The Impact Of Advertising On Sale Of Mobile Phone In Enugu Metropolis

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The Impact Of Advertising On Sale Of Mobile Phone In Enugu Metropolis


This study is intended to find out the impact of Advertising on the sales of mobile phone in Enugu metropolis. This include investigating whether Advertisement help’s in the sales of mobile phone and also know whether advertising is necessary in making telephone user to be aware of telecommunication services, in terms of moral, ethnics and norms in the advertisement of telecommunication services. Further more, the study is also intended to find out if the seller undertake advertising in view of it’s impact to telecommunication services. The research questions are laid down which the researcher uses to see it his views about the services have any impact in telecommunication. The problem that encounter by many telecommunication in effort to advertise their service in a developing economy are also treated by review of related literatures. The researcher carried out various researches in different telecommunication industries and data were obtained from questionnaire, Oral interview, and by observation. This comprises of primary and secondary data. Data that were obtained were analysed, the following summary of finding were made by the research Viz: that advertising play important role in effective marketing of telecommunication and maintenance of a large market share and consumer sees advertising as a very good programme because of the entertainment rhythm. It was also found that there are many communication media available to telecommunication in advertising their services. The researcher also find out that Airtel telecommunication services have clear definition of authority among the staff. The researcher further observed that the telecommunication lay much emphasis on rendering high quality services to their customers. The following recommendation were also made by the researcher that the telecommunication should embark on advertising to create awareness. Instead of relying on recommendation of customers they should stress peculiar qualities. They posses and remove any part that are bound to conflict with general behaviour of the cultures should be considered properly before entrance profitability instead of price reduction.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The sophisticate of the socio- economic and political environment of the world has introduced a state of urgency in the manner and style human affaires are conducted. There is a increasing awareness about the fact that does. For instance, in a race, the winner is the shortest possible time, in business, there is a popular saying that time is money, signifying that the time has an opportunity cost. That being the case information which is the basis for most decision ought timely. As such telecommunication has in the present time risen to a very fall height in its relevance day – to – day human affaire

Security agencies all over the world rely heavily on telecommunication for operations, business entities and individuals too are not left out. Radio communication are but a few examples of telecommunication networks.

Telephone, the emphasis of the research work is an instrument used for sending sound, especially human voice to a distance wire or radio, with the new technological breakthrough in the innovation of mobile pone or potable phone, empasis is already being made to create awareness of this new technology.

In Nigeria where this technology is relatively marketing effort is required to sell the idea to consumers.

Interestingly, nigria telecommunication plc ( NITEL) has been only player in the communication industry over the years. There has been no challenger since NITEL was owned and funded by the federal government of Nigeria. Being a sole player monopolist in the industry, thee was no need fmor advertisment, sales promotion or generally marketing effort.

But with the deregulation of the industry, the policy federation of private telecommunication companies and the policy of government on privatization commercialization, competition have set in market of both telecommunication services and instrument has become imparative for success.

1.2 Statement of Problem

Recent global events have indicated very clearly that developments in the twenty first century willll be propelled by the revolution telecommunications and information technology. In an effort to develop a long the global trends in this sector, the Nigeria telecommunication industry is frequently and continually improving its techonology and service delivery. Newer and user friendly equipment and system appear on a regular basis in our market to replace out dated ones. These are caculated advances geared towards the improvement of standards thereby giving the consumer value for their money.

Nevertheless, in Nigeria problems traceable to lack of effective marketing still abound in the operations of some telecommunication establishment some of them have not fared well enough in the areas of distribution of telecommunication equipment and instrument.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The main objective of the study is to highlight the contributions of advertising and marketing principles on sales of mobile phones, the factor that determine demand, pricing and distribution of the service in Nigeria.

Other Objectives Includes:

  1. To highlight the loopholes in services offered by mobile operations so as to enable management policies, strategies and decision to be stream – lined towards improving on these services.
  2. To educate the mobile phone employees on the benefits of good customer relation.
  3. To establish the relationship between marketing and sales of mobile phones,

1.4 Significance of the Study

The study is relevant to the extent it identifies the importance of marketing orient to the sales of mobile phones. Thus, it is a essential guide to operators of mobie phone services desirous of improving the sales performance so that they can maximize their profit. It also prepares them for the scope of work ahead and hellp them to gather through resources to fully implement their program with ease.

1.5 Scope of the Study

The scope of this study research work centered on the impact of effective marketing of telecommunication products and service under the broad subject, the study focused on the marketing practices of mobile phone operations in Enugu.

In the course of the study, effort was made to determine the importance of mobile phones to the society and Nigeria economy.

1.6 Limitation of the Study

The limiting factors include time and finance. Time was a major limitation to the collection of data. Efforts were made to schedule and keep to interviews appointment. A couple of the interviews were honored as scheduled. Failed appointment were rescheduled. Some were successful will others still remain unsuccessful.

Financial constraints and desire to produce a through work within the little time frame the research to limit the study to Enugu metropolis.

Regardless of the above limitations, great and relentless efforts were made to deliver a dully researched and comprehensive work on the topic under study.

1.7 Research Hypothesis

The following hypothesis are formulated for the purpose of these research work.

Hypothesis One
  • Ho: Advertising does not impact positively on the profit of airtel mobile phone
  • Hi: Advertising impact positively on the profit of airtel mobile phone.
Hypothesis Two
  • Ho: Advertising does not help to improve the services offered by airtel mobile phone.
  • Hi: Advertising help to improve the services offered by airtel mobile phone.
Hypothesis Three
  • Ho: Advertising does not impact positively on the customer demand of airtel mobile services.
  • Hi: Advertising impact positively on the customer demand of airtel mobile services.
Hypothesis Four
  • Ho: Advertising does not enhance the sales of mobile phones.
  • Hi: Advertising enhances the sales of mobile phones.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations:

5.1 Introduction

This chapter summarizes the findings on the impact of advertising on sales of mobile phone in Enugu metropolis, a case study of AIRTEL. The chapter consists of summary of the study, conclusions, and recommendations.

5.2 Summary of the Study

In this study, our focus was on the impact of advertising on sales of mobile phone in Enugu metropolis, a case study of AIRTEL. The study is was specifically focused on highlighting the loopholes in services offered by mobile operation so as to enables management policies, strategies and decision to be stream-lined towards improving on these services, educating the mobile phone employees on the benefit of good customer relations and establishing the relationship between marketing and sales of mobile phones.

The study adopted the survey research design and randomly enrolled participants in the study. A total of 100 responses were validated from the enrolled participants where all respondent are staff of Airtel Nigeria in Enugu Metropolis.

5.3 Conclusions

With respect to the analysis and the findings of this study, the following conclusions emerged;

With the conduction of the research and having analyzed all the data collected, it was discovered that advertising is inevitable if an Airtel organization wants its product to remain in the market. It is therefore obvious that advertising creates a highly positive impact on the sales of products by influencing consumer patronage. Airtel Adverts on television has indeed connected Airtel to Nigerians especially Enugu residents in early days by helping to create the initial awareness of their services thereby promoting the demand and purchase of the company‟s product.

Drawing an inference on findings, it is now glazing that advertising helps to build demand for those products that have too much supply and help to locate buying interest in new and old product including product modification that has been undertaken as a result of competition. Advertising is also used to locate a repeat purchase, increases sales, increases profit, breaking brand loyalty etc.

In the light of the above, the researcher concludes that this study is needed at this time as its findings have revealed a lot of insightful information necessary for serious consideration to individuals, corporate bodies who will like to enhance organizations products like Airtel-NG

5.4 Recommendation

The recommendations include:

  1. Airtel-NG should intensity efforts in nourishing good customers‟ relationship. There should also be growing movement towards integrating all the messages created by their various communication agencies and sent out by various departments within the company in order to achieve consistency.
  2. In order for Airtel to prosper against its rivals, they have to be innovative and alert to whatever subtle move made by other competitors‟ in order to continue occupying its leadership position.
  3. The place of research in advertising is very crucial. Findings or research is the foundation of advertising. Airtel should endeavor to carry out research from time to time. A business world is full of uncertainties and risk. Research and findings can help reduce these risks to manageable proportions. It will also guide the management to take informed marketing and advertising decision.
  4. The need of the customers/ subscribers should also be put into consideration during the process of advertising campaign in order to give the right messages that the audience would immediately react to and in turn increases the profit of the company.
  5. Airtel-NG should adopt modern advertising which will help them get more knowledge and wider horizon in the face of high competition in the market place as well as new dimension.
  6. Airtel-NG should most importantly endeavor to make their advertising messages simply to avoid ambiguity for audience acceptance

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