Impact Of Nafdac On The Consumption Of Consumer Goods Beverage In Nigeria

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Impact Of Nafdac On The Consumption Of Consumer Goods Beverage In Nigeria


The purpose of the study is based on an evaluation of the impact of NAFDAC in the consumption consumer goods (beverages) in Nigeria, especially in Enugu state. The main objective of this project was to examine the contributions of NAFDAC in the regulation of the various unethical business practice in the country and to appraise the safety of the consumers in the consumption of consumer goods (beverages) in the country and especially in Enugu state, to also find out why consumers have not derived the expected satisfaction which they require form the services of NAFDAC. Both primary & secondary data were collected to solve the research problems.
The population study comprised the consumers and the personnel of NAFDAC Enugu state.

The research instrument used for data collection were questionnaires and oral interviews tables frequencies and analyzing the data collected Chi-square statistic was data to test the various hypothesis since used was a test of goodness of fit based on the data analysis, the researcher came up with following findings. That NAFDAC has created some positive impact in the consumption of consumer goods especially in Enugu state. The study also established the fact that NAFDAC has reduced the growing problems of different consumerists activities in the country. The study also revealed that NAFDAC machineries in the manufacturing and implementation of their task were very effective and efficient and that the general consumers are more than ever before, better informed by NAFDAC over issues relating to them.

Finally, the researcher made some recommendations that the Federal and State government should constitute a NAFDAC court where culprits would be tried for offending or violating NAFDAC rules and regulation and various media should be provided by the federal and state government such as newspapers radio television, bill boards, etc. for the enlightenment and education, concerning the attitudes of those marketing firms and manufacturing organization.

They should be left alone to implement their policies independently and a monitoring team should be set to regulate the activities of these manufacturing and marketing by the Federal government.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

Consumers are the major reasons why most business activities are in operation. They are the most important person ever in the business, in phone mail or by person. He is a person who brings his want, it is the business duty to handle the profitably with great enthusiasm. A consumer consist of all the individual and household buying or acquiring product and for personal consumption.

A consumer is the final user of a product or services consumers are regarded as king in every business activity revolves round them. It is the responsibility of every organization to create customers or consumers and satisfy them at a profit by delivery the goods and services that will satisfy the needs, wants and desires of the consumer and making a profit which will enable the company to survive. The purpose of any business must be in the society and not outside the society since a business enterprise is an organ of the society and not outside to the end it is expected that they conform to standard, rules specifications stipulated by any instituted regulatory, authority charged with the implementation of government Laws regarding the manufacturer practices in the marketing of a ny product that would endanger the live of the consumer after consumption. Therefore to ensure the safety of the consumers over all sorts of unethical business in the country, the federal government instituted a body called NAFDAC NATIONAL AGENCY FOR FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION CONTROL by the enabling decree of No. 15 of 1993 to take the 1994 food & drug 150 laws of the federal and drug related product (registration) decree No. 19 of 1993 NAFDAC is empowered to sanction any person or company manufacturing food, drugs, cosmetic, packwater beverages and devices for consumer consumption in Enugu metropolis that fail register with it or comply with the provision of the various decree relating to the manufacturing, importation, advertisement and sale of goods, drug cosmetic packed water and consumer goods.

1.2 Statement Of Research Problems

The emergence of NAFDAC was followed by a number of teething problems that naturally go with every natural process. Unfortunately, the consumer to whom this establishment NAFDAC was made to serve and protect from unhealthy business practice of companies and marketing organization have not been favoured owing to the inability to regulate, control and supervise the activities of these companies or manufactures engaged in the production and marketing of consumer goods especially beverages in Enugu state metropolis where factory location are obscure.
NAFDAC poor performance in controlling supervising and protecting the production and sales outlets of these sub-standard products has been the object of concern of the government against consumer protection. Sharp business practice such as sale of poor quality good, adulterated, expired and fake goods, exaggeration of product benefit and performance failure of companies to fulfillment sales promotional effort, pollution has result ed to various activities of this agency, NAFDAC in the consumption of consumer goods in Enugu metropolis, one would like goods in Enugu have faired since its inception in the country and especially in Enugu metropolis? What impact they have created in the consumption consumable goods? What strategies were adopted by NAFDAC in regulating, checking and supervising the unethical business activities of these organization in the consumption of consumers right being protected or not against these unethical business practice.

1.3 Objective Of The Study

The objective of the study are stated as following:-

  1. To find out the impact of NAFDAC in the consumption of consumer goods in Enugu metropolis.
  2. To examine the contribution of NAFDAC in the regulation of the various unethical business practices in the country.
  3. To find out whether NAFDAC has contributed to the reduction of consumerism activities in the country.
  4. To determine if these strategies are effective.
  5. To recommend what NAFDAC would do to enhance the effectiveness and in reducing consumerism activities in the country.

1.4 Research Question

To solve the research problem, the investigator has asked the following research question:

  1. Has NAFDAC activities reduced consumerism activities in the country?.
  2. Is NAFDAC effective machinery to implement the planned programme for consumer protection on goods.
  3. Has NAFDAC ensured the safety of the consumer through its roles.

1.5 Significance of the study

The study is very timely especially now that all hands are on deck to enhance the development and growth of this nation Nigeria, economy and also to reduce the various unethical sharp business practices perpetrated by our various companies and manufacturing firms on the innocent consumers.

The study will be a great challenge to NAFDAC on their roles and relevance to the generality of this establishment (NAFDAC) to its expectation. In addition, the study will determine the factors or problem limiting the efficacy of this establishment (NAFDAC it is expected that the findings will helps to bridge any gap that may exist and to make this establishment are effective and efficient in discharging their onerous task the benefit of the unsuspecting consumers in Nigeria.

It aims at evaluating the impact of the establishment NAFDAC at revamping the ugly menace of producers, or marketing of consumable products that are unhealthy for human being. Through this investigation there other companies or manufacturing firm who intends to engage in producing consumer goods of any kind of goods would ensure that they embrace the rules, and regulation, specification and standard stipulated of prescribed by NAFDAC before embarking on any production.

1.6 Scopes And Limitation

The study is limited in coverage owing to the time constraints and lack of material resources for a large-scale nation-wide research.

This study is simply narrowed to Enugu metropolis and it is based on the impact of NAFDAC in the consumption of consumer goods (beverages)

1.7 Definition Of Terms


The National Agency For Drug and Drug Administration control. Consumer: Is the end user of a product.

Consumer goods:

These are goods meant for ultimate consumption and for further production.


Is a social Force within the environment designed to aid and protect the consumer through the exertion of legal moral and economic pressure on business

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