The Importance Of Human Resources And Training In An Organisation

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The Importance Of Human Resources And Training In An Organisation


It is an indisputable fact that human resources and training are needed for success and effective performance of an employee and attainment of organisational objectives and goals. The importance of it depends largely on how the top-level leadership communicates clearly the destination and how to go about it through the employees.

Training, on the other hand, has been a very important function of business organisation in recent years. Once employees are selected by the personnel manager or a consultancy firm of the organisation, they must be trained and their potentials developed. It is expected to determine whether training programmes improve the efficiency of their employees in the attainment of goals.

This written research will reveal a limited scope of study and analyze the activities of Sona Breweries Nigeria Plc Sango-Otta and determine the importance of the training and personal management in the organisation.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Effective recruitment and selection provides an organisation with good employees, but they need orientation and continual education and development so that their needs can be achieved simultaneously. The same process is true for those already on the job.

Training is a continual process of helping employees perform at a high level, the first day they commence work. Organisations with clearly defined and well articulated objectives survives the effects of internal environment as well as external environment which may make operational activities complex. For such survival to be achieved, the organisation needs to attract a crop of personnel that should be nurtured developed, guarded and allocated. Such personnel should be effectively managed. The management efforts also include determination of compensation maintaining contact with both unions and government.

The ultimate objective of human resources management is to attract, motivate and retain those employees required for smooth performance of operational activities for the achievement of set goals. The process is seen as continuous process to keep the organisation supplied with right people in the right position and at the right time

1.1 Aim Of The Study

The primary aim of the study is to examine whether the effective management of human resource and training have a significant effect on the productivity of SONA BREWERIES. It is also aimed at finding out the role of human resources and training towards the organisational objectives in attainment of goals in the overall target market.

To cap it all, it is hoped that the project will provide insight into the roles of personnel managers in charge of personnel management and how efficiently they perform their functions.

1.2 Scope Of The Study

The scope of this research work will cover various process of human resource management and all other necessary facts that should be included towards effective policies for improving overall human resource. It is believed that SONA BREWRIES PLC Hand bill produce in 1998 this scope of study intend to widen the knowledge of researcher in term of human resource management among other competing components or factors of production e.g. (land, labour, capital and entrepreneur).

The geographical coverage of this study will be Lagos.

1.3 Research Questions

  1. Do people acquire more knowledge to enable them perform better in work place?
  2. Do employees gets induction training during recruitment process?
  3. Does training enhance job satisfaction of employees?
  4. Do personnel managers help in job placement?

1.4 Research Hypothesis

For the purpose of the research in order to validate or reject the statement that Human resource and training are important to an organisation. The following hypothesis would be tested.

  1. Ho That a well planned Human resource and training does not improve the objective of an organisation.
    Hi That a well planned Human resource and training management improve the objectives of an organisation.
  2. Ho That the strength of any organisation does not determine the size of manpower.
    Hi That the strength of any organisation determine the size of man-power.
  3. Ho That the kind of business engaged in does not determine the human resource management policy.
    Hi That the kind of business engaged in determine the human resource management policy adopted.
  4. Ho That effective coordination of human resource and training programme does not lead to increase profit.
    Hi That the effective coordination of human resource and training programmes leads to increase profit.

1.5 Statement Of Problem

This research work is aimed at examine the problems associated with human resource aid training management and the importance to an organisation. Virtually all business policies or objectives have indicated that human element remains and will continue to remain the most critical determinant of organisational performance. This is so because it is only the human resource that is endowed with the capacity to plan, think, executive and achieve organisational result.

The research project will cover various governmental policies on the human resource and training management, problem encountered. In achieving designed result and how to resolve them will also be visited.

In a nutshell, the main focus could be itemized as follows:

  1. To highlight the advantage of human resource and training management
  2. To examine the current human resource and training management in Sona Breweries Plc.
  3. To recommend appropriate measure towards improving the current human resource management practice in the organisation under study.
  4. To investigate the impact of human resource and training management its an organisation growth and services.
  5. To serve as reference points to future researcher who might wish to carry out study on human resource and training in an organisation.

1.7 History Of The Company

Sona breweries Nig. Plc was commissioned by late chief Olabisi Onabanjo, the First Civilian Governor of Ogun State on 17th of August, 1981. The company was licensed to produce a product known as Gold larger Beer. The company later added small size Gold called Gold Export, Maltonic, Eva Mal TUSK large beer, Wilfort dark ale and tizzy water to its production lines.

Sona breweries is one of big companies situated in Sanjo –Otta located along Abeokuta Express way via Ijako Village. The company which covers about thirty-five (35) hectares of land and operating capacity of staff stands at about three thousand, two hundred and sixty two (3,262) workers as at year 2000

Most consumers perceived the product as “Ijamido” water-Ijamido is a popular river at sango-Otta where the company is situated. Hence it was christened Ijamido Holy water. Efforts were made however to correct the wrong public impression of the product through personal selling. But the marketing strategy failed to recognize that maltonic is a consumer product that requires more than personal selling.

Actually, when the demand increased in the market and there were more competitors producing generic or close substitute products e.g. Guinness Plc. Introduced malta Guinness while Nigeria Breweries Produces maltina with sound promotional campaign which include advertising and sales promotion.

Recently, management of sona breweries recognize the importance and need for an effective personnel management and training programmes perhaps more emphasis is now intensified on advertising, sales promotion and publicity. In order to fortify the marketing strategies of maltonic and fizzy water the personnel manager increased company budgeted expenditure in training and working firm N2.5million in 1997 to N5.million in 1999 and N7.5million in 2004. Today, Sona Breweries is a leading manufacturer in the Breweries industries.

1.8 Definition Of Terms

The operational definition of terms is accordance with personnel activities. According to Darber (1989), personnel management activities include the following:

Corporate Planning:-

According to Adepoju Adeleke and Others (2003). It is a discipline that forces each unit of an organisation to coordinate it’s operations with those of every other unit or functions in terms of predetermined objectives.

Organisation Structuring:-

This involves the examination of the efficiency of management structure, arrangement of authority and respond work organisation, manning rations laws of work shift, Job design.

Manpower Planning:-

This involves the consideration of organisation design, objectives and plan, the determination of required manpower as well as making the plan for meeting this requirement most effectively.


This involves getting the right man for the right job at the right time. Specific activities here include job design and analysis, recruitment, classifications and correct assignment of personnel and elimination of personnel incompetence.

Manpower Development:-

This is about increasing the ability of personnel to perform to prepare them for future job and increase their value to the organisation. By this, their skills are developed, behaviour improved and they are provided with information necessary for more effective performance through performance appraisal e.t.c. issues like the determination and analysis of training needs, designs and administration of training, the blending of business need with personnel aspirations to help insure that human talent are optimally utilized through career planning integration of training with other function such as production

Motivation / Compensation:-

This is about stimulating the will to work of the workers. This start with induction to start him right, provision of proper working condition giving the right incentives through the development of appropriate wage and salary structures, job evaluation and grading incentive schemes, merit rating, productivity agreement negotiation with trade unions e.t.c.


Ensuring proper work behaviour and keeping him available for the work. It is ability to work is protected, his absence is controlled and efficiency is schedule.

Performance Appraisal:-

The aim of this is to fully use the workers on appropriate or essential task. He is by this given a full day work, hindrances are removed and his method improved.

Industrial Relations:-

This is about trade union recognise and relationship, the establishment of consultative and dispute settlement machineries, counselling, complying with industries law and provisions of necessary facilities.

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