The Impact Of Management Information System In The Banking Industry

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The Impact Of Management Information System In The Banking Industry


As a result of the changing requirements that characterizes the contemporary banking industry. The absence of a well structured management information system makes the function of the management to have little impact on entire organization. This has led to the inefficiency and uncertainty of the information and communication in organization even through such problems could be turned to business opportunities. This project therefore identifies and analyze the impacts of management information system the needs the impact on management information report retrieval, list relevance etc at large has given to be able to effectively and effectively carry out this duty research questions were asked based on the objectives in order to direct the study. The findings shows that management information system plays a vital role in data processing and transmission communication system in the financial institutions which will help to improve the institution have been offered.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

This study of management information system in banking industry can be better understood by a brief description functions and its elements.

The fundamental areas, which make use of the Management Information System (MIS) which has been defined by Lucey (2005) ‘’a system (MIS) to convert data from internal and external sources into information and to communicate that information in an appropriate form to managers at all levels in all function to enable them to make timely and effective decisions for planning, directing and controlling the activities for which they are responsible’’.

Murdick and Ross also defined (MIS) as a communication process in which information (input) is recorded, stored and retrieved (processed) for decision (output) or planning operating and controlling.

Data processing is to organize and to check and also process raw data into valuable information in n effective and efficient manager.

In the area of decision marking the management information system can be useful in two ways one way is that it monitors disturbance in the system, determine the course action and decision correction to get the system controlled.

Management Information System also constitutes an efficient tools and even threat to management.

Planning involves the establishment of strategies to help achieve the set objectives or the purpose. Information is required to identify as many alternative and to complete the trade off involved in the choice to be made loaning required model knowledge of input to a process and output of model.

In all this, information is required and this information supplied by management information system.

Control is the process of setting standard of performance measuring performance against standards and perform to plan and required about information on the capacity and probable performance of this system to controlled.

The critical analysis of the function role of management information system in banking industry. It is necessary for one to examine the historical context and growth and the development information system in the organizational framework in which it is being utilized. Before the introduction of computer, manual and unit recording equipment were basically performed on an individual basis.

Even though the manual equipment such as calculator, pen, paper, typewriter, lava-arch file etc are relatively cheap. They are intensive because of this, they are costly and run.

It is important to note that the manual method are flexible, that is, one can easily change my data processing procedures since they do not have to follow a set of rigid rule.

Integrated data processing equipment has been developed and retrieval of information no in vogue of effective required specially trained personnel in order to operate them more effectively.

Early banks do not have to depend entirely on a computer system because without it, they would still be an effectively management information system.

Basically, management information system is also defined as a system, approach that treated business department as integrated parts of one total system rather than separate entities.

1.1 Background Of The Study

According to Wole Adegunmi (1985) from the banking has been in existence since 2.500BC, the early bankers the joys in company initially, transacted their business in benches in the market place. The word ‘’Bank’’ itself is direct from Italian word ‘’Banco’’ was broken up by the angry people (The depositor of money) hence our word ‘’bankrupt’’ from banco-rupto that broke barch.

The type of banking are known today did not begin until sixth century. When Italian goldsmith working on London begins expanding their business to include the safe keeping of people valuables and money where such valuable and money were despites and kept safe for individuals.

Recipients began to change hard on place of money and valuable they represented and this because the fore-runner of our present day bank notes. They realized that some of the money deposited with them could be lent out and interest earn on it for the purpose of profit.

The practice proved to be rewarding and many establishment tried an advantage of it is no way of making easy profit.

This was how banking started, though many of the goldsmiths fall from the business due to over lendign by the customers not refunding to goldsmiths. In Nigeria, the earliest activities were carried out by elder Dumpster and company and Africans banking co-operation in 1980.

The bank of British of the concern remain the sole bank in the country until 1917 when the colonial bank open offices in Jos, Kano, Lagos as well as Port-Harcourt. This two banks are still in operation. The next bank that came into operation, existence was the British and French bank, which later became the United Bank for Africa opened in 1947.

It has been in operation until it was established in Nigeria in 1961 by a consultant of five internal boss to take over banking business carried on Nigeria since 1949 by the British and French Bank Ltd. (UBA) have 132 branches in Nigeria with headquarters at N 57 Marina Lagos.

United Bank for Africa Plc came into Idah in October 1983 with total number of staff (14), management staff is (3) Junior workers is (11) this is how comes about UBA Plc in Idah local government of Kogi State.

1.2 Statement Of The Problems

Certain problems has appealed to student which pose some weakness against the expected role of (MIS) in a banking sector.

Inadequate management information system can lead to lack of investors and consumers can not be able to invest

To consumers and there is problem of weakness of in the business environment, thereby making the economy of the country failed.

Lack of proper information system in the Nigeria bank, bank faces liquidations (credit, market liquidity) when the information system fails from the top office the whole branches affected or is drawn

There is no room for decisions making between the top officers, thereby causing conflict

Another problems is sudden capital inflows instructive governance and management processes, poor managerial officials

Inadequate management information system hinders employment because due to that, it can lead to lose of job employment of the bankers, junior staff and top managers.

Inability to bring to awareness to Nigeria banks customers and business men.

1.3 Research Questions

Management Information System is indispensable in the survival of every bank:

At times, both management and employees think that they are using the right management information system.

During the research pose some questions:

  1. Does management information system, provides management with the necessary tools to facilitate decision making and selection of alternatives
  2. Does computer help in the activities of banking industry through management information system
  3. How does management information system proves it effectiveness and efficiency in prompt services
  4. Does management information system investigate by which information system is properly used in order to eliminate, duplication effort in the banking sector.

1.4 Objectives Of The Study

The research work on impact of management information system in banking industry seeks among other things.

  1. To show it management information system provides management with necessary tools to facilitate decision making and in the selection of alternatives.
  2. To determine how computer has helped the activities of banking industry through effective management information system.
  3. To prove its effectiveness and efficiency in prompt services.
  4. To investigate the way by which information system is used in order to eliminate duplication effort in the banking sector.

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The importance of an effective and efficient information management in banks can not be over emphasized because it enhances the proper condition of the various banking operation activities in the country.

Without management information, bank has no method of coordinating into help activities and external taxes, there must be adequate current, accessible, effective and efficient information feedback

For any banking operation to achieve its goals, or objectives which could be profit oriented or geared towards the satisfaction of needs, there is need for proper delegation of authority and responsibility of different level for effective management.

For better interaction with banking environment management need information which will improve the happening outside the bank with this information provided, they can then coordinate their objective.

For the survival and meeting up the desires of the share holders. It is important that the banking industry have an adequate and up to date information network will motivate the employees towards the effective and efficient services which in turn encourage the customers towards banking transactions.

The customers will equally be motivated to invest and patronize banks that has adequate current accessible effective information system as these will guarantee satisfaction services it will equally enhance the effective discharge of the assigned duties for both the management and staff will lead to high return and subsequent profit maximization.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

The study of Impact of Management Information System (MIS) in the Nigeria banking industry is to cover the element both indepth and natures of literature review of management process, development of information in the bank, impact of control, changes in decision making, information system, general characteristics of management information system. Report generation in view of this, I have decided to limit my self to United Bank for Africa (UBA).

1.7 Limitations Of The Study

The major limitations of this study resolved round the policies in banking industry sector which highly limit the amount of information that should be given out to the numbers of staff in the bank due to security reasons.

The general reluctance of people to fill and return the questionnaire back to the researchers. The security of adequate working materials is another constraints since some of the retailed, literature, journals and magazines needed were neither contradictory or vogue.

The stipulated time limit to carry out a comprehension study to be done coupled with the cost involved in conducting such enormous task is beyond the pocket of a study. The scale inspires of the difficulties, the researcher tried very much to obtain some conceivable information which will be used for a reasonable conciliation.

1.8 Definitions Of Terms

To make for better and easy understanding of the study. It is necessary to define certain terms and they are as follows:


Data that has been processed in a way that is meaningful and beneficial to the users recipients.


Management is the process by which the manager create, direct, maintain and operate purposeful organization through coordination human effort.


This is the putting together of different parts to make up a whole to achieve a common goals.


The power or ability to produce the desire or satisfactory result. It could also be classified as output all over input.


Data is the representatives of facts, observation or occurrence which can take different form as numbers, codes, word etc


A bank is a place where individual transact their business activities, such as saving of cash and keeping other valuable items for security purpose etc.

1.9 Organization Of The Study

This project work is well organized and charmed into five chapters. Each chapters are very important to the research work.

Chapter one of this project deals mainly with the introduction of the topic or subject matters and it comprises of background to the study, statement of problem, research question, objectives of the study, significance of the study, scope of the study, limitations of the study, definition of terms and organization of the study.

Chapter two of this project review of related literature that borders on the need for information flow in the management process, development of information system in bank, impact of management function etc.

Chapter three of this project deals with method and research design adopted in carrying out study, population and sample size and method of data collection, procedure method of data analysis.

Chapter four of this project deals mainly with the presentation and analysis of data collected during the research and its findings.

Chapter five of this project covers the summary, conclusion and recommendations to be made after having carried out a comprehensive study on the research.

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