Importance Of Timber In Civil Engineering Construction (Case Study Of Bookshelve Using Mahogany Wood)

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Importance Of Timber In Civil Engineering Construction (Case Study Of Bookshelve Using Mahogany Wood)


This project was carried out to determine the importance of Timber in civil Engineering construction. In the course of the project, a general procedure for the purpose of wood work construction was followed.

The pieces of wood for the construction of the bookshelf were properly placed and made ready for setting out. The design of the bookshelf was carefully studied as well as the cutting list.

However, during setting out stage, the joints as well as the fitting be made were marked out of the materials, this was followed i squaring and gauging from the face sides and edge. The waste edge and parts are sawn out for shaping and involves rebate, ge which is the most important stage was the stage that allows and involves fixing and joining parts and members of the work with glues and fastener. At this point proper gauging and uaring were ensured before nailing and gluing.

Finally, finishes were applied followed by the fixing of glasses and using holes for screw and planning. Furthermore, the assembling

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Wood has a natural beauty which makes it desirable for cabinet making and quality interior design. Wood has structural qualities which meets the need of Wood from deciduous trees is called and those from conifer trees I called This nomenclature does not refer to the actual or weight of the wood. The physical properties of include: color, grain pattern and surface defects. Most qualities are not seen until the tree is cut into The moisture content of the wood has significant it when the moisture content ofthe wood begins to Shrinkage in lumbar varies according to the section and how it was cut. The critical time to maintain is during processing. Working qualities include wood reaction and density. The density of weight per unit volume. The denser a wood and Stronger it becomes.

Most construction (project) Involves the use of the knowledge of 5 and is worthy to note that any successful should be acquainted with woodwork and its The wood used for this project were purchased from a timber market under the strict guidance of my able , while the dimensioning, cutting, fitting, finishing other works were carried-out in the woodwork of my department. In our society today, wood become one of the most useful materials in our daily which is utilized in many of man’s day-to-day. Wood according to Oxford advanced learner’s defined wood as the hard material that the trunk branches tree are made up of. Some of the areas in which this important material could be used are in wood works such as in the construction of a wooden bookshelf which is the basis of this project, making of furniture, wood carving, wood floor, paper making and also serves as fuel. Materials known, yet it plays a modem day life. Wood can be said to be the part of a tree. A living tree basically has the main are the trunk, the roots and the crown which of the branches and the leaves. The roots are in the soil to support the entire tree and also nutrients and water for the growth of the tree.

The trunk of the most important part for the works, paper production material, weapons, artworks and so on. Wood generally are hard tissue and a natural composite of cellulose fibers are strong in tension) embedded in matrix of lignin resists compression. In the real sense, wood is as secondary xylem in the stem of trees. In a tree, it transfers water and nutrients to the leaves and photosynthetic parts.

1.1 Background of Study

Our society today timber has become one of the main materials in our daily activities especially, in construction. It is utilized in many man’s day to need. Timber according to oxford advanced learners ary could be said to be the wood prepared for use in and carpentry. And some of the useful areas in this important material could be used are in wood such as in the making of Bookshelf (which is the basis this project), making furniture (wood carving, wood used as fuel, used in making paper production etc. is one of the oldest materials known, yet it plays a role in modern day life it can be said to be a structural part of a tree. A living basically has its main parts as the roots, the trunk and crown which is made up of the branches and the leaves, root is embedded in the soil. To support the entire Tree also absorb food for the growth of the Tree. However, wood gotten from the tree is the most important part of construction ,work, paper productions, production of ols , weapons , packaging , artworks ,Woods are generally are fibrous tissue and a natural composition of cellulose (which are strong in tension) embedded in a matrix of which resists compression in the strict, since timber is as the secondary xylem in stems of trees .in a tree ,this transfers vvater and nutrients to the leaves other growing tissues and has a support function timbering plants to reach large sizes or to stand up themselves. There are usually a higher occurrence of damage usually associated with life important file, books and mails as well as other personal organizational credentials, home properties such as utensils and other belongings. This has posed a problem faced in our society today. It is therefore to research and develop ideas to solve this facing us, In respect to these main purpose of is to expose the people on the importance and of timber in construction shelf)in order to minimize the rate of damages to our and document and at the same time utilize our in solving the problem of our society. (Loss of document to termite and some other book buyers).

1.2 Aims and Objectives

To expose the student know the importance of timber especially in Engineering fields and also the practical aspects of timber work.

1.3 Scopes of Study

Although there are many ways, and materials that can be used in carrying out this project, for example metals, framed work with rubber and plastic of higher strength etc. This project is basically on the use of timber in making and constructing a shelf to limit damages and ensure better storage of properties (books).

1.4 Definition of Terms

Below are the definitions of some of the terms used in the course of this project.

Mahogany Wood:

This is the name given to hard reddish brown wood Seasoning. This is referred to as drying out of the excess moisture from the log of wood (timber) so as to condition the wood before usage Veneer: This is a thin sheet of wood obtained from log or fitches (section of log) by rotary peeling slicing or fire sawing.


These are chemical substances which are applied to the wood. To prevent insect attack and other artificial defects, in other to last to a long period.


This is referred to as a substance used to bind two high surface together.


This is the done or sawing of a log of wood into boards of planks for use by the carpenters.


This is refer to as irregularities occurring in or on the timber which lowers it’s strength and durability on utility value.


This is the stage in wood work construction where the surface of the wood is prepared to receive the finishing.


This is referred to as assembling two different parts of wood by cutting out wood packages to fit into each other.


This is referred to as the various varnishes including decorative finishes, lacquers, oils, pigmented stains, fillers, waxes and enamels preservations etc. that are applied to wood surfaces.

Chapter Five

5.0 Conclusion

The construction of wooden bookshelf is an interesting project which was practically carried out in the workshop. with knowledge and skill acquired and applied during the construction process, with little or no supervision, I can carry out related task on the bookshelf making,

5:1 Recommendation

The construction of wooden bookshelf is so unique for the storage and preservation of books and other similar materials.

The project construction of a wooden bookshelf is a good one, it makes student to be practically and theoretically oriented which enables them to acquire more skills and knowledge on the usage of wood for construction.

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