Impact Of Single Parenting And Its Effect On Child Education In Selected Schools In Egor Local Government Area, Edo State

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Impact Of Single Parenting And Its Effect On Child Education In Selected Schools In Egor Local Government Area, Edo State


This project deals with the causes and problems of single parenting and its effects on the child’s education in some selected secondary schools in Egor Local Government Area, Uwelu Secondary School, Egor Secondary School, Useh Secondary School, Evbarekhe Secondary School, in Ego Local Government Area of Edo State. The purpose of this study is to identify the causes and problems of divorces and the effects on the performance of children in secondary schools. In pursuance of the study, certain problems which require solution were identified and they are:

  1. Students from broken homes suffer a lot of psychological and emotional problems.
  2. Insecurity and unruly attitude of step-parents of these students lead them to steal items that does not belong to them in school.

Questionnaires were circulated among 120 respondents, a hundred were retrieved and their responses were analyzed by the simple percentage techniques owing to the result of finding, the following recommendations were made. Parents should build their family on sound foundation of love, mutual understanding and good planning in order to bring up children who will be useful to themselves and to the society at large.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

Marriage of a youth in ancient society was parts of the responsibilities of his parents. The young man had no choices and no say. He accepted his wife his joy and thanks. In some cases, a wife was married for him at a time he could certainly not afford to keep a wife all maintenance was borne by the parents. In the past marriage were a matter within the clan or within clan’s and its environs parents were not anxious to see their suns getting married to girls from distant places or other tribes.

Marriages arranged by parents on the basis of family friendship ties rarely broke up in the past. Single parenting in the ancient times was also very rate, because of penalties of proven infidelity and fear of offending elders of both families in Nigerian, there are four clearly defined types of marriage we have the church or statutory marriage those performed at the mosques and marriage contracted according to native law and customs of any ethnic group. The purpose of marriage is to have children and establish a family. When these children eventually arrive, they are regarded as blessing from God and are social and economic assets to their parents. The family, this time needs a home to live in and feel secured. Thus, home is a place where a family lives and also a place where one secures love. It is a place which provides all individual needed in order to fit into the society successfully. A home provides for food, physical, mental, psychological and spiritual; development of its members. A home is built on love and mutual understanding and good planning is able to meet its goals in a home where love and understanding are lacking, such a home is bound to crack and fissure in all direction. This broken homes are homes or families where either the father or the mother has ceased to be further member of such a home of family through divorce, desertion to mention but a few.

Single parenting therefore can be defined to be personal misfortune for either of the spouse ion any society but it is a universal escape for the inevitable tension is marriage. Single parenting as a matter of fact breaks the bonds, which once united two individual and their family. Marriage is a big step in life, in which a person plans as a career or even business, certainly you either fail or succeed. This bond dissolution can occur as a result of extra marital practices by either of the partners, early marriage, a solution where either of the spouses is not ripe enough for marriage before getting married.

The proper upbringing of children is a more important objective of the family than the happiness of the parents. This is because the early of child life are the formation of personality and these are the years that are spent mainly in association with parent’s siblings and the family. The home as the child’s immediate environment forms the basis for personality development, which accompanies the individual throughout life. As a result of single parenting or broken home children fails to develop ties to one or few important person in the family and when these ties are disrupted, children are taught at school impaired in developing close relationship in adulthood. They feel better and carryover critically as a happy person and at the same time cannot concentrate on anything taught at school. When a mother is out of a home, leaving the children under charity and mercy of step-mother, these children are prone to many problems such as poor feeding, negligence not inspired to study or learn, diseases and sicknesses, emotional disturbance (fear, insecurity) as such they are not likely to perform up to expectation in school. For a marriage to be successful there is the need for the couples to be in harmony-mentally, physically, and spiritually. In other words, the husband and the wife must have a common goal and each has to contribute his or her own quota towards its fulfillment and the key ward should be love.

1.2 Statement Of Problem

There are many problems with single parenting or broken homes which at the long run reflect on the performance of children in schools. Some of these problems are;

  1. Meeting of a gap on the children’s existence because there is no adult to guide and direct their behavior and desires as children learn by imitation.
  2. There is increase in domestic work and redistribution of household chores, which leaves the children with little or no time for their studies
  3. Also, it has been observed that children from broken homes suffer some other problems such as non-provision of some basic material needs like non-provision of some basic materials needs like food, clothing and learning material
  4. In security, step parent do not show much love and affection to their step children. Thus, these children suffer from mental retardation, personality improvement and are always miserable. They show behavioral responses like lying, stealing, building and playing truant in school.

In view of this, the researcher is forced to wonder whether extra-relationship and financial problem could lead to broken home, and if broken homes, are they causes of decrease in the performance of children in schools. In that, a closer look at the turn out of secondary school graduates these days reveals a lot of half-cooked, half-boiled and half-baked scholars academically, socially and otherwise.

1.3 Purpose Of Study

The researcher is interested in the study of causes, problems and effects of single parenting or broken homes in the performances of children in schools because of the present decrease children’s performance in schools which is giving much concern to most Nigerians as to where we are heading to. In view of this, this study is geared towards identifying the causes and problem of broken homes and the effects on the performance of children in some selected secondary schools in Egor local government area. Also, to educated married couples and the general public of the consequences of single parenting and or broken homes on the children and to encourage them to live harmoniously in order to bring up children who will successfully fit into the society and become useful to themselves and finally make necessary recommendations.

1.4 Research Questions

  1. Do couples realize the causes of problems in marriage which lead to divorce?
  2. Are couples aware of problems associated with single parenting as it affect their offspring and the society?
  3. Does psychological and emotional disturbances lead to academic and social backwardness in schools?
  4. Does insecurity and unruly attitude of step mothers to students of broken homes lead them to steal at school?
  5. Does lack of encouragement on the part of step parents contribute to academic backwardness of students?
  6. Do children from broken homes opportune to plan their future career with their sponsor?

1.5 Significance Of Study

It is hoped that findings from this study will enrich programmes of teaching social studies. The researcher is interested in the study of effect of single parenting on the performance of children in schools because whatever happens in the home has a bearing in the academic performance of children. It is necessary to educate the young stars who are yet unmarried about the problems and causes of single parenting and their consequences on the children. It will also make young stars to decimate their parents. Findings from this study will aid children from parent who have being thought single parenting in the understanding of problem experienced by their parents and give them assurance about their future.

1.6 Definition Of Terms


A group of persons, two or more related by blood, marriage or adoption residing together; all such persons are considered as members of one family


Union of man woman as husband and wife.


Two persons seen together as husband and wife.


Put an end to a marriage by law.


Disloyalty or unfaithfulness of husband or wife sexually outside matrimonial homes.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion, And Recommendations

To justify the purpose of this study, this section discusses the result of findings. Looking at the table material from textbook and expert opinion. A look at the various responses by the different respondents, have aided the researcher to take a stand on the analysis of this study. This buttresses it self from broken homes in school visited. These children from expert’s opinion suffer a lot of problems ranging from psychological emotional and intellectual as a result of home background.

According to Russell A. (1975) in his boom ‘talking about family’ sated that “a broken home can cause tension and insecurity harmful to the intellectual and emotional development (extreme causes can ever retard growth) we found that about 30% of children unstable homes were poor readers, compared to 20% of children from ‘normal’ family situation this enlightens us o n the children of such marriage. Then from Russell’s opinion, it has been gathered that over the tensions from home to school.

However the data as shown in table II and III respectively shows that most student from divorced homes do not eat before they leave for school and that their concentrated in class during lesson is distracted by hunger and which eventually lead to unhappiness, as the saying goes “An hungry man is an angry man’ this clears the argument about whether or not psychological disturbance affects the performance of children form broken home in schools supporting this view, James H.M (1972) stated in his book “child rearing practice in Nigeria” that children from divorced home in some cases had to leave home and live with other such as step mother, aunties, uncles, grandparents etc where hey are faced with untold hardship and harsh punishments (beating) lack of sufficient food and clothing resulting to diseases and sickness

Furthermore, analysis of data in table V, VI and VII respectively shows that emotional problems stemming from non-irregular payment of school fess non0provision of school uniformed other learning material affects the academic backwardness Payner C. (1983) had this to say ‘a miserable person cannot think as clearly as a happy one consultant as a relaxed one because are more vulnerable to emotional up heal.” A glance at the data presented in table IX and V respectively reseal that student from divorced homes do not have enough time to read at home and at the same time lack encouragement to study or read at home.

According to Anyanwu B.N (1984) he stated that in cases where the father have remarried the stepmother who are very jealous of the children tends to show the feelings by making the children do so much work in the house in that they found it impossible to read and participate in some other leitine activities. This at times makes these children to run from home”. Again the date as showing table XI. XII and XIV show that majority of the student from divorced homes suffer the problem of academics backwardness arising from psychological and emotional problems only very few escaped this problem but at the same social and moral performance in school, the data shown in table XV and XVI show that almost every students from divorced home exhibits one or more moral maladjustment ranging from jealous y, aggressiveness and moral laxity. All these put together makes then to delinquent.

In table XII the date presented indicates that only 3% of children from divorced homes have opportunity of planning their future career with then sponsor while 70% do not back up the foregoing data, Anyanwa holds the view that, in cases where the parent have remarried, the relationship between the children of the former marriage and the new partners if not often cordial. This is because the stepparents mostly females, seeing these children as their rivals, divert the husbands affect and attention to themselves, the husband or order to please these woman indulges in going differential treatment to these children as compared to the children of the present wives. Thereby placing much restriction bon these children on these children so as to please new/present wives. The data in table XVII reveals that only 60% of student from divorced homes not steal at school while 38% do not this again helps to buttress the opinion on Payner who believe that when families falls in their role of socialization, the children trend to delinquent and some times exhibit some unacceptable behaviour responses such as lying, stealing, play throughout in school.

All these are as a result of personal inadequacies moreover, a child who feels that, he lack love may seek attention by building children smaller than him often, these students steal as an expression of insecurity. A child who feels he lacks love takes things that do not belong to him and disturb a lot as a way of taking affection (steal love).
In table xviii that data collected shows that 55% of children from broken home sleeps during teaching learning processes while 45% do not this still gives further to suggest that these children suffers that pack of psychological and emotional disturbances caused by divorce.

Finally, in table xx the data collected reveals that 77% of the respondents agreed suggested some possible solution to the problem while 80% disagreed. Many advocated that for problem of single parenting to be curb in our society, intending couples should be matured physically, mentally and otherwise as immaturity to a great extent contributes to divorce. They also suggested that the government should specify a specific age that a boy or a girl should attain before going into marriage. Another suggestion given by some of the respondents was that extended family should minimized the way they interferes in the affairs of their children, especially the mans family as this also can lead to single parenting (family interference). Finally, they suggested, that parents should allow their children to shoes their life partners themselves that the issue of forcing husband and wife on their son is very wrong because in many cases the couples do not love themselves, and without love they can not understand each other and when coupled do not understanding themselves it can lead to quarrelling or even fighting and when this becomes too rampant, the couples can file in for divorce.


From data collected and analyzed the researcher was able to come up with some findings, which will be the researcher deemed it necessary to make the following recommendation.

  1. Intending couples (young star) yet to solemnized should know and the understand each other before going into marriage this will help reduce cases of divorced.
  2. Parents of the couples should not over interfere in the affairs of their children as over interferences can lead to divorce.
  3. Parents should try to be more loving caring show more dedication and affection towards, themselves and to their children in order to help knit their family together.
  4. The parents should realize that family is the major agency through which socialization of children takes place and ensure persons to person interaction among family members.
  5. Parents should build the family in strong foundation of love, mutual understanding and good planning in order to bring up children who will be useful to themselves and to the society at large.
  6. The government should exercise coercive power, which will help her carryout the function of maintaining social welfare of her citizens.
  7. The government should establish legal backing stating the age at which the youths should go into marriage to reduce the frequents occurrence of divorce.
  8. The planners of educational curriculum should include in the secondary schools curriculum those things that will be useful to boys and girls in later life, that is, after their school days so to meet the needs and aspiration of the students. Both parents and teachers should also discuss child development with the students and also promote personal relationship because these children will one day enter into contract marriage and bring up children sensibility.

Summary, Conclusion And Findings

The aim of this study is to find out the problems of single parenting and the effect on the child education in some selected secondary schools in Egor Local Government Area with particular reference to Egor Secondary School, Uwelu Secondary, Useh secondary and Evbarekhe Secondary School all in Egor Local Government Area the researcher have been able to point out the causes and problems of single parenting and the effect of broken homes on the academic performance of the children in school. in addition, the researcher have made necessary recommendations on some solution to the problems. From experts opinion and analysis of findings from investigations that researcher is made to take a stand on the issue based on the following findings:

  1. The couples do not yet aware of problem associated with single parenting as they affect, the couples themselves, their offspring and the society.
  2. That couples do not seen to realize the cause of problem in marriage which lead to divorce.
  3. That psychological and emotional disturbances to a very great extent affect the students performance in schools especially their academic and social life.
  4. That insecurity and unruly attitude of step parents cause these students to steal, love in school.
  5. Also, students from single parenting have home are made to do a lot of difficult work at home which do not allow them to study at home. In addition the sponsor does not encourage them academically.
  6. Finally, student from broken home suffers too much restrictions and as such do not have the opportunity to plan with their sponsors what course to pursue in life.

Impact Of Single Parenting And Its Effect On Child Education In Selected Schools In Egor Local Government Area, Edo State

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