The Impact Of Computer Technology On Secretarial Administration In The Banking Sector

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The Impact Of Computer Technology On Secretarial Administration In The Banking Sector


In recent years the relationship between information technology and productivity has become a source of debate. The empirical research generally did not significant productivity improvement associated with IT investment, more recently, as new data are identified and new methodologies are applied, several researchers have found evidence that IT is associated not only with improvement in productivity, but also in intermediate measures, consumer surplus, and economic growth.

This report shows a details analysis of tends in ICT use by the bank business sector by looking in particular at the use of computer, the internet and the web. This is done against the background of a continues increase in the proportion of business using ICT is in the study also review the specialized literature estimating the productivity impact of ICT used at the firm level in a number of developed countries. It then present the result of the empirical analysis measuring the impact of ICT use on productivity in manufacturing firm, both at a general level and also by geographical, industry, branch, firm age and size. The result indicates that the computer is important in the countries

Chapter One


1.0 Background Of The Study

As a result of development in social consciousness, sophistication in business, increasing literacy rate and innovation in science and technology, this has changed the structure content and methodology of secretarial administration. The traditional method of secretarial administration which is characterized by the use of manual machine in handling incoming and outgoing mails, varieties of clerical duties like word processing including typesetting of letter, memos, reports, shorthand writings and transcription and other text materials. They now become inadequate for handling information needed by today’s organization especially in the banking sector.

The traditional approaches of secretarial administration were designed to carry average load of activities often resulting in the transactions that have to be put toward till another time. Accuracy of information cannot be guaranteed, errors that are costly were occurring and important data misplaced. Extra time resource were required to clear backlogs storage facility in efficient, especially when there is large data shifting through them to extract information required could be very clumsy because of this complexities in handling data banks today require modern tools that will enable them get relevant information easily and on time, rather than manual equipment. A computer is any machine or device which under the control of stored program can accept data in prescribed form process the data and supply the result as information in a specified form.

Computers have certain characteristics that make them excellent tools for secretarial administration. The speed with which it processes information has helped in quick decision making in organization. Information is now stored in a compressed form, occupying less space in the office. The use computer technology has also improved the customers’ service at the bank as they can now enjoy quick access to information which improves productivity. The use of the spread sheets and ATM Cards to process accounts and mathematical tables has reduced long queues in banking procedures.

Computer has also expanded to the use of desktop design for their employees. According to Okoko, 2001 computer technology has resulted to the emergency of many concepts like E-Government, E-commerce , E-supermarket etc. this implies therefore that computer technology application is not only for secretarial administration in the banking sector but it is applied in all fields of human Endeavour. Based on the above, the secretary must therefore acquire the computer technology skill that will assist him/her to work in all these fields.

1.1 Statement Of Problem

Since independence secretarial administration has been geared towards the use of manual typewriter, shorthand writing and the traditional office administration. Bu today’s office work has been revolutionized due to expansion and complexity in the methodology of office functions. Organizations like banking industry by their very nature do to respond to changing technology faster than other organization therefore there is need for secretaries on who the responsibility of running the office lies on to acquire computer skills and competencies in order to effectively carryout secretarial administration work in the bank.

1.2 Purpose Of The Study

The purpose of the study is to find out the impact of computer technology in the productivity of secretaries in the banking sector.

  1. Evaluate the traditional role of secretaries in the banking sector.
  2. Identify the impacts of computer software packages used by secretaries in the banking sector
  3. Identify the impacts of computer technology on the productivity of secretaries in the banking sector.
  4. To identify the challenges posed by computer technology in the productivity of secretaries in the banking sector.

1.3 Scope Of The Study

For the purpose of this study, the impact of computer technology on the productivity of secretaries in the banking sectors, only in Owerri the researcher has no intension of studying the above stated study outside Owerri because every data and fact needed for this research will be provided by some selected banks in Owerri

1.4 Research Questions

The following research questions will guide the study

  1. What is the traditional role of secretaries in the banking sector?
  2. How adequate and relevance is computer technology?
  3. What impact has computer technology on the productivity of secretaries in the banking sector?
  4. What type of computer technology skill that secretary working in the banking sector require?
  5. What are the challenges posed by computer technology on the productivity of secretaries in the banking sector?

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The study is meant to discover the impact of computers technology on secretarial administration in the banking sector. It reveals the extent to which the modern computer packages has added in efficiency of secretarial work in the bank will appreciate the level of computer skills and competencies required of them. The study will be a good reference material to the banking sector to measure the computer skill level required of secretaries they employ to optimize productivity.

1.6 Limitation

The research during the course of the study faced certain constraints. Among them is time constraints, this is because the period expected of the researcher being a student was two short to complete the work moreover there are few computerized banks around the researcher’s environment and unavailability of time to travel to places where such banks were found. Finally, the unresponsive nature of some the people encountered by the researcher violated the finding of the researcher. However, it is unlikely that would adversely affect the validity of the finding.

1.7 Definition Of Terms

Computer Technology

There is no doubt that computer technology has had a great impact on society and also brought many technical developments with it, it has brought many changes to the way we live as individual as well as members of societies and organizations. It has had major effects and changes on the economy, health, education, industry etc. the ability of computers in gathering, processing presenting and sending large amount of information has had major changes in the way large organization as well individual organize their lives.

For people with enough technical knowledge on computers, the amount of technical knowledge involve in the field of computer technology is over whelming. It is also a field that changes fast enough for people to keep peace with.


This is an assistant who possesses a mastering of office skill demonstrates the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, exercises initiative and judgment and make decisions within the scope of assigned authority.

Banking Sector

This is a financial institution which carries on any banking business or financial transactions whether lawfully or unlawfully as defined in the bank and other financial institution decree (ACT).

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