Industrialization And Rural Development

Project and Seminar material for Public Administration

Project and Seminar material for Public Administration


The rural sector of Nigeria has not witnessed significant level of development in the past 56 years of the nation’s independence. This is evidenced in the apparent lack of basic infrastructure facilities and abysmal poor quality of life in the rural areas. This situation is so in spite of the contribution of the rural areas to the overall national development. This research work, thus examines how the process of industrialization in rural areas, could foster the development in Nigeria hinterland. It pays particular attention to rural communities in Ideato North Local Government of Imo State. In gathering the data for the study, we relied on primary and secondary sources of information. And adopted descriptive method of research in our analysis. The study submits or observes the existence of insufficient emphasis on rural development policies by successive government. Coupled with laxity in implementing few of such policies. It thus, submits that enhanced / aided localization of cottage industries could engender economic growth and development in rural areas.

Chapter One


1.1 Background To The Study

Most developing nations define industrialization as central objectives of their economic policy they see, industrialization goes with agricultural process as an integral part of growth and structural changes. Some economist and analyst are of the view that industrialization plays a major in the economic growth and development of any nation.

In this work, effort is made to assess the impact of industrialization in economic growth of Nigeria. Since 56 years of nation’s independence, there were numerous economic activities undertaken by Nigerians. Nigerian were among the most active and insurious group of people in African. The economic activities were based mostly on primary production especially on agriculture, fishing and rearing of livestock.

The rural sector of Nigeria is, very vital in the socio-economic development equation of the nation. It is, as observed by Nyagba (2009) that the most important sector of the Nigerian population is the rural areas. For instance, the rural sector is the major source of capital formation for the country and a principal market for domestic manufactures (Olatunbosun, 1975). As a matter of fact, the rural areas engage in primary economic activities that form the foundation for the country’s economic development. Given the contributions of the rural sector to the national economy, enhancing the development of the sector should be central to government.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

The problem associated with the subject matter is as stated in the following:

1. Inadequate capital:

It is very difficult to raise sufficient fund in the rural area when income is low. The propensity to consume it will be high the state and central government spend so much on urban development and industries in the rural area because it citizen needs all those things for a better line hood.

2. Lack of Skilled Workers:

There ate few of businessmen, they are forced to empty men from the urban centers because hey well trained and better equipped as result skilled workers are not found in the rural areas.

3. Some Market for Industrial Goods:

many people are drive in poverty and penury, therefore industries produce goods that can be bought nearly by everybody example, shoes, plastics, utensil, cloths etc through population is high but people lack the necessary purchasing power.

4. Shortage of Certain Materials:

Some law materials are not produce in the rural area, this fact militates against the setting up of some industries.

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