The Impact Of Advertising In The Marketing Of Hotel Services (A Case Study Of Zodiac Hotel Ltd)

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The Impact Of Advertising In The Marketing Of Hotel Services (A Case Study Of Zodiac Hotel Ltd)


This research was carried to find out the “impact of advertising in marketing of hotel service in Enugu metropolis” using Zodiac Hotel Ltd Enugu as our case study. We tried to find out the advertising strategies employed by the organization and it’s impact to the organization.

The research was conducted with the oral interviews and questionnaire. From the study we found out that, the Zodiac hotel Ltd major advertising medium is magazines (travelers weekend and infinity). They use some other ones like sign posts at strategic points of Enugu metropolis. We also discovered that they use other promotional mix such as sales promotion (biros, cards, calendars etc) and publicity.

We also found out that the environment and facilities of Zodiac Hotel attracts customers to the hotel, the relationship between the customers and the staff is highly credible. We discovered that the firm has a very high reputation in the society.

The researcher commend the management of Zodiac Hotel for good environment and facilities and come up with the following recommendations. They should include advertising budget in the operating cost, use more of television media of advertising than others & introduce more sign posts

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Hotel services have played a functional role in the life of our people. Hotel industry is the engine room for effective communication and al l business transactions within and outside the country. A mere mentioning of the hotel and catering management relates our mind to the embodiment of trade, industry transport and tourism as the center of attraction for other business endeavors.

The people of the organization industries empty their food products for sales, the mineral industry uses it as their golden body, the communication industry uses it as their contact point, while the sports industry uses it as their recreation center, the health industry prescribe its services to hypertension patients and malnourished patients for improved diets and sophisticated recreational facilities.

Advertisement has contributed a lot to boost a better image of both major and minor hotels in developed countries. In every part of the world, hotel services provide meals, drinks, attraction, accommodation etc. to the general public or person on transit especially to people who are leaving their homes to other foreign lands for business transactions.

Furthermore, they may like to know any hotel with standard facilities to enable them pass the nights for their business trips. The services rendered by any hotel may raise a bad or good stigma in the heart of the sopoverners on transit. The Hotels with reputable and relished dishes, comfortable rooms and suit their, good standard courting facilities such as computerized appliances, cellular phones, internets, satellite dish to enable the visitors feel at home may add glamour to the Hotel industry in Nigeria. And the presence of a special tourist features can make such hotels appealing to the customers.

There are the characteristics of hotels in overseas and very few in Nigeria such as Metropolitan Hotel, Zodiac Hotel, Sheraton Hotels, Eko city hotel, hotel presidential, nicon Nugu jilltop hotel: just to mention but a few are equipped first as the ones in advanced countries.

Most of these hotels have made in personable image both nationally and internationally and the credit goes to advertisement that have hearable their various characteristics, class, placement, statur to the public generally, without advertising, to the public. For instance, recently in Enugu State, some hotels have come up with the advertisement of their services for awareness to the public for better patronage.

Besides, advertising gives amputern colour to the various environmental factors that sum up to tourism and transit and newly aimed visitors attraction associated with hotels in the Enugu metropolis and other suburbs. Today many countries try to add cultural impression into their hotels mesely to protrany history of the country on transit to the arrived visitors that country.

Advertising therefore give sample interpretation of not hotel is situated.

However, the impact of advertising of the marketing of hotel services is noticed in many countries that it cannot be ever emphasized. The case of Nigeria is very vivid, for example major hotels in metropolitan cities have taken advertising as an act of informing, the public about its existence, merit and where the hotel is located. In other words, it makes no sense to build better mouse trek and keep it secret that is, it will not sound rational or a standard hotel to be built and kept secret as their services would not be patronized effectively

Advertising a better ground for hotel publicity to the public the quality of services accorded to customers and recommendation about staff:

Competence: more so, one can ascertain that any hotel that undertakes advertising will cut down the cost of using personal selling like employment of sales person to talk on behalf of the hotel, as such, advertising is a vital tool to every hotel that need growth.

Furthermore, advertising enables customers to know various hotels in Enugu metropolis and to choose which to patronize.

Although in some cases, advertising may not necessarily be to seek/tatch new customers but are designed to retain the existing customers, it also take the services the hostels and also make them to obtain large making share in hostel services.

Every entrepreneurial project requires every study on some proven of informing the public of its existence and merits.

In the same view every hostel requires some procent informing the public of its existence and quality of services Advertising stimulate the sales of good products and distribution of that products. This implies that emphasis are laid on good quality services and products as they will attract high market demand

Brand would be dead without advertising as it is known to create brand image of itself before the public. Advertising is also vital because it helps to raise the standard of our locally manufactured services and for the development of arts.

Advertisement exerts our inesistible force and does not jerk, it pulls if it is continour. Any business transaction that wants to be successful must advertise its goods/services to the public or consumers. This contributes a qualities to the economy by making our personal selling a cheaper operation.

Generally, advertising helps to raise the standard of living of the masses therefore creating awareness as it plays an informative role.

Advertising lowers the cost of information about brand, qualities, beads to increase in brand quality and lowers average price per unit quality and including attentive cost.

Advertising leads, to market poser which assumes that advertising changes tastes, make demand less chaotic and creates durable brand loyalties that cannot be tested.

Finally, one can see that hotel marketing services cannot succeeds or become effective without advertising. Its good image, location, buildings, personnel’s, the general welfare and infrastructures to meet up with that of international standard.

1.2. Statement of Problem

Zodiac Hotel Ltd in Enugu State is faced wi9th a lot of problem as it is found in other hotels in Enugu metropolis. It face many hindrances over their advertisement programmes Zodiac Hotel Ltd. In Enugu metropolis faces the Economic problem of high cost of advertising and other facilities. These problems are in appropriate media for advertising programme, poor managerial skill and techniques, high cost of hotel services, lack of special offers to encourage tourists individual attitude to leisure, poor sitting/location of hotels, government fiscal monetary policy, tourism industry is till under the problem developed in Zodiac hotel, lack of no tourist attraction and more, mostly the safely6 level in the society is still under the problems.

1.3. Purpose of the Study

The main objective of this study is to fined the problem, militating – the statement of the project which is as follows;

  1. To recommend the best way to solve the problem of finding acquisition of Zodiac hotel Ltd, in Enugu state. To identify the appropriate media use for advertising to make recommendations on the best and most economical way
  2. To improve the managerial still and techniques.
  3. To identify the other strategies use in advertising to know whether is effectively or not effective.
  4. Also, to know the ways of developing, motivating and solving problems of advertising to enable the Hotel industries maximizing profits.

1.4 Research Questions

  1. What are the impacts of advertising in your hotel?
  2. Is there any difference when you service are advertised and when they are not advertised?
  3. What are the appropriate media use in advertising the marketing of Zodiac hotel services in Enugu metropolis?
  4. How much was the advertising budgetary support for the Zodiac hotels per year?
  5. What are the foundational roles played by the hotel industry to developing economy?
  6. What are the problem militating against an effective advertising of hotel services in Enugu metropolis?
  7. What are the ways of solving the problem of advertising to enable the hotel industries to maximize profit?
  8. What are the necessary promotional strategies adopted by your hotel in advertising their services?
  9. What of the media is more beneficial to used in advertising your services in Zodiac hotel ltd?

1.4. Scope of the Study

This study will cover just Zodiac hotel ltd Enugu. By hotel services we mean those business which on provision of lodging facilities desert foods, drink and others services.

According to Zodiac hotel Ltd, they are accorded to customer whether open to public or restricted to members of particular organization. The work will cover the impact o advertising in the services of this hotel (ZODIAC HOTELS LTD).

1.5. Significance of Study

This study is primarily aimed at helping researchers, the management of Zodiac hotel Ltd Enugu, students in the business field; the study is also aimed at exposing the danger of not advertising their marketing services finally the study will help in pointing out weakness in their managerial techniques and skill which hinder the rate of profit they make from customers.

1.6. Limitationsof Study

The research which to say frankly that this study was carried out within limits imposes by practical consideration of cost and times. The researcher is aware that the study area is not large but because of pre-mentioned impact on advertising we would not cover wide area.

1.7. Definintion of Terms


This means any paid, non-personal form of communication with identified sponsor.


This is the performance of goods and services that can be paid for at any given price and at a given period of time.


This is the performance of business activities that directs the flow of good and services from producer to consumer.

Marketing Mix

These are the set of marketing tools which a firm uses to purchase its marketing objectives in the market.


This is an individual inner state of mind that causes him or her to behave in a way that ensures the accomplishment of some goal.


This is a favourable difference between the total expenses and total sales of a given product or services.

Promotional Mix

These are tools used in forwarding an idea about a product or service.

Organization Chart

This is the representation of an organizational structure primarily by means of graph or sketch illustration.

Chapter Five

5.0. Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

In this chapter summary of finding conclusion and recommendation were made available to know the advertising of hotel services in Enugu metropolis. The researcher observed that their services which is illustrated in chapter iii summary, advertising plays important role in effective marketing of hotel services and maintenance of large market share and consumer sees advertising as a very good programme because of the entertainment rhythm.

5.1. Introduction

This chapter consists of the summary, conclusion and recommendation of hotel services in hotel in Enugu metropolis. Conclusion were also made by the researcher that most hotels in Enugu State instead of using advertising to create awareness they depend on recommendation of old customers, majority of the respondents believe that most hotel believe that advertising help to generate move customers.

5.2. Summary of Findings

In this course of study, number of revelations and observations were made thus the researcher made the following viz. the researcher observed that the company lays much emphasis on reading high quality services to their customers. It was found that the Zodiac hotel Ltd is a very competitive one among all the hotel in Enugu State.
The Zodiac hotel Ltd management believes that since their services are of high quality and that it is landed to the public for such there is the need to carryout advertising programme for market share maintenance and public relation. The company under study offers high quality service to gain competitive edge over others irrespective of impact of advertising. The researcher also that most firm in hotel business carryout excessive advertising which are in most cases not in line with their services, the researcher observed that at Zodiac hotel Ltd, there are clear definition of authority among the staffs. Another discovery by the researcher goes to the huge amount of money budget for advertising by Zodiac hotel Ltd every year it was also found that there many communication media available to hotel in advertising. Their services which is illustrated in chapter iii summary, advertising plays important role in effective of hotel services and maintenance of large market share and consumer sees advertising as a very good programme because of the entertainment rhythm.

5.3. Conclusion

Everything that has being they say, must have an end from the study we concluded that hotels (Zodiac hotel Ltd inclusion) fell that they are performing satisfactory and have more favourable influence on people opinion towards them advertising and good customer relation can be to this it can be also concluded from the response that most hotels in Enugu State instead of using advertising to create awareness they depend on recommendation of old customers majority of the respondents believe that most hotel, believe that advertising help to generate move customers even though it was assumed to have some constraining factors to hinder its effectiveness it can also be concluded that things like morality ethnics and culture are bond to affect advertisement if they are not considered appropriately from the research much is allocated to advertising and most hotels do not have advertising budgets.

5.4. Recommendations

In the light of the above research and findings, the following recommendations are made.

  1. Hotels should embark on advertising to create awareness instead of relying on recommendation of customer. They should stress peculiar qualities, they posses and remove any part that are bound to conflict with general behavior of the society, that is moral ethics, and culture should be considered properly before embarking of any advertising programme so as to make sue that it does not contravene with any function of the society.
  2. Managers should not believe that their hotel spates for itself or has established good reputation and can therefore not rely on advertisement.
  3. Advertising should be used to stimulate sales and entrances profitability instead of price reduction. The reason being that incessant price reduction may lead to price war by the hotels and elude of profit. Extensive advertising should be enhance upon by hotels top enamel them maintain their customers. Rules governing advertising should be strictly adhered to before embarking on advertisement activities. These rules are considered as external mechanism programmes. This is also regarded as government intervention. They mapped out laws governing advertising excesses, consumers can as well initiate their own mechanism to guide themselves and that is done establishing consumers protection association (CPA) to protect members on the excesses of advertising in modern society.

Consumer’s protection (CPA) is an effort in consumers, we should remember of that function of advertising in the advocacy of the advantage of a particular production service. As part of the requirement the law says any medium that is to be employed for advertising should be legally binding, honest, and truthful and clear, it should be noted that no advertisement into contempt to decline the public confidence in advertising should be permitted. Example of one of the rules of various advertisements should be accorded with statement or visual presentation that could be offensive to the part public decency. This is with regards to the various characteristics of different kinds of media press, television, radio, films, papers etc.

It does not necessary indicate that presentation acceptable in one of advertisement is equally acceptable to another, finally how a customer perceives things, think, act, and hold idea is determined to a great extent by the consumer cultural surrounding. Culture may define as the complex of symbols and artificial created by man and handed down from generation to generation in a given society. The symbol may be intangible attitude, believe values language and religious.

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