The Importance Of Conducive Office Environment As A Criterium For Optimum Performance Of Workers In An Organizations In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Isin Local Government Area Of Kwara State)

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The Importance Of Conducive Office Environment As A Criterium For Optimum Performance Of Workers In An Organizations In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Isin Local Government Area Of Kwara State)


The purpose of this research work is basically on the importance of conducive office environment as a criterion for optimum performance of workers in an organization using Isin Local Government area as a case study. The emphasis will be on the cross examination of platform, purpose, significance and problems of a conducive office environment.

Generally, the importance of conducive office environment as criteria for optimum performance of workers in an organization is categorized into following

  1. Definition of an office
  2. Function of an office
  3. Features of an office
  4. Environmental relation

All prospects are conveyed into the importance of conducive office environment as criteria for optimum performance of workers. Basically the essence of this project is based on findings and collection of data from the relevance sources to proffer solution to felt difficulties in the areas of the importance of conducive office environment as a criterion for optimum performance of workers in an organization.

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

A good reputation of an organization should be built for it before the outside world for it to be recognized in the business environment to achieve this; the organization has to put together both human and material resources to achieve efficiency. But efficiency do not just come the organization has to motivate the workers for optimal efficiency. Motivation at times is only restricted to monetary incentives being given to workers.

However, workers are to be motivated not only by monetary incentives but also by a conducive working environment when conducive, the workers will like to stay in the office to enjoy the facilities and equipment provided by the employee. A well design working place is a boaster of moral to the employee who will be selling to invite outsider to come and transact business with the organization, then the organization must take cognizance of this factor and improve on the deign layout and the facilities provided in the office for the employee. It is worth noting that performance could be liked to conducive or unconducive working environment so big names business organization move offer than they move with the pave of technology in the office automatic and orgasmic. There by making the work place altercative and conducive to the workers and dents alike.

Human behavior is dynamic and can easily change to what he see workers do complaint about the types of office environment in which they work, they make them to spend little time in the office jumping from pillar to post, late coming long conversation on the wretched office and good atmosphere outside the work place though organization are now beginning to understand the fact that workers must be comfortable in the office and even within the work environment. And this ergonomic is being given prominence today due to certain laws that established standards of organization to follow in relishing a conducive work place.

1.2 Scope and Limitation of the Study

The scope of the research work is limited to Isin Local Government Area of Kwara State. It looks to the sources of revenue and expenditure on provision of services

Controlling the environment and reselling the ecology. The limitation of this research would include the infidelity of the political office holder, armed local government office in given out acts information and data due to fear of nemesis of the country. Lastly the research work was hindered by finance.

1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study

  1. To know the importance of an office in an organization
  2. To examine the problems facing both organization and workers that have inadequate office
  3. To know the historical background of isin local government area of kwara state
  4. To know how conducive environment and good office serves as motivation in the organization
  5. It makes the researcher to know about the future, and also the structure of an organization

1.4 Significance of the Study

The study is designed to highlight the importance of making an office conducive for the employee or workers in orders to enhance their performance. The general view by most employers is that the employee should be able to work under any given environment provided he/she is paid regularly and given oyher forms of incentive. This noting is greatly dated in addition to it, increase in personal interest, economy consideration and contribution and contribution into knowledge of the researcher

1.5 Research Methodology

Conducive working environment contribute greatly to workers performance and the organization could derive a lot of benefit from it collection of data like reason for collecting numerical formation that is data very individual or group of individual. It also between within societies having different economic social and political system

Generally data may be collected for any of the following,

  1. To support or disapprove existing theory or hypothesis
  2. To know the existing stats or affairs
  3. To solve problem involving the inter-relation of serval groups of facts
  4. To discover new theory hypothesis
  5. To provide estimates
  6. To fore cast the future activities.
Types of data

We have two types of data

Primary data and secondary data which are survey without first consulting the necessary publication books, news papers journals, literature, past and present and statistics.

These are some data that cannot be collected directly by the investigator, he needs to rely on the by-product of day-by-day.

Sources of data collection
1. Control Experiment:

It is possible to carry ones experiment or though specialist who publish them for users, individual researcher covert data for discovery of facts or scientific investigation base on their planned experiments.

2. Administrative Activities:

This is another sources of data collection which is routine report of data as a by product of day-to day administrative activities

3. Sample Survey Census:

Is another sources of data. we may also carry out sample survey census in the organization

4. Population:

This is made up of all considerable element such as objects or observation relating to a particular characteristic of interest to the research. A population could be finite or infinite countable or uncountable

5. Sample:

Sample is part of study population. It is the sub-set of the entire population which is only parts item taken from the entire population for examination.

1.6 Definition of Terms Used

A. An Office

An office is a place where function or activities relating to the office are habitually performed or carried out

b. Environment

Environment has influence on ones feeling, moral ideal and decorum so everything which is relevant to the work places working practice and method is thought about in economy

c. Local Government

Local government is political sub-division of a state in a federal system which is constituted by law and has substantial control over local affairs

d. Organization:

The organization has severally or variously defined, given the surrounding circumstances

e. Workers:

A worker is someone schedules the responsibility to overseas the affairs of process of workers that has the ability to communicate ineffectively.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Finding

This project as mentioned in previous chapter was designed to look the importance of a conclusive office environment to the optional performance of workers. The research has been along data collected, finding have been analyzed and presented in the previous chapter. It is therefore necessary to give the summary, conclusion, and recommendation based on the findings


The study aimed at highlighting the factors that contribute to conducive working environment that epitomize workers performance. Background knowledge was gathered on what is a officer types of office planning and layout, recognize and it was correlated with the result of analysis of the research finding so as to arrive at a requite recommendation for all employers. Who will inevitably desire high performance from workers? This not worthy from the research

Finding that good office facilities ventilation becorations and others contributing to a condusive office environment are indispensable to workers all this factors will reduce unclear tension and creates the research. Findings, revealed that there is a correlation between work and office annulment in which the work is carried out and people will feel pround of working in a well equipped office usually have good image and would tall with its profit maximization policy.

5.2 Conclusion

based on the analysis of the findings in chapter four, it can be fairly concluded that office environment generally affects productivity and performance in an organization finding revealed a large percentage of responds that a well furnished office boost moral and employers should be conscious of this, also ventilation and cleanliness are factors that promote health of worker revealed in the finding. Base on responses record, lighting color and decoration play a role in enhancing performance as their office will become attractive to them as well as clients, noise is one of the factors that affect the efficiency of employees.

The cause of noise has been attributed to operating machines and people voice. Therefore, the finding shows that management are not always ready to provide good or equipped and office with the necessary facilities for the effective performance of workers. Hence, it is advisable for any organization to try as much as possible to make it premises standard one if high productivity would be achieved .

5.3 Recommendation

Based on the finding of the project, the following recommendation should relate or expand their business it is only to people with the knowledge of economics that should be allowed to carryout the plans. The arrangement of workers and materials could be properly done so that individual workers are provided with good working conditions.
Management should as much as possible to provide an individual with his/her own office, as workers feel proud of having an office for him/her. As much as possible, organization must place workers in such a way that over crowding is avoided. Since the risk of overcrowding is well known, therefore organization must not find an excess in “lack of fund or let us manage”

Internal arrangement of an office should be given due consideration to ensure safety reduce professional hazard and also allow for easy flow of work. Organization should see that all office are always kept clean and tidy. There should be constant flow of fresh air.

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