The Influence Of The Internet Privacy On The Purchasing Attitude Of Consumers In Lagos State

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The Influence Of The Internet Privacy On The Purchasing Attitude Of Consumers In Lagos State

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of Study

New technological breakthroughs can have a significant impact on businesses by changing the social environment and accelerating information transfer and the development of new ideas. (Kling and colleagues, 2005). The Internet will be useful as an example of new technology innovation that is having a significant impact on today’s organizations. Previously, internet-inspired innovations were considered a chapter. However, time has revealed that to be incorrect. We’ve witnessed how these new communal technologies are transforming the world on a daily basis, offering organizations fresh hope for outcomes that were previously unthinkable.Most organizations nowadays are primarily interested in implementing the internet into their business structures, but they lack a thorough understanding of what the internet is all about. They also lack a clear means of determining the benefits that these technologies can provide. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey and Company in 2009, many firms were able to gain from each other through the effective use of the internet in ways such as sharing ideas, improving communication, and improving the workplace environment. The value that the internet brings to businesses is enormous, as an increasing number of businesses are embracing and utilizing the different prospects of internet technical innovation. This is so they can get help with their diverse organizational and business methods (Starmark, 2008;).

The internet offers many intriguing possibilities, but it is critical to understand how to use it and its influence in an organizational environment, as well as where it may be used in real-world projects. Organizations today should consider concerns such as how employees can use internet technology to complete their tasks and what influence they have on their employees. These are crucial concerns for modern businesses to consider. These questions can help businesses determine how to use internet technology effectively in the workplace. As a result, they have the opportunity to analyze and grasp what it has to offer, as well as the impact it has on how people connect and work together, as previously described. Globalization, according to Hill (2009), is a shift toward a more unified and interdependent economy that has historically merged distinct national marketplaces into one massive global marketplace. During the crisis that began in 2007, the global market place was swamped by changes in exchange rates, consumer purchasing behavior, and inflation, according to the Economic Intelligence Unit (2009). As a result of these economic trends, businesses have been forced to rethink their business strategies in order to better express their brands. According to Davis (2001), a company’s brand is one of its most valuable assets, implying that today’s businesses must recognize the importance of capitalizing on their brand. This can assist them in maintaining profitable growth and achieving long-term profitability goals. Advertising, addressing specific client demands, attaching a certain image to a service or product, finding and meeting a need that rivals are to identify, confrontational communication, and price planning are all examples of ways to establish brands (Burger et al, 2009). As the number of recessions has risen in recent years, it has become increasingly important for businesses to keep an open and honest line of communication while still maintaining a positive image in a cost-effective manner (Unit for Economic Intelligence, 2009). During the recession, internet marketing was a prominent method for businesses to communicate with their brands. Some of these media include online electronic media, which promotes online end user interaction, response, consultation, connectivity, and networking (Mayfield, 2008). Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms are examples of dynamic tools that have aided in the development of online relationships (Golden, 2011). It is a relatively low-cost marketing pattern that allows firms to interact with direct end-users via their relationships (Heinlein and Kaplan, 2010).

Given the variety of options available to customers and the significant position of social media marketing in the economy, brands and consumers have a changing role to play in an organization’s strategy (Mayfield 2004, Lindeman, 2008). Consumers influence other customers, and brands have a significant impact on customer choice. These events have an impact on repurchases, future earnings, and long-term organizational continuity (Oliveira and Sullivan, 2003).As a result, a prominent brand can often impact a consumer’s purchasing decisions. This value is created through creating demand (via repurchases) and securing the organization’s future earnings (Sullivan and Oliveira, 2003). As a result, Internet marketing provides communication opportunities and relies on novel and unconventional thought processes (Heinlein and Kaplan, 2010; Kweskin, 2008). This improves the product and brand experience of customers. This new era of digital communication and social participation is crucial for corporate strategy development. As businesses become more competitive globally, it is necessary for them to develop more appealing and inventive marketing strategies in order to attract a bigger number of customers (Rockendorf, 2011).

1.2 Statement Of Problem

The introduction of the Internet and public acceptance of it has changed the way businesses market their services and products, as well as the channels of contact between them and their customers. This can be seen in how they sell and communicate their brands and products these days, which has become a difficult project. Marketing ads and promotional events can be overwhelming for customers. Customers’ sensitivity to becoming enthused about promotional events is waning, and consumers are beginning to oppose some companies’ marketing efforts. The traditional mass media advertising strategy, which includes commercials on television, radio jingles, and advertisements in print formats such as newspapers and magazines, as well as billboard placements, is essentially the promotional focus of some businesses. It is now well documented that, as the Internet spreads rapidly throughout the global economy, the traditional mass media’s effectiveness is rapidly dwindling.

1.2 Objective Of Study

The following are primary objectives of the study:

  1. To investigate how consumers feel about their privacy when buying things on the internet.
  2. To investigate the elements that encourage people to shop on the internet.
  3. To see which applications consumers use the most when shopping on the internet

1.3 Research Question

  1. How do consumers feel about their privacy when making online purchases?
  2. What factors influence people’s decision to shop online?
  3. Which application is the most widely used by consumers when shopping on the internet?

1.4 Significance Of Study

This study will help businesses to gain a better understanding of internet marketing. Because the purpose of marketing is, in essence, about consumers, the starting point is consumer perception. The research also aims to serve as an indicator for scholars, researchers and students who wish to carry out further research on this study.

1.5 Scope Of Study

This study focuses on investigating how consumers feel about their privacy when buying things on the internet. It also seeks to investigate the elements that encourage people to shop on the internet. and To see which applications consumers use the most when shopping on the internet. This study is intended for residents of Lagos state.

1.6 Limitation Of Study

Availability of materials, finance and time constraints to combine research work and academic work were major challenges the researcher encountered during this research.

1.8 Definition Of Terms


The Internet is a vast network that connects computers all over the world. Through the Internet, people can share information and communicate from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively.


A consumer is a person or a group who intends to order, orders, or uses purchased goods, products, or services primarily for personal, social, family, household and similar needs, not directly related to entrepreneurial or business activities.

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