The Impact Of Leadership On Employee Performance (A Case Study Of Union Bank Nigeria Plc.)

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The Impact Of Leadership On Employee Performance (A Case Study Of Union Bank Nigeria Plc.)


The research study or project work intends to critically examine the impact of leadership on employee performance (A case study of Union Bank Nigeria PLC.)

The research study or project work has been divided into five chapters for convenience sake.

Firstly, chapter one contains Introduction, statement of the problem, Objectives of the study, Significance of the study, Scope of the study, Limitation of the study and Definition of terms.

Secondly, Chapter Two of this project wok brings about Literature Review and The relationship between leadership style and employee performance.

In addition, chapter three gives details of Research Methodology, Data Collection Instrument and Sampling procedure employed.

Furthermore, chapter four brings light into Historical Background of Union Bank, Presentation and analysis of data and Interpretation of data

Finally, chapter five of this study comprises of the Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

The changing business environment, the importance of effective leadership is increasing important today.
Leadership is always been an important factor in human affairs, but recently, both the need for leadership in management jobs and the difficulty imperative than most people realize. Two fundamental shifts in the business environment are possible.

The shift in competitive intensity for example has invaded other domestic marker in the oil industries the developing countries in the banking is also been affected other emergency of new technologies also have a similar effect especially in the area of micro processing of machine as some of these firms have to the now avoid business stage nations.

Whatever the source, the new competition intensity has destabilized many companies and even the whole industries, some firm that particularly own the market have to complete once again for their own customers thus the changing economic situation in Nigeria has created the new strategies, policies and routine and method of doing business in fact, many managers and executives are being study to develop new product lines, new distributor channel new market methods, new manufacturing process, new finance option strategies and much more and internally million of people are being called upon to help in implementing those new ideas figuring out to help right things to do in am environment of uncertainty by intense competition and them setting other to accepts a new way of doing thing demand skills and approaches that most many managers simple do not have in the 1960, 1970 and 1980.

In demands something more than technical expertise administration ability and additional management.
Thus, operating in the new business environment of the new millennium requires leadership.

This brings us ton the essence of the study, i.e. impact of leadership style towards and effective performance in an organization.

1.1 Statement of the Problem

Despite the fact that their increases in competitive intensity has been producing the need for new leadership still in almost all levels in much organization, a second set of less dramatic forces has been steadily leadership in many organization in Nigeria to such as focus like growth, diversification, globalization and technological development has been making business more complex.

Thus, dealing with the leadership challenges created by competitive intensity getting cost down, increasing productivity, improving customer service keeping quality high getting new product development first is not an easy task till there are dynamic change, their needed to be affected and this constitutes an enormous obstacle that needed to be summated through the provision of effective leadership modalities.

The leadership challenge require at the very top a complex organization appears to be almost over writing exercise involving the establishment and implementation of business strategies that are easy but complicate affairs not to talk of the conflict of interest within the firms that makes new investment policy a precious adventives.

It is important to not, however, that the rate of technological development in the business environment is not showing down and even getting accelerated and more turbulence in some industrial sector of the economy, multinational co-operations are not going to disappear or retreat to their home ground, they are increasing getting more international in scope despite the slow growth rate being experience in their domestic market.

Thus the needs to provide all effective leadership process is long-term survivals of a modern day organization draw our attention of the study “LEADERSHIP”

1.2 Objectives of the Study

This study intends to find out the following;

  1. The grouping need for effective leadership
  2. Why is it increasing difficult to provide effective leadership
  3. What are the consequences of adequate leadership
  4. Find out the personal requirement expected of an effective leadership
  5. How to use leadership authority
  6. How to get results from the effort of their
  7. How to establish sound relationship down the line.
  8. How to develop self reliance employee employer to them.
  9. How to identify sub-ordinate needs
  10. To find out the future interest in both leadership and entrepreneurship
  11. To find out process between leadership and management
  12. The effects of lack of leadership in an organization.

1.3 Significance of the Study

The significance of the study can be better illustrated in essence providing leadership has a great significance on employees performance, the productivity of the organization would highly benefit from this study as the richness of its presentation will provide the company the opportunity to always tend towards achieving goals and targets by the organization. The up coming manager would immensely benefit these finding because style to use for the enhancement of employees performance, when ever they are given any task to accomplished to mater how complicate they are. Thus will afford some conservative manager to give themselves the opportunity to accept dynamic convent towards managing organization affairs.

1.4 Scope of the Study

The study covers the impact of leadership style on employee’s performance with reference to union bank of Nigeria.

1.5 Limitations and Constraints

In the course of the study, the researchers encountered serious predicament which thereat ended the success of the project works.

There among others include

  1. Inadequate of relevant information from their personnel of the bank, under study, they felt reluctant.
  2. To reveal the necessary information which they term as ‘bank secret’ inadequate finance on the part of the project researchers also threatened the success of the projects
  3. Another problem faced by the researcher was time/distance due to time constraint and over whelming academic assignment in the class etc.

1.6 Definition of the Terms

  1. Behaviours; treatment shown towards other either good or bad.
  2. Diversification; make diverse given variety
  3. Efficiency; state or quality of being capable ton perform duties very well
  4. Globalization; worldwide embarrassing the whole of a group of item etc.
  5. Leadership; having the ability to lead or carry the subordinate along in achieving goals.
  6. Organization; a group of people or body working towards goals
  7. Overwhelming; to weigh down, submerge cover completely following over or purring down on crutch destroys, caused to feel embarrassed.
  8. Productivity; increase in the rate of goods produced in less time and less workers.
  9. Rational; having the faulty or reasoning and sense.
  10. Strikes; stay down of trades practiced by workers to have their entitlement.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Summary of Findings

This chapter is concerned with bringing together the empirical finding presented in the previous chapter.

The general consensus among management experts is that human side of an organization is the most important factor of productivity efficiency.

Therefore a general consensus their participation of worker in decision making process very imperative for organization to succeed. Never the boss, there is conflict on the level of participation which a leader can allow his subordinates.

Based on the above, the study was on the assumptions that democratic type of leadership will involve a satisfied and high moral worker that will have an effect on productivity.

On this assumption of utilization of conceptual framework propounded by two heading counter for the study of layout productivity in the institute for social research university of Michigan, which clearly set out establish the relationship between workers involvement in decision making out it implication on productivity and worker performance based on the research above the research question which stated that ‘Does subordinate participation in decision making enhance job performance’ has been assumed and accepted ‘ but in the case of Union Bank Plc. The findings further reveal that the respondents are both male and female.

It shows that the respondents are married. The studies reveal further sustained proportions of the workers are satisfied jobs and the organization as a whole.

The study established that worker enjoy a conducive working environment in terms of peaceful co-existence an co-operation of workman’s and democratic style of leadership in which they have a say today administrator of the organization.

In consonance with the conducive environment, the study demonstrated that workers participation in decision making process will enhance high job performance among Union Bank staff.there are on formal group amount which workers can discuss problem and solution in such problem relating to the organization partner. What operate in a situation where worker informally discuss with fellow worker problem of the organization and in most because their recommendation are not challenged through the normal route.

Most of our leadership in general are not committed to the goals, objective of the organization in which the employer to prompt their followers to emulate their example in fact some of the leader believe that they can do best for the organization, to increase productivity via worker participation In decision making, thereby those organization achievement is level of productivity and work performance.

5.2 Conclusions

In conclusion, the researcher states that leadership style is a moderating factor to subordinates, job performance, for the whole exercise and can decide that effective leadership depends on the people who lead and the system itself.

A leader must have this at the back of his mind that an effective leadership in a very vital ingredient for a healthy performance of every industry, in general the society can develop good leadership by emphasizing on value attach to material wealth in order word to develop good leadership, there must be an improvement in the value system of Union Bank of Nigeria (UBN) plc. Good leadership is developed by a leader who is fair to all and avoids sentiments or as in the process of dealing with, his or her subordinates.

Constraint reviews of style of leadership ensures change of good leadership and essentially a manager have to be periodical re-examinating his leadership style with the aim of making change where and when necessary.

The researcher wishes to advice both public and private organization that for any organization to achieve the desired goals and objectives. There must be an effective leadership that with commitment, support, loyalty and acceptance towards the realization of organization goals.

5.3 Recommendations

The researcher has tried to establish the impact of leadership style on employee performance. This study will be incomplete without preferring some recommendation to some of the problems identifies during the research.
Since economic consideration is one of the factor that motivate people to work, one would suggest that worker has efforts to be commensurate with rewards.

There should be a through reorientation of the ideas of leadership in the country; leader should be re-oriented to understand the intrica of leadership.

Union bank of Nigeria plc (UBN), the mangers need to relationship, the practice the colonial ideas of leadership where mast servant relationship in the practice and allow the leadership in banks must learn or be people conscious realizing that people will best result can be given a sense of direction and belonging, it is important and advisable that the managers themselves be motivated so as to enable them motivate their subordinates in the bank. It is dear that workers do well when they are motivated by a carrying boss than provide good working conditions, probe them which is necessary and finally show concern for their welfare personal problems

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