAW Detergent On Consumer Purchasing Habit In Portharcourt Residents

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