The Impact Of Socio Economic Status Of Parents On The Behaviour Of Pupils

Project and Seminar Material for Education

Project and Seminar Material for Education


This research work carried out of survey the impacts of the socio-economic status of parents on pupils in primary schools in Oyo Atiba level government in Oyo state, three research question were set, using null hypothesis, only four schools Saint Andrew’s Demonstration (sp), Primary School II Oke-Eebo Oyo, A.U.D Primary School Agunpopo Oyo, Saint Michael Anglican Primary School Isale Oyo were randomly selected. Furthermore, ten (10) pupils each including boys and girls from different socio-economic background were randomly selected and assessed, used as population sampled from three (3) classes, primary 4to6 make of thirty (30), from each school and a total of (120) one hundred and twenty from the four schools used well structured studies questionnaire that covered the three research questions.

The project was deigned to test where administrated as a sources of data collection. The result of the research shows that parental economic position has great behaviour especially at tender age. Also the finding reveals that home facilities cannot make children to behave normally. This is possible if the equipments are not educative like video. The research work also shows that home environment can contribute to type of behaviour exhibited by young one’s, suggestions were later offered by the researcher for further research.

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

The background of a child in primary school can affect the child’s study behaviour in one-way or the other.

The pupils who came from education and rich home will have interest in their studies with the hope to perform excellently well in their examinations.

The status of the family determines the types of education of a child can receive from the parents. The child can become a deviant or a good child in development which is factors for school education could be greatly influenced by the status of the family into which the child in born.

A well behaved child, if well examined must have come from a disciplined and well behaved parent. In the other way round, a bad child must have developed the act from home by imitating his parent or not being corrected when bad acts are exhibited. The background of the child greatly determined his behaviour, his attitude to his studies. Many parents have no time to take care of their children especially now that there is in the depressed economic situation in the country.

1.2 Statement of the Problems

Some primary school pupils nowadays exhibit bad behaviour. They have joined various gangs at the tender age. Observation shows that some are already smoking; they tell lies and deviate from rule and regulations.

The concern of this researcher is to identify the level of parental status in term of job or educational background as it affects their children’s behaviour of the public primary school level in Atiba Local Government Area of Oyo State.

1.3 Purpose of Study

This work aimed at looking at the effects of socio-economic and status of parents on the behaviour of pupils in primary schools in Atiba Local Government area Oyo state, with a view to putting forward, possible solution to them.

It is hoped, that with the identification of these problems and attempts at providing possible solution the socio-economic status will be meaningful effective.

The researcher has the general purpose of assisting the pupils, parents to understand what socio-economic status is and what it ought to be.

1.4 Research Question

Based on the above problems, the following research questions well be tested.

  1. Do the parent’s economic statuses have any significant influence on the behaviour of the pupils?
  2. Do pupils whose parents have well furnished home behave well than pupils whose parents do not have a well furnished home, like Radio, Television, Computer and so on?
  3. Does home environment greatly contribute to exhibited behaviour of young ones?

1.5 Significance of the Study

The significant of this finding will be of great valve to the parents to identify how socio-economic status influences their children behaviour in school.

Also it will be of help the teacher no to disregard the effects of socio-economics status on pupil’s behaviour. Also it will help the parents to study the behaviour their children and identify individual behaviour this study will also help education administrators to see to the need for the establishment of guidance and counseling unit in primary schools in order to tackle educational problems and psychological behaviour of the children.

Finally, this study will be of great benefit to parents, pupils, government and educational administrations because having read through this project, they will be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the socio- economic status of parents have either negative or positive impacts on the behaviour of the pupils.

1.6 Limitation of the Study

This study investigates the impact of the socio-economic status on the pupil’s behaviour in Public Primary School in Atiba Local Government Oyo-Oyo State.

The limited time at the disposal of the study to cover a wider and larger area. Therefore the research work is limited to four selected primary schools in Atiba Local Government Area and subjects will be among primary four to six pupils.

1.7. Definition of Terms

For good understanding of some keywords in the study need to be defined some of the terms were used in this study for proper understanding of their usage.


This can be defined as a group of people who are closely related by blood or as a social sanctioned group of persons who are related by marriage or adoptions, it consists of husband, wife and their children.


This could by simply defined as the effects or influence of a subject covers a given object.


This is the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife or father and mother.


This means class or standard against which the parents of the pupils could be categorized. This is being influenced by the training the parents have received, the occupation, earning capacity and standard of living relative to the norms of the society.


This refers to father and mother or the people who play the roles of the father and mother to the child.


This is the child between the ages of six and fourteen years, who is a learner in the primary school.

Socio-Economic Status:

This is the social and economic position of parents which is determined by factors like income, education and occupation.

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