The Implication Of Mandatory Hijab On Missionary Schools Administration In Nigeria (A Case Of Kwara State)

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The Implication Of Mandatory Hijab On Missionary Schools Administration In Nigeria (A Case Of Kwara State)

Chapter One


Background Of Study

In the Quran the term hijab refers to the actual or metaphorical meaning of a partition or curtain. In Islamic language, the term usually refers to any head, face or body that Muslim women wear that meets a certain level of modesty. But in some quarters the word was often applied to the distinction between a man and a woman. Muslim women use Hijab as a symbol of modesty and privacy which includes the “look, gait, clothing and genitalia of women.” Hijab Some Islamic scholars interpret such modest garments as covering all parts of the body except the face, arms, and feet. Other scholars argue that the Quran itself does not mandate that women wear hijab. They posit that hijab refers to the curtain separating visitors to the Prophet Mohammed’s house from his wives’ lodgings, and as such the hijab should not be made mandatory for Muslim women, but only for the wives of Mohammed. However, hijab in secular environments is still cardinal to Islamic women, the need for women not to reveal their bodies remains a cardinal necessity. Whilst some countries, especially in the Middle East, require women to wear hijab, laws banning certain forms of hijab, whether public or secular, have been passed by some other countries, notably in Europe. Settings. These four institutions of both Sunni and Shia Islam officially call on women to cover their heads, although no Quranic verse refers to hair covering by men or wives. Under various interpretations of Muslim scholars’ hadeeth. in the realistic case, some Muslim women often take on a facial veil, apart from having a long, loose exterior garments (jilbab) and headscarves (Khimars), which cover the head, neck and upper body, the majority of scholars will permit illumination of the face and legs and others believe that they should cover them (niqab). Others walk further and cover with gloves and stumps their feet. No part of the body is thus exposed to strangers’ eyes. However, some of them show the neck, feet, and face. The most famous African country in 2015, Nigeria, with more than 182 million inhabitants, is virtually evenly split between Christianity and Islam, although its exact ratios are uncertain.

The north area of the world is concentrated while in the south Christians prevail. Over the years, public institution students have been forced by state governments to strictly adhere to the prescribed school uniforms. Hijab or other head coverings are not always used in a specified school uniform. Recently Muslim students in the south of Nigeria embrace the traditional teachings of islam on dressing. The most visible expression of this revivalism is the adoption of hijab by many female muslim students.

Statement Of Problem

Due to the adoption of hijab by the female muslim students, missionaries schools in kwara state were said to have forced female muslim students to remove their hijab within the school premises. The development has generated controvesy across the state, leading to the closure of ten schools by the state government. The government also ruled that, hijab could be worn by female students in all schools and hence the reopening of schools that were previously closed by the state government. However a fight ensued after the schools were reopened due to the state government directives. The fight started after Christian officials of Baptist School, Surulere disallowed the girls in Hijab from gaining access into the school. This did not go down well with Muslim parents, leading to arguments and eventual clash. The situation grew worse as angry Christian and Muslim faithful throw various objects including stones and plastic chairs at themselves.

Objectives Of The Study

The primary objective of this study is to:

  1. To Investigate the implication of mandatory hijab on missionary school administration in nigeria
  2. To investigate the causes of the crisis between the religious group and muslim group in kwara state

Research Question

  1. What are the implications of the mandatory hijab on missionary school administration in Nigeria?
  2. What is the cause of the crisis between the religious group and Muslim group in kwara state?

Significance Of The Study

This study will be of significance to the government to bring to their knowledge ways on curbing the crisis between religious groups and muslim group on the mandatory use of hijabs in missionary school administration and it will also serve as a reference material to researchers

Scope Of The Study

The purpose of this research is to ascertain the implication of mandatory hijab on missionary schools administration in kwara state

Limitation Of The Study

During the course of this study, the major challenges were inadequate finance,time constraint and lack of research materials

Definition Of Terms


A hijab is a religious veil worn by muslim women in the presence of any male outside of their immediate family, which usually covers the hair, head and chest

Missionary Schools:

This is a religious school developed and run by christian missionaries.

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