The Impact Of E-Payment System In Operation Efficiency In Nigeria Banks

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The Impact Of E-Payment System In Operation Efficiency In Nigeria Banks


The purpose of this study is to ascertain the impact of Information Technology on Banks. E –payment system in Nigeria banks. And the help to findings through questionnaire and chi-square method. The questionnaire is between the customers and the staff of the bank and other to discover whether the system is useful or not. Hypothesis is also let us have the real deal of the test. The hypothesis talk about Null hypothesis (Ho) and alternative hypothesis (Hi) and the alternative hypothesis is highly accepted. In conclusion the impact of information technology on banking e-payment system in Nigeria, this will contribute to improves the operation of banks and it will reduce the time been used by the customer in bank sector or premises with this system the bank as improve in all aspect of operation to satisfy the customer as both local and international level of operation.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Banking business in Nigeria dated back to 1982 with the commencement of Africa Banking Operation and since then the number of banks has increased with the banking industry.

This, the struggle to gain customers among these banks because intensive as they introduced different schemes to alters customers.

Banking is a sector that has product delivery mostly in the developed predominantly in less than a decade. This was introduced by the new generation banks on realizing error of the old banks that carry out manual banking operation.

The Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) initiated by the banking as distraction in 1898 had affected the banking industry more than any other sector of the economy. It change not only the structure but also the contend of banking business. The technology of delivery banking services and range of productions in the market was drastically changed, and the change has been described as a revolution. While others see them as another boom compared to what was witnessed in the fifties, there was on increase in the volume of profit and this did not happen by change because banks had to introduce new product or services in order to meet the every changing needs to their numerous customers.

SAP has brought this to and the kind of banking services rendered by he first generation banks which have been described as “it is a fact that in any economy where few dominant control the force, there will be some structural in adequacies as will as lesser quality of product and customer oriented services.

Automation in banking is a natural fall out of the intensive competition going on in the market; it is brought about the efforts of banks to introduce electronic banking. Which electronics form of money transmission is an example of the E-banking services.

The emergence of E-banking can be traced down to the to the following reasons.

  1. To retain or increased the market share in response to the deregulated and intensely competitive environment.
  2. To meet the inlaying and increasing customer needs.
  3. To improve the effectiveness of the bank activities.
  4. To improve the effectiveness of the banking business.

Aderson R.G (1974) define computer as a machine which create logical operation in accordance with a predefined programme and transfer the processed data to the output device either for further processing a management control report.

The computer consists of the hardware and software. The hardware does nothing unless it is told what to do. i.e it does not function until certain instructions are passed to it; the programme called software described the logical function and a property associated with computer hardware.

Electronic banking comes in the following forms.

  1. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  2. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  3. Magnetic link character
  4. Soil image machine
  5. Counting machine
  6. The punch card reader

E-banking has both positive and negative benefit costs while the positive impact of these changes in term of enhance productivity, secures and profitability are well organized the negative or cost implication in both in both monetary and real teams tested not to be fully appreciated.

However, since late 1980 the magnitude, character ranges and financial services industry in Nigeria have been phenomenal. They represent organized environment of economic agents and are the country. Although their impact hand been mixed on the whole these changes are positive, calculated to improve efficiency, and enlarge market share to ensure survival of the banks in some cases and enhance services delivery can profitability.

1.2 Purpose of the Study

The purpose and objective of the study are primarily to know how electronic aid replacing intrusive labour operation and this helps reducing wasting the time of customers which has resulted increase in quality of profitability in banks.

Also to create awareness to the banks on the use of computers because of their numerous advantages over the manual banking system another area of interest of the study is to makes the banks aware that not only banks that they are in business as well this is a competitive venture, therefore the competitive is not just among the banks also other non banks must strive hard to institution as a result banks must strive hard to improve their services as to have a large market share.

1.3 Statement of the Study

Electronics system has become indispensable to banks in order to make more profit and offer better services by solution to the following problems.

  1. The slow retrieval of information by normal system.
  2. Reducing the time being spent in the banking hall by customer.
  3. Manual mistakes as result of fatigues as banks have to meet the increase and sophisticated customer is needs, the manual system must be discarded in order to eliminate the above problem to be replaced with more sophisticated electronics devices not only to improve in the level of banks profit as well.

1.4 Objective of the Study

The major objective will be to find out the impact of E-payment/Banking automation in the performance of banks.

  1. To look at the place of bank within the economy the importance of automation in providing efficient banking services.
  2. To ass’s the various types of technologies that are in use by various banks.
  3. Finally, the study will also throw more light on the ways of improving technology in banking system and the economy as a whole.

1.5 Research Hypothesis

H01: bank automation is not important in providing efficient banking services

H02: technology do not improve services in the banking system

1.6 Delimitation / Scope of the Study

The study was limited to the UBA plc Lagos as a case study due typo time and financial constraints.

I examined how effective the electronics system has been able to raise the level of profitability.

I also examined how better the electronic system can still be improved on so as to sustain growth and development in the industry.

1.7 Limitation of the Study

Due to the fact that banking industry is highly competitive, bank refused to disclose certain information which they believe their competitors can be as advantages over them.

  1. I was unable to meet the computer manager of UBA Plc Lagos at the head quarter due to his tight schedule.
  2. Inability to have direct access to electronic system of also .limited my scope in the study.

Most of the questions asked were clearly and carefully avoided and regarded as very sensitive which could only be answered on the range from the board of directors.

1.8 Significance of the Study

This research is expected to some as an incentive to banks that are still on the outdated manual system for some or most of their operations and to create room for awareness as to several advantages that can be derived in electronic banking.

His also expose to customers how banks are bank are equipped with electronic devices.

In conclusion it will also some as insight to the management of the enable them know where need to improve.

1.9 Definition of the Term

SQL Image Machine:

Virtually all Nigeria bank have tedious and long procedure for cheque enhancement. The machine is a photographic and signature of the customer the aim of introducing the machine is to ensure tight security checks to prevent proceed of cheque of fraudsters.

Counting Machine:

This can be said as another electronic device for efficient services. This is abolished the manual method of counting currencies by the cashier and it even aids the counter services of cashier to customers, for instance a counting machine at might use us five minutes in counting #100,000 while it could have taken the cashier more than 30 minutes in counting the money.

Electronic Fund:

Electronic fund transfer allow a customer account to be credited electronically within 24 hours any where in Nigeria.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

In this study, our focus was to examine the impact of e-payment system in operation efficiency in Nigeria Banks using UBA plc Lagos as a case study. The study specifically was aimed at highlighting the place of bank within the economy the importance of automation in providing efficient banking services, assess the various types of technologies that are in use by various banks, Finally, the study will also throw more light on the ways of improving technology in banking system and the economy as a whole. A total of 30 responses were validated from the enrolled participants where all respondent are drawn from staff of UBA plc Lagos.

5.2 Conclusion

Based on the finding of this study, the following conclusions were made:

  1. The place of bank within the economy is important in automation in other to provide efficient banking services.
  2. The various types of technologies that are in use are been applied by various banks especially in UBA plc.
  3. There are several ways of improving technology in banking system and the economy as a whole.

5.3 Recommendation

  1. There is the need to create more awareness to entice the unbanked people into the banking system.
  2. The banks must perform more education and advertisement on electronic payments so that the Nigerian population will appreciate and use electronic products available. The use of cash comes with its own disadvantages and problems that electronic payment can eliminate. Cash and cheque must go through several processes which increases their risk of being lost or stolen. Such processes include transportation and counting. Most Nigerians are not aware of the benefits of e-payments are therefore slow to adopt it.
  3. The banks must also be educated to promote e-payments; training programme for senior management of the banks will assist in achieving this.
  4. The government of Nigeria should provide the much needed leadership and support for electronic payments.
  5. Applicable regulations including those for electronic approval processes, consumer protection and e-transactions should be developed and standardized as needed.

The Impact Of E-Payment System In Operation Efficiency In Nigeria Banks

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