The Importance Of Training And Development Of Organizational Performance In Airtel Mobile Communication

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The Importance Of Training And Development Of Organizational Performance In Airtel Mobile Communication

Chapter One

General Introduction

1.0 Introduction

This chapter contain the following, the background of the study, statement of the problem objective of the study as well as significance, it also mainly for statement of hypothesis which is a testable, tentative propitiation that explain relation between two or more variable or phenomenon.

1.1 Historical Background of Airtel

Airtel as it is known today is not what is knonw as when it started operation. The company stated as Econet, later to Vodacom from tehvodacom the name was changed to V-mobile, from V-Mobile to celtel from celtel Airtel and finally from Airtel to aritel.

Airtel as a company began mobile operation in 198, and since then, they have built network in 15 countries, under license that cover more than a third of the population of Africa.

Their original holding company, MSI cellular investment, change its name to celtel international in January 2004. The Kaduna branch of Airtel which commenced operation in 1998 is located at Yakubu Gowon way, opposite zenith Bank Plc 11 kaduna, it also serve as the regional headquarters.


Airtel mission is to be Africa’s most desirable network, putting guide, clear and reliable technology into the hands of bustling population.


Airtel is a dynamic place to work and they offer excellent carrier paths for talented and motivated people. They are especially taken to hear from people with experience in:

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Commercial and operational management
  • Human resources management

All the candidates need to demonstrate experience, training and qualification.

Airtel is an international company, at the last count, the head office staff comprised 35 different nationalist so traveling or relocation may be a requirement. In November 2003, celtelas then known were proud to receive recognition of their commitment to the communities they serves when they won the SME around.

Airtel Kaduna branch as started earlier commenced operationin 1998 to expand the network in Nigeria, attending to customers with problem and also serve as the north west regional headquarters, in 2007 celtel Kaduna branch cease to be the north west regional headquarters, it was shifted to Kano. This is because Kano has the highest customers.

Airtel Kaduna Branch has about a hundred staff including expatriates, managerial, senior and peripheral staff these staff are train as the need demands.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

In must organizations today, productivity of employee is far below standard, some organization incurs a lot of lost inform of wastage cause by mistake arising from the worker inability to perform his job effectively. Another major problem face by organization due to the lack of training and development programmes, in job dissatisfaction most employees don’t find it easy in doing the job assign to them, because they don’t have the necessary skill needed to make them handle such job.

One major problem, is the increase rate of labour turnover in an organization as a result of the worker inability to satisfyingly accomplishing the task assign to him or her.

The above mentioned problem has nothing good to offer to the organization rather than decrease in services delivery which is turn affects the overall performance of the organization. It is therefore, base on the existing problem that the researcher is motivated to undertake this study in order to analyze the problem and provide useful recommendation for improvements.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The objective of this study are as follows: –

  1. Evaluate the impact of training and development on organizational performance
  2. To assess the effectiveness of methods of training
  3. To determine need assessment for positive training
  4. To examine factors in establishing training objectives.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The significant of training and development on organizational performance will be of great benefit to the management of Airtelmobile communication, Kaduna through this research work and to help improve the performance and development of the firm however, the significance of this research is to:

  1. Help in drawing the attention of management on the need to maintain training and development of employees to enhance productivity.
  2. Enable employees understand the importance of training and development toward organizational performance and management efficiency
  3. Benefits the management of other communication companies in their polices on the matter of t training and development of their staff.
  4. Benefits other searcher in the area of providing frontier for further investigation.

1.5 Statement of Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a testable, tentative proposition that explain the relation between two or more variable that create a state of affairs or phenomenon.

This researcher intends to test the following hypothesis in chapter four: –

  • Ho: training and development has no significant impact on organizational performance
  • H1: training and development has a significant impact on organizational performance.

1.6 Scope of the Study

The project is embracing the direction of training and development on organizational performance Airtel Mobile Communication Kaduna.

The scope of the study is to evaluate the impact of training and development on organization performance and to examine factors in establishing training objective.

1.7 Limitation of the Study

The study was faced with a number of stumbling blocks which made limitation inevitable.

1. Inaccessibility of subjects:

It was not easy to get in touch or contact with those who much information will be obtained from complied with the fact that they were always busy at workplace.

2. Lack of cooperation from subject:

This also pave a serious hindrance to this research work, whereby full cooperation was not obtained from the subjects for the simple reason that it will be as if it will leak the secret of the organization to the public, especially to its competitors.

3. Low return of questionnaires;

This accured where the researcher was not able to get the response from the questionnaires she administered, thereby information and awareness on the topic in question were inadequate.

4. Inadequate study materials:

The researcher encountered problems in the area of sourcing and gathering of study material for the researcher work, most of the material sourced are conventional and outdated information’s, the accessibility of modern textbooks and internet was challenging and difficult.

The above mentioned limitations are some of the challenges the researcher encountered in the cause of this study.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Summary

This research work is on the topic “the impact of Training and development on organizational performance. A study of Airtel mobile communication, Kaduna regional office. In the research training was defined as the process of teaching organization members how to perform their job, current job and helping the acquire the knowledge and skill they need to be effective in their job performance.

Development was also defined as building the skill of organizational members so that they will be prepared to take on new responsibilities and challenges.

From the data collected, below are some of the major findings:

  1. Training and development helps to increase the performance of employees.
  2. Need assessment should be conducted to identify need that will also decide the method to be adopted.
  3. All employees irrespective of their post need Training and development.
  4. On-the-job-training is the fastest way of training for the employees.
  5. Training and development affects the performance of the organization.
  6. If the employees are not given the opportunity to learn more knowledge, the labour turnover will be high.

5.2 Conclusion

If organizations want to be effectively and efficiently accomplish the goal for which it is created, members of the organizations who are the key factors in accomplishing such objectives must be trained and developed respectively and from time to time as the need arises.

Researcher have shown that one major way to retain employees is through Training and development because it increases. Specializations, job satisfaction and makes the employees having a feeling of belonging therefore increasing their performance.

Another major reason why Training and development should be recognized is the fact that we are operating in an ever-changing environment which calls for series training of employees to be able to adapt to such changes.

Management of organizations should therefore ensure that enough resources are allocated to Training and development.

5.3 Recommendations

The recommendation outlined below will help organizations improve performance through training.

  1. Employees whose performance is declining should be sent for training without delay.
  2. Before any training is embarked upon, there should be need assessment to identify those who need training and which types of training.
  3. On-the-job method of training should be embraced because it is faster and effective.
  4. To reduced labour turnover organization’s employees should be given proper training.
  5. There should be no bias the choice of who to go or is selected for training.
  6. Organization should also use modern training facilities like computers to keep their employees abreats with contemporary challenges.

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