Increasing Grasscutter Production Through The Activities Of The Co-Operative Societies (A Case Study Of Umudike Umuahia In Abia State)

Project and Seminar Material for Cooperative Economics and Management (CEM)

Increasing Grasscutter Production Through The Activities Of The Co-Operative Societies (A Case Study Of Umudike Umuahia In Abia State)


The project work on the topic “Increasing Grasscutter Production Through the Activities of Co-operative Society in Umudike Umuahia Abia State as the Case Study was done to look into the previous programmes constituted by government to bring into a state of readiness for Grasscutter farmers and producers in co-operatives and the active ones to be more fruitful s a way of making it easy based on the attainment of self-sufficiency on Grasscutter production in Nigeria.

The general problems that affects the success of the objectives of these co-operatives in Umudike Umuahia was proved and how it can affect the co-operatives in Umudike Umuahia was proved. These also include the inefficient service extension workers, inadequate market outlet, inadequate land acquisition, no limit or restriction of membership which might bring in people of different characters whose membership may lead to the decrease in number of the society among others.

Finally this tends to improve the rate of training of workers in co-operative, also where the state and social government agencies should also have an effective co-ordination as this may proffer solution to the objectives of organizing these co-operative societies.

Table Of Content

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title Page
  • Approval Page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of Content

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 Background Of The Study
  • 1.2 Statement Of The Problem
  • 1.3 Objective Of The Study
  • 1.4 Scope And Limitation Of The Study
  • 1.5 Research Hypothesis
  • 1.6 Significance Of The Study
  • 1.7 Definition Of Terms

Chapter Two

2.0 Review Of Related Literature

  • 2.1 Definition Of Agriculture
  • 2.2 The Importance of Grasscutter Production in Co-operatives
  • 2.3 Problems of Grasscutter Production of Co-operatives
  • 2.4 Government Policies and Programmes On Grasscutter Production

Chapter Three

3.0 Research Design and Methodology

  • 3.1 Population of the Study
  • 3.2 Sources of Data
  • 3.2.1 The Primary Source
  • 3.2.2 The Secondary Source
  • 3.2.3 Method of Investigation
  • 3.4 Methods of Data Analysis
  • 3.5 Determination of Sample Size

Chapter Four

4.0 Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

  • 4.1 Presentations of Data
  • 4.2 Analysis of Data
  • 4.3 Interpretation of Data

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary of Findings, Recommendation and Conclusion

  • 5.1 Summary Of Findings Problems Encountered In Grasscutter Production In Co-Operative Societies
  • 5.2 Conclusion
  • 5.3 Recommendations
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix
  • Questionnaire

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Grasscutter production is another special area of livestock which is based on the animal husbandry which also involved with co-operative society activities.

Much practical exercise has been done in the state through the activities of co-operatives and lots of ideas must be considered which now gave rise to this research study. In this way greater attention has been paid based on the look-down or the neglects and its reasons of not functioning effectively and efficiently on the production of Grasscutter in co-operative

Grasscutter production through the co-operative societies is very much satisfied with the large number of medium–earning producers in Umudike Umuahia. And there is no importance relating to the ownership and use of land, especially farm land revolution or successful changes in this section in particular.

Through the activities of co-operative societies, contributions has been made to the economy, by providing in large quantity this delicious meat (Grasscutter) and creating self employment based on this aspect which is the production of Grasscutter, this now gave rise to the people in the state to look for jobs that will earn more income for a living.

The Grasscutter co-operative producers were not fortune enough to meet the objectives of using Grasscutter production to enhance the economic situation and reformation of the state. With this therefore one ought to understand that co-operative in Umudike Umuahia and their output from the Grasscutter production cannot quench the demand or even satisfy the number of individuals living in the area and also provide the essential tools that are necessary in the production area.

Based on the information gotten from the state livestock report, it showed that these producers have increased in number, they have a larger number of employees mostly in the rural areas and they have contributed greatly in their work.

Government has seen the useful impact of Grasscutter production carried out by co-operative society and encourage the individuals to be more serious so as to enhance a greater production and self-employment in order to develop the rural, states and build a sufficient state and economy.

1.1 Background Of The Study

Having noticed the contributions and effects of the state and the local governments in making the Grasscutter production, the minimum productivity, the employees that are co-operators, there is still this continuous Grasscutter in the nation. One will be able to notice and observe that the number of growth of Grasscutter is no where to be compared with the membership growth, and this helped in the reduction of the benefits of increase income and also increased Grasscutter production.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

In our nation today programmes and policies are implemented which is geared at removing the stressful circumstance in the co-operative societies. In relation to Grasscutter producers, co-operative are involved in training and organizing rural small scale industries, who are making use of the manual labour form of production in co-operative societies which this process has failed to produce in larger quantity of Grasscutter.

Seeing the gotten ideas and result, the effort of the government based on the production of Grasscutter through co-operative has not made much importance in the improvement on this aspect as extra efforts is placed on this livestock production.

Based on co-operative, there must be a serious reformation of roles in increasing Grasscutter production and this will allow for co-operative societies to take that their placement in the national economy and that of the state economy respectively.

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

The main aim of this research work is to examine the already existing co-operative societies and their effectiveness in advancing in development of Grasscutter production. Also to find out the major problems facing the Grasscutter production area, to know how the producers of this livestock (Grasscutter) co-operative societies are impacting the required knowledge.

To be sure of co-operative organizations, its mode of operation in Abia State, and make suggestions and the way forward in Grasscutter production of the society.

1.4 Scope And Limitation Of The Study

This research work will reach to the examination of sets of ideas or plan of Umudike Umuahia co-operative societies on Grasscutter production which are not always constant but varying and also of our small scale industries for the large production quantity on Grasscutter. And also the study is restricted within the boundary of Umudike Umuahia in Abia State.

1.5 Research Hypothesis

In research hypothesis, they are the very cautions answers and results to research problem which are shown in the way of relationship between changing factors or variables.
For the purpose of this research work, the hypotheses are stated to be:

  1. H0: Insufficient aid from the government through the co-operative societies has not offered help to the Grasscutter producers.
    H1: Sufficient aid from the government through the co-operative societies has offered greatly to Grasscutter production.
  2. H0: The Grasscutter producers are not all that educated on how to carry their work effectively.
    H1: The Grasscutter producers are very much enlightened on how to administer their work effectively.

1.6 Significance Of The Study

Grasscutter production is involved in the livestock section of agriculture. This aspect is very important in the sustenance of the economy. Any effort that is geared in carrying out this research work is based at improving the Grasscutter production should be termed to be good and any solution on the improvement of this part of co-operative have the focus on the sector. This time ought to be considered appropriate, in the sense that, the study of the Grasscutter production in co-operative will be considered in the economic situation in Abia State (Umudike).

The co-operators that are the employees are accurately taken care of not withstanding the fact they perform much to earn for a living and to be self-reliant in the production of Grasscutter. Since the activity is done by the co-operatives, it is very certain that their productivity must be much to boost their profitability rate and the production of Grasscutter will look more attractive and interesting in Abia State.

Programmes and policies that are very meaningful ought to be enacted on co-operative, which will make the managers of cooperative society to adequately re-fashioned and put in order the producers to have an increased Grasscutter production. With this, school and research institutions who wish to embark on a research work on this aspect will have a proper starting point to offer solution to their problems.

1.7 Definition Of Terms

The terms that are used in this project work seems to be not working and are not all that the popular words which even a different interpretation; they include;

Animal Husbandry:

Is the farming of animals especially when it is done carefully and well administered to the solution of the day-to-day problems facing the farms.

Grasscutter Production:

This is the process at which rate Grasscutter are produced or manufactured on a large quantity. There by making the input level to be above the out put level.

Co-Operative Society:

Is an organization voluntarily owned and operated by people (owners/members) that have identified their social and economic needs and have a fixed common realizable objectives to response to those needs.

Productive Co-Operative:

They are banded together in co-operation, pooling their resources together for the purpose of large scale production. They maintain the dual/double identity in the form of being the owner and at the time employee.

Small-Scale Individual Association:

These are groups of individuals whose business labour are being usually supported by his family. His productions are usually in small proportion only for the consumption of his household and little for sale in the local markets of the Grasscutter production realized.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary Of Findings, Recommendation And Conclusion

5.4 Summary Of Findings

Problems Encountered In Grasscutter Production In Co-Operative Societies

Based on this project work, there are some problems identified including the constraints that give rise to the problems and difficulties seen by co-operatives societies in Umudike Umuahia in Abia State. The problems are seen as follows;

a) Lack of Land Acquisition:

This is identified as one of the major problems so long as livestock production is concerned. To produce Grasscutter it must require an area where they must be kept. The livestock (Grasscutter) need no environment or place that cannot accommodate them because it affects their life entirely.

b) Inadequate Market Outlay:

This include the help of co-operative society services, like storage, processing etc. this involvement enhances much disadvantages in the sense that the co-operative have no production scale and in effect do not know the actual market outlay so as not to incur much cost when they market the products for sell. The processing and the storage aspect has made the production of Grasscutter to loose their market valve and also if ought to enhance mechanization process.

c) Lack of Loan grant:

In this form, the credit given to the producers’ co-operative society is not sufficient and adequate on the Grasscutter production. In the preparation of questionnaire it was concerned to ask and to know the amount of members of the co-operative society given loan to, to improve in their production.

d) Lack of Well-trained Co-operative Workers:

This is also a problem of service co-operative, in the sense that most of them are not allowed to participate in the management and supervision of the members products. In the production of Grasscutter they must practicalize what they are taught, for example they should be able to know the techniques in handling the Grasscutter, giving them with the adequate food requirements.

5.2 Conclusion

The production of Grasscutter in making a very great effort in the development of the economy generally and the lives of the society. Cane rat is locally and internationally accepted because of the high level of protein contained in the meat. Based on the local governments, they ensure that there be a meaningful participation of members of co-operatives in the promotion and production co-operatives. To ensure these things, Grasscutter producing co-operative (livestock) sector should help to remove the numerous constraints to effective co-operative participation on Grasscutter production sector of the economy. These critical constraints still exist despite the enormous effort in recent times to boost Grasscutter production. On their own part, the members of these co-operative are self-help organizations and instruments and credit agents for achievement of national socio-economic development goals. They should therefore, strive to build a viable co-operative society generally.

5.3 Recommendations

  1. Government Policy to the Increase and Encouragement of Large Scale Production: Lack of proper and adequate education of our co-operative members has also been a major factor which held back progress in organizing small-scale farmers into well financed co-operative society from the investigations, participants and members of co-operative societies are basically not educated, which now make them not to appreciate fully the concept of co-operative because of their individual nature to be contented with small production. The government should make positive policies that will encourage the large-scale production in co-operative in livestock production and the co-operative field workers to be efficient and capable also well-trained and deployed to the properly organized members into co-operative for necessary co-operative benefits. There should be training towards the supervisory group of the co-operative society, so that there will be effective supervisor and workers.
  2. Co-operative Credit and Financing: In Umudike Umuahia, Abia State, there is not yet an access of granting credit is not guaranteed. Presently, the institutions for credit granting for members is co-operative in their locations. The members gets it difficult to secure credit from their co-operative due to rule of government. For avoidance of this, it is good to allow as many members as possible into the co-operative so as to generate much fund. These will then create more avenue for the co-operative to be able to attain both social and economic efficiency by repaying the benefits of specialization and economic scale.
  3. Easy Access to Consolidate of Loans: Government should equally help in the creation of an effective co-operative and encouragement of Grasscutter large scale production by mapping out agricultural co-operative farmers for a token fee.

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