The Impact Of Effective Unionism On The Determination Of Workers Welfare

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The Impact Of Effective Unionism On The Determination Of Workers Welfare


This research work is poised to look into the Impact of Effective Unionism on the Determination of workers welfare in Kogi State with emphasis on Lokoja Local Government Area. The research work is divided into five chapters with each chapter linking each other. The objectives of the research work among others include to find out whether the role played by unionism has any impact on the life of the workers and to ascertain if Lokoja local government has made any positive or negative contributions to the development or improvement of workers in the council. Two methods of data collection were used i.e. the primary and secondary sources of data and the data was analyzed using simple percentage method for easy understanding. The findings revealed that financial problems facing the labour union in the implementation of their policies have a negative effect on the development of workers, most especially on the training of their members. At the end of the research work, it was recommended that the council management should encourage the use of different varieties of incentives for job motivation among workers in the councils and various organizations at large.

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

Unionism is said to be solidarity resulting from joint workers strength. It creates the motivation of workers’ group to bargain successfully on terms of employment and condition of work. As individual, a worker does not have adequate bargaining power and employers can choose to do what they like with him or her perhaps, the only exception to this situation is the case of exceptional talents, artists, chief executive or individuals who are

While labour union (unionism) exists in an organization, many works like to join them in order to benefit from group effort from paid employment which they as individuals cannot easily negotiate with the management of their organization. Through the umbrella of unionism, employees can have their voices heard in the companies, and they can be in a better position to actualize their dreams.

The main problem to tackle in this essay is how to solve or reduce the problems associated with personnel effectiveness, how can organization particularly public organizations secure adequate utilization of their human resources for greater efficiency and productivity throughout effective and efficient employees training development programme.

1.2 Statement of the Problems

The statement of problems to this research is as stated below:

The politicization pose a serious defect of the trade union movement in Lokoja is that the leadership has been provided by outsiders especially professional politicians. Leaders being affiliated to one or the other party, the unions were more engrossed in toeing the lines of their political leaders than protecting worker’s interest.

Lack of enlightened labour force: The lack of enlightened labour force capable of maning and conducting the movement efficiently, purposefully and effectively has been a major problem in the development of trade unions in the country, lack of education, division by race religion, language and caste, migratory nature, lack of self consciences, and non permanent class of workers have been attributed as the causes for the lack of enlightened labour force in Lokoja.

Miscellaneous problems: the majority of the register unions are independent union as only 16,000 units out of 50,000 registered unions are affiliated to the central trade unions (CTUs)

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The purpose of carrying out this study is to examine the role of unionism in improving the welfare of workers in Lokoja local government council.

  1. To find out whether the role played by unionism has any impact in the life of the workers
  2. To ascertain if Lokoja local government has made any positive or negative contributions to the development or improvement of workers in the council.
  3. Lastly, they have to disclose the problems confronting the union on the course of implementing policies for improving the welfare of workers.

1.4 Significance of the Study

This study will be of great importance to unionism or trade unions in Lokoja local government council and how to harness their method in a more efficient manner in improving the welfare of the council.

1.5 Research Question

In the course of carrying of this research work, the following questions were asked:

  1. Doe labour unions contribute to reduce the problem faced by the union in implementing it policies?
  2. Has unionism in Lokoja local government council in any form contributed to improved the welfare of workers?
  3. Can we trace the adequate training given to union members in Lokoja local government council?
  4. Does unionism law have any impact in the life of their members?
  5. Does trade union prepare the individual workers for proper acclimatization in the organization apart from the psychological and physical welfare?
  6. Is trade union essential ingredient for the mobilization of workers in the council?

1.6 Scope and Limitations of the Study

In the process of carrying out this project work, several problems were encountered by the researcher among the problems are insufficiency of time and funds which handicapped the researcher from widening the scope of the study such as linking up with trade unions in other organizations for more comprehensive analysis.

This study is limited to Lokoja local government council. Another problem is inadequacy of information given by the respondents and the failure of others to return the questionnaire given to them.

1.7 Definition of Terms

Trade Union:

This term refers to any combination of workers or employers, Whether temporary or permanent, for the purpose of regulating the terms and conditions of services and provision of benefits allowance for its members.

Welfare of Workers:

This is the process of increasing the knowledge, skills and capacities of all the people in people in any given organization or society and also make sure that their daily needs are made available such as food, housing and clothing for effective services.

Human Resources:

This is the energies, skills talent and knowledge which are potentially applied to the production of good and services.

Labour Force:

The labour force comprises of all those who work for gain whether as employees, employer or self- employed and it includes the unemployed who are seeking for job.


Personnel generally means a body of person’s employed in an organization or workplace. The term is generic and does not typically distinguish between classifications of those employed, such as full or part time, temporary or permanent etc.


Employee is anyone who has agreed to be employed under a contract of service to work for some form of payment.


This term refers to total supply of personnel available or engaged for a specific task or total labour force of a nation, including both men and women.

1.8 The Organization of the Study

  1. Chapter one covered the general introduction and background of the study, statement of the problem, research objectives, research questions, significance of the study, limitation and the organization of the study.
  2. Chapter two incorporated of the review of literature review, empirical review, the research gap, conceptual framework and chapter summary.
  3. Chapter three covered the research methodology generally, bringing into focus the research design, location of the study, population and sample size. It further covered the types of data, instruments of data collection, analysis and presentation it also covered the aspect of data reliability and validity, ethical consideration and summary.
  4. Chapter four covered the analysis of the data presentation, conclusion and finally, chapter five contained the summary findings, conclusions and recommendations. It ends up by identifying area for further research.

Chapter Five

Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Conclusion

According to research objective of this study it was position of examining how trade unions practices motivated workers’ (members) welfare. The findings indicated that large percent of workers (members) (76%) reported that trade unions were capable of motivating workers (members). Around 76% respondents agreed that trade unions activities can use motivation as a way of motivating members andimproving their welfare. Therefore, the existing efforts made by unions towards improving workers’ welfare by using motivation should be emphasized improved also should be provided fairly and without bias.

The study also showed and emphasized that trade unions should use the training as another way of raising the workers’ morale and improving welfare of their members. Most of the respondents were showing the positive response toward the use of training to the members as the way of preparing and improving welfare and the study concluded by suggesting that, the trade unions to make sure that training should be given enough budget and should be implemented in every year. This also had positive impact of retaining members and reduces level of turnover after performing well and motivated enough. The study helped to identify that working environment should be well organized with sufficient working facility as the way of making workers (member) to do their works as required without facing any environments barrires. To ensure the working environments are conducive for members, unions should be responsible for their role.

As long as the study shows working environment can be a source of good welfare and should be improved and secured enough for the benefit of both workers and employers. To sum up, Trade unions can be a source of improved workers’ welfare by using the regular meetings of collective bargaining. Through bargaining meetings between trade unions and employers various matters could be discussed for the benefit of workers’ welfare and their affairs which can be used as source of improving their working welfare. Trade unions should make sure the meetings of collective bargaining were conducted in each year and should have positive outcomes to workers’ welfare. The study findings showed the direction and areas where trade union needed to solve out their weakness and areas to make some changes in order to promote workers’ (members) welfare at working areas. Study provided evidence to the government if the objectives of establishing the trade unions were achieved and secured so that it maintains peace and security at the working areas for promoting working efficiency.

5.2 Recommendations

Recommendations are provided based on the findings of the study and they are categorized in three areas Government, Trade unions and Workers (Members).

Recommendation to Trade Unions

Trade union should frequently provide the training to their members (workers) as the way to ensure that they become aware about the challenges they are facing on their daily activities at working areas and help them to perform well on their duties. Training will prepare workers to show good welfare and create confidence in them towards the responsibilities they are facing. Apart from training the trade unions also are recommended on creating of conducive environment of working which are far from danger and influence workers to perform their works effectively. Working environment includes working space and furniture’s enable workers to work comfortably, with high welfare. Trade unions also recommended providing motivations to its workers (members) when they perform well as the way of influencing others to perform as it is required and reinforcing the right behavior to persist. Trade unions recommended maintaining good communication among members (workers) and communication between workers and their employers. Thiswill provide room for workers to express their obstacles on meeting goals of welfare and to avoid unnecessary conflicts which can ruin the workers’ welfare and productivity as well.

Recommendation to Workers (Members)

Workers should improve and maintain good communication with the trade union leaders and their employers to express the challenges which discourage them to meet working welfare target and to make suggestions on ways which can be used to help them to improve the ability of working. Communication among workers can be used as a way of improving the welfare of workers as long as the communication will base on finding solutions of reaching target of welfare and lastly workers (members) are recommended to attend the various training provided either within working areas or outside in order to enable them to expand their working abilities and knowledge.

Recommendation to Government

The government should always work together with trade unions in ensuring the members’ (workers) welfare are well provided as a way of motivating them to work effectively and showing their ability on various responsibilities they are given. Government should conduct the collective bargaining meetings and discuss the ways of helping workers to improve their welfare as well as to make good arrangement of training and education programs to the workers. Government should create good working environment which can be a positive way of helping workers to perform well on their daily responsibilities.

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