The Importance Of Marketing Concept In The Development Of A Business Organization

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM


As the title of the project implies “The Importance of Marketing Concept in the Development of a Business Organization (A case study of Lever Brother Nigeria Plc) my research proposal is aimed for any organization to practice or use marketing concept and knowing it importance, if properly and controlled will lead to effective operation of the organization, also aims to highlight the problem of its effectively organization to meet to the need and want of every consumers and at the same time to maximize profit. My research proposed are now planning to establish the knowledge of marketing concept in the development of business organization to my state and also my local government in order for them to have knowledge of maximizing their profit effectively and efficiently and also to enable business organization of our living society to satisfy these need and want of every consumer in the society.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Organization firms or any profit oriented business, which exist in difference shapes sizes and forms exist to accomplish one goal which is to satisfy the want and needs of a target market. It therefore implies that any firm or business organization that want to survive and grow definitely needs to relate closely with it environment size target market dynamically.

Marketing concept which this is concerned with is a management orientation that upholds the customers is the fiscal point of all business activities.

“Marketing concept holds the key task of the organization to determine the need and want of target market and to adopt the organization to deliver the devise satisfaction more effectively than its competitors. It importance and relevance could lead to a better design, pricing, communication and distribution so as to have a reasonable share of the market as the asset and activities of the form will be of title or no value without the existence of customers.

Thus, this lead to the definition, according to E. Jerome, ‘’marketing concept is all ideas put together by an organization at satisfying its customers at a profit’’. This idea is no it new in business its been in use for along time.

This therefore, call for manager to think of customer’s existence to buy the good in a form’s is output before going into production. A good manager is expected to have good marketing orientation in order to satisfy the want and needs of target market.

A marketing orientation means trying to car out the marketing concepts. A marketing orientation firms tries to produce what customers need instead of just trying to get customer to buy what the firm has produced. That is it should put satisfaction of both needs and wants of the customer or target market before going into production .

Marketing concept, this is concerned with three basic ideas included in it definition;

  • A customer orientation
  • A total company effort
  • A profit not just sales as an objective

Thus, “marketing concept due to its importance should be given special attention to enable organization give customer what they need and want by satisfying this need want and this could be achieved by harmonizing all the activities of all organization.

1.1 Background Of The Study

This topic is chosen to provide the importance of marketing concept in the development of a business organization, taking Lever Brothers Nigeria Plc (R113) has been on the largest surviving manufacturing outfit in Nigeria today.

It was incorporated as a private company in 1923 which by then was manufacturing soaps based of local palm oil.

Not withstanding the economic crisis which has brought most manufacturing companies that started together with Lever Brother Nigeria Plc down the company has diversified personal washing product non detergent, foods and personal products including tooth pastes, body creams lotions body and hair care products.

Over the years, the company has strengthen its foothold in foods and personal products through its merger with Lyon Nigeria Limited (1985) Cheseborough product industries Limited in (1988) and lately in (1995) through a merger with Unlived Nigeria Limited, which effectively transferred to Lever Brother Nigeria Plc the Silvered Business.

Following the recent acquisition of served and in order to ensure sustained focus in management, the company now have four (4) manufacturing sites for its operation from the original six (6), a paper, Oxbar, Key, Breeze, Life boy, Astral and some personal products mainly tooth paste and verse line range.

The second site situated at ABA, are in production of non-soapy detergent powders and bars the company most popular in the site is products in the site are products like Omo, Rin and Ox Powder. The third, which is nearlest, was commissioned in 1983 is the Utra modern food factory in Agowa, here the company produces; Royco, Blue Band Margarine, Plantar Margarine, Tree top, Arroyo, Breader and Holus Anioungothenl.

This is to show the extent into which the company has gone at training and developing management of resources. The objective is to bring in expatriate who are willing and able to work in Nigeria. These expatriate helps to give the business an international flavor and are in exchange for Lever Brother Nigeria Manager working overseas to obtain international experience. They are brought into the country in order to meet and satisfy the needs and wants of the country. The company also provides indirect employment for over six thousand people.

The company has over the years been producing top quality products for Nigeria. The company is one of the largest singular employer of labour in Nigeria today which has a work fore of about eleven thousand (11,000) employees.

Finally, the lever brother Nigeria Plc with a total of forty thousand, two hundred and sixty five (40,265) shareholder have made phenomenal landmark in the federal government policy on privatization of companies hitherto virtually controlled by the government.

1.2 Statement Of The Problems

The aim of every company that goes into producing a product is to satisfy customer requirements at the right time in the right place and at the right proportion.

Thus, it will be necessary for that company to establish a standard of marketing such products get to their customers at their various locations and at the same time minimized cost and maximize profit, which then is the general requirement of setting up a marketing concept to help revolutionaries its marketing activities when it is demanded. A lot of analysis have been identified relating to company product or services through the proper and most effective application of the market concept. Some of the problems stated below have to be contended with.

  1. Change in taste and pretences
  2. Unpredictable nature of consumers
  3. Meeting up with specification and design

However, lack of well trained marketing managers and sales representatives has the brain of most treating organization.

This is due to the cost it take to train them in higher institutions of learning or even sending them abroad for forth or studies.

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

As the title of the project implies, the relevance of marketing concept in the development of business organization (A case study of Lever Brother Nigeria Plc, Lagos).

For any organization to practice or use marketing strategy. It shall be able to define, the marketing concept and knowing its importance. If used properly and controlled will lead to the effective operation of the organization.

Also, it is to highlight the problem of its effectively organization to meet the need and wants of the customers and at the same time maximize profit.

1.4 Research Hypothesis

In order to enhance success of this study, the following hypothesis are going to be based are;

Hypothesis I

  • Null hypothesis (Ho): Inadequately of the needed huge capital would negatively affect effective execution of the marketing concept activities of Lever Brother Nigeria Plc.
  • Alternative hypothesis (Hi): That inadequate of the needed huge capital would positively affect effective execution of the marketing concept activities of Lever Brother Nigeria. Plc

Hypothesis II

  • Null hypothesis (Ho): The message construct and media selection would negatively affect effective execution of marketing concept activities to the Lever Brother Nigeria Plc
  • Alterative hypothesis (Hi): That the message construct and media selection would positively affect the effective execution of market concept activities of Lever Brother Nigeria plc.

Hypothesis III

  • Null hypothesis (Ho): Improper timing of programmer would positively affect market concept activities of Lever Brother Nigeria Plc.
  • Alternative hypothesis (Hi):b That improper timing of programmers would positively affect the effective marketing concept activities of Lever Brother Nigeria Plc.

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The importance of the study cannot be over emphasized as its believed that it will be of great help in improving the performance and survival of organization.

After going through the study managers of different types of organization, mostly profit oriented organization will identify the ways in which ‘’marketing concept’’ can be attained effectively and efficiently.

On the part of the research, after scaling the various hurdles in order to complete this project, more knowledge about the marketing concept its importance and how it can be used to obtain as substantial market size.

And it also forms the basis for organization and will lead to enhanced living standards.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

The research work is not combined to every organization. But is particularly based on profit oriented organization, with Lever Brother Nigeria Plc as the case study.

Although, as the stud is based on the importance of marketing concepts. This could apply to non-profit organization, this research covers the importance of marketing concepts and how it would be planned and implemented in organization to achieve their primary objectives.

1.7 Limitations And Constrains

There are some problems that tend to limit the scope of this projects.

  1. Financial constraints
  2. Time constraints
  3. Attitude of respondents

In the course of this research, the researcher was faced with a lot of difficulties which includes;

Financial constraints:

The researcher in the cause of this study was faced with various financial difficulties, thus this led to the few questionnaire in the study. It also led to reduction of costs the researcher tend to make financial limitations include the high cost of writing and duplication materials.


Time was another constraints that affected this research work because of conflict of time between when the researcher is free and when respondents are free to attend to the researcher

Respondents attitudes:

Most respondents were not ready to ensure the questionnaire because they believe that will not be of any benefit to them due to their previous experience.

1.8 Definition Of Key Terms


It is a social system of corporate design to maximize accomplishment. The organization can be through as two or more people working cooperating towards the achievement of common objectives or set up objectives.


Advertising has been defined as paid non personal communication through various media by business forms or profit organization and invidious who are in some ways identified in the advertising message and who hope to communicate with members of particular audience.

Sales Promotion:

Sales promotion consist of those marketing activities other than personal selling advertising and publicity that stimulate consumers purchasing and dealers effectiveness sales by means of such things as temporary offers materials reward and various other recurrent selling efforts.


It is the function of information, persuading and influencing the customers purchasing decision, the objectives of promotion is to make the customer from state of unawareness to a final exchange commitment.

Marketing Department:

As we all know that marketing in human activity is directed to satisfying needs and wants through exchange process and product or services is something that is reviewed and capable of satisfying needs for wants the major marketing activity of the company includes making personal contact on their appointed distribution and customers. Using various kinds of promotion, such as potential customers and distributors will be aware of their products.


These are different ways an organization used to carryout its plans in order to achieve its objectives.

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