An Identification Of The Effects Of Computer Literacy On Modern Secretaries

Project and Seminar Material for Secretarial Administration

An Identification Of The Effects Of Computer Literacy On Modern Secretaries


This project attempted to identify the effects of computer literacy on the job performance of modern secretaries and to find out if secretaries without computer knowledge can be conveniently employed in a modern office.

The researcher used all the secretaries in NEPA Enugu Zonal office which is 75 secretaries as the population of the study. Because of the smallest of the population size, the researcher used the entire population of 75 secretaries for the study.

The instrument used for data collection was a 20-iten structured questionnaire called ECLOSEC (effects of computer literacy on secretaries) which was prepared by the researcher.

The researcher in order to get the needed result distributed questionnaire to some staff of National Electric Power Authority, NEPA Enugu zonal office which was the area of study of this project, and their responses were converted. The researcher was able to found out that there are some effects of computer literacy on modern secretaries which are speed and accuracy, neatness, easy edition, formatting and saving of documents. Also that secretaries without computer knowledge cannot be employed in a modern office

Furthermore, the researcher agreed that the major problem of secretaries is the fear that computer has come to replace them because they know fully well that without computer knowledge they would not be able to do their work perfectly in a modern office. The researcher noticed that students are not taught word processing as a serious course and this has contributed to their failure in performing their job.

It was as a result of these findings, the researcher suggested that every secretary should try hard to become computer literate by going for the training so as to secure gainful employment in a modern office.

Chapter One


1.0 Introduction

In the past centuries, secretaries kept important documents or mails in their files or drawers. These files were kept in the filing cabinet or the storage facility which was in use for years. Some of these documents become too old and torn, it could get lost or the cabinet could not contain it any longer thereby leading to misfiling. Also some other workers in the organization could take away important documents without the secretary’s knowledge.

Furthermore, stones and sticks were initially used as counting tools or machine before the industrial revolution. Charles Babbage who invented the first calculating machine foresaw the ineffectiveness of using the Abacus method of calculation. Computer came into existence with the help of the Harvard University coupled with the idea of Babbage with the experience gained from the use of punched cared machine. The first electric computer was built in 1944 and it was called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and calculator (ENIC).

Over the years, (during the 19th and 20th centuries) business officers have been undergoing the process of computerization in terms of installing computers and other modern equipment in pace of old and obsolete ones. This computerization process started in Europe after the industrial revolution and has since gone round the world including Nigeria, Hong local Government is no exception.

1.1 Historical Background of the Case Study:

Hong Local Government Area, mostly dominated by the Kilba ethnic group is situated in the North East of Adamawa Sate bordering four local governments: Gombi, Song, Mubi and Askira-Uba Local Governments. Miss Nissen gives a good description of the location of Kilba area in her book, An African Church is Born, 1968. It was created out of the current Gombi local government on 16th June, 1989 under the Babangida Military regime with Mrs. Rehab Ethan Yusuf as the First indigenous Chairperson and Mr. Abraham Zidon as the Secretary with Hong as its Headquarter; however, two months later it was dissolved and Hong remained under Gombi local government as one of her major cities.

With the creation of additional sates in the country in 1991 by the Military regime under General Babangida (Rtd), Adamawa State was created out of the defunct Gongola State and Hong regained her lost Glory on August 27, 1991, it was declared again for the second time as Local Government with its Headquarter still stands as Hong, but this time, Barr. Habsatu Usman was appointed as the chairperson and Mr. Jonathan U. Akawu as secretary. Since its creation till date, there are twenty chairmen and seventeen secretaries that served in the Local Government Secretariat including the current chairman; Ahmed Yerima Isa and Alhaji Danladi Kwachi as the current secretary.

The Secretariat is located at the south west of Hong town. It is here that the Chairman receives all his official visitors and also conducts all the businesses of the local government and the affairs of the entire community of Hong local government Area. Therefore, there is need to man the secretariat with qualified and dedicated secretary to carry out the various functions and duties as the secretary to the local government chairman.

Secretaries are often the facilitators of numerous aspects of communications throughout a workplace environment. They will often act as a liaison for the local government secretariat or will manage calls like a receptionist. They also are usually tasked with the circulation of memos, agendas and other types of reports concerning the local government. During meetings, secretaries often keep track of the chairman and other people’s schedules and will many times be tasked with taking notes for the convenience of other people at the meeting. When resolutions are made, secretaries sometimes will also be tasked with seeing to make sure certain commitments are kept or agreed and actions are made. It is imperative to note that there are some effects of computer literacy on modern secretaries which are speed and accuracy, neatness, easy edition, formatting and saving of documents, to mention a few.
Knowing fully well that the major problem of secretaries in this modern age is the fear that computer has come to replace them because they know fully well that without computer knowledge they would not be able to do their work perfectly in a modern office. It is also noticed that students are not taught word processing as a serious course and this has contributed to their failure in performing their job.

Considering the aforementioned and the demands on modern office therefore, and in order to meet up with this demands, secretaries has no option than to acquire the knowledge on computer. Moreover, the duties of modern secretaries in offices and the use of computer revolve round the secretariat for the achievement of organizational goals because a modern office that does not have this computer may not achieve their goals effectively. A modern secretary is a person who possesses a mastery of office skills who demonstrate the ability to assume responsibilities without supervision, who exercises initiatives and judgment and who make decisions within the scope of assigned authority with the knowledge of computers.

Today, most offices have been computerized and it is the secretaries that manipulate this equipment in the course of discharging their duties effectively. The question now is “To what extent does the use of computer affect the job performance of modern secretaries in terms of efficiency?” Quality of work done reduces mistakes in circulation and gives offices efficient cost, effect analysis that would be nearly impossible with manual operations. The effects of the computer literate on the modern secretaries then become an issue of discussion.

Computerized technology is more powerful, more versatile and more flexible than the mechanical technology that the world has now outgrown. In the rapidly changing world where information technology and the electronic office is fast becoming a reality, secretaries cannot be pleased and rely on their basic office skills or secretarial training. Although skills and discipline will be necessary, the ability to be conversant with word processors, computer, desktop publishing equipment and computer application and future innovations will be an essential requirement. Introduction of computer technology improves the secretarial skills and experience. Office work is the area of business which has been most influenced by computer and microprocessor. Secretarial work requires the use of word processor, printer and monitors to control their operations and it also help artists, scientist, engineers, accountants, etc. computers are vital to the secretaries in their management systems and storage of information.

In spite of this computer age, some secretaries are still carrying out their duties manually without the aid of computers because they are completely ignorant of the usefulness of the computer. This research therefore is carried out in order to carefully identify how much computer literacy can help modern secretaries and how it will affect their duties.

1.2 Statement of Problem

Since the introduction of computer into the business world, secretaries now find it difficult to cope with the latest development in micro age. Because there are many problems associated with the use of computer. According to Terry (1970:155) stated that the problems associated with the use of computer is heavily with the cost of maintenance. The cost of repairing and maintaining computer are so high that most of them are dumped in the office making secretaries who are acquainted with them handicapped to tackle their job. Recurrent expenses in the form of cost of stationery, ink, training of staff and special pay for such staff are problems encounters in procuring computer Onasanya (1990:248). He further said that computer reduces inefficiency on the part of the secretary, problems such as delay in production due to break down of the machines arises.

Also modern secretaries without computer literate find it difficult to cope or perform their duties well in a modern office. Many modern office now no longer employ any secretary without computer literate.

Again, the old system of filing or storage has been phased out since the introduction of computers in to the business world. Some modern secretaries cling to the use of manual machine due to their ignorant of the usefulness of computer because of their lack of knowledge of it. Hence her interest for this study to identify the effects of computer literacy on modern secretaries.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The aims of this study is to identify the effects of computer literacy on modern secretaries using NEPA Enugu as the focal point.

Specially, the study will try to

  1. Identify the effects of computer literacy on the job performance of modern secretaries.
  2. Find out whether modern secretaries who are not computer literate can be employed in a modern office
  3. Identify whether the knowledge of computer facilitates the work of modern secretaries.
  4. Find out the importance of computer to modern secretaries.
  5. Find out whether the computer has come to replace the work of secretaries.

1.4 Research Questions

To achieve the above objectives, five research questions were formulated and the research will provide answers to the following research questions.

  1. What are the effects o computers literacy on the job performance o modern secretaries
  2. Can modern secretaries who are not computer literate be employed in a modern office
  3. Does the knowledge of computer facilitates the work of secretaries.
  4. What are the importance o computer to modern secretaries
  5. Has the introduction of computer come to replace the work of secretaries.

1.5 Scope of the Study

This research is focused on an identification of the effects of computers literacy on modern secretaries in NEPA Enugu. Also to the use of observation which were employed to assess both view of the senor secretaries and junior secretaries and the top managers that work directly with the secretaries.

1.6 Significance of the Study

This study is going to identify the effects of computer on the job performance of modern secretaries in modern office, to recommend solutions for the up-liftment of everybody in business and for the growth of Nigerian economy in particular.


This study is significant in that it will help modern secretaries to know whether computer literate is important in performing their jobs. This is to minimize and where possible to eliminate computer ignorance on the side of secretaries, workers and nature itself.

It will also help to clear the argument on whether the introduction of computer will make modern secretaries jobless or not. Many secretaries now bear it at the back of their mind that the only reason of introducing computer into our business is to chase them away from their normal position in the office


On the side of employers, the notable significance is to inform the employers on the category of secretaries to organizations will equally enjoy this research since it will help them to know, choose or employ qualified secretaries in their organizations.

The secretaries are said to be the life wire of any organization or business. When the secretaries and their employers are happy, the business itself will be invariably happy. The position of secretaries in office affair is a function of the world position in office line. Therefore, the world as a whole is a beneficiary from the study

Finally, this study is immensely significant, primarily with the respect to the fact that it constitutes a major requirement to the conferment of the Higher National Diploma in secretarial studies on the writer. The study will be beneficial to those who need the information for literature enrichment of the subject such as director, managers, secretaries and those interested in secretarial information.

1.8 Definition of Terms

i. Identification:

An act of determining the properties of something, usually by research.

ii. Effect:

Means a change that somebody or something courses in somebody or something is a change which is as a result or consequences of an action or other cause.

iii. Computer:

An electronic device or machine that can store information and do things with it according to a set of instruction.

iv. Literature:

The ability to read and write.

v. Modern Secretary:

An Officer of a society or organization, who deals with correspondences, organizes official meetings and event and has skills and knowledge on modern office equipment.

Chapter Five

Discussion, Implication and Recommendations

This chapter presents the discussion of the results of the study, conclusions, implications of the research findings, recommendations, suggestion for further research and limitation of the study

5.1 Discussion of Results

The analysis of the data collected revealed that the knowledge of computer has some effects on the job performance of the modern secretaries, from the answers given by sampled secretaries in table 1, it was found these effects are speed, and accuracy, neatness, production of good quality documents, easy editing, formatting and saving of documents, production of smooth job with reduced energy input. Grimbleby (1990) pointed out that routine document can be carried out with high degrees of accuracy and good appearance, more speed on a computer, where several copies of a document are required, the gain in quality over carbon-copies is immense. These have reduced the boredom of a secretary by making their routine work or task easy.

Table 2 of the analysis indicated that the use of computer has affected the efficiency of secretaries by easing off the tedious jobs which could have performed manually.

Table 3 of the analysis indicated that editing, correcting, revising and making other changes without retyping the text are the effects of computer application of the productivity of secretaries as majority of the respondents positively answered that

Information from table 4 shows that the advent of computer affected the demand for secretaries. 80% of the respondents answered positively that the demands for secretaries have increase. 13.33% answered stabilized demand while 6.67% answered reduced demand.

According to table 5, modern offices cannot employ any secretary who is not computer literate. This table shows that 93.33% of the respondents agreed to it as against 6.67% that disagreed.

Table 6 showed that secretaries without computer literacy can no longer maintain their positions in the modern offices. 86.67% of the respondents proved it with positive answer. Against 13.33%. This shows that without computer knowledge a secretary cannot maintain her position or employ in any computerized office.

Table 7 also indicated that offices now don’t accept secretaries without the knowledge of computer. From the table 93.33% of the respondents answered positively on the issue as against 6.67% that answered negatively.

Information from table 8 shows that as the computer continue to develop in the modern business world, that secretary without computer literacy will not be conveniently employed in future.

This was proved positive as all the respondents agreed that it is true. This suggests that secretaries should go for computer training to avoid unemployment.

From table 9 to table 12 indicated that the knowledge of computer facilitate the work of secretaries. 100% of the respondents answered positively about it. Table 10 showed that the computer facilitate the work of secretaries by making it faster and at the same time neat. All the respondents proved it positively. Table 11 indicated that the rate of the output of work produced by secretaries with computer is high quality job. All the 100% of the respondents gave a positive answer to that. Also table 12 showed that computer has not displaced secretaries in various modern offices.

According to table 13 to 16 shows that computer has many importance to modern secretaries. Table 13 indicated that all the respondents proved that the importance are less physical efforts, elimination of monotonous and repetitive tasks, greater speed and accuracy, more information made available and at lower costs. Table 14 proved that the importance of computer is highly accepted by all which means that 100% of all the respondents know that computer is importance to every secretary in performing their duties.

Table 15 indicated that 90.67% of the respondents agreed and showed that secretaries appreciated the use if computer very well in the performance of their job while table 16 proved that all respondents indicated that computer has reduced the boredom of secretaries by making their routine task easy.

Information from table 17 table 20 indicated that the introduction of computer has not come to replace the work of secretaries. Analysis from table 17 shoed that 86.67% answered that the introduction of computer does not replaced the work of secretaries as against 13.33% that answered positively of it. Indication from table 18 proved that 80% of the respondents answered that the job opportunities of secretaries have increased since the introduction of computer into our businesses. Table 20 showed that the introduction of computer in offices imposed many challenges on the job performance of modern secretaries which the majority of the respondents answered positively. Also they said that the introduction compelled them to undergo a course in computer in order to make them be competent.

In all, it was gathered that some of the questions asked received positive answers while some responded negatively, but all answer helped the researcher to learn that the objective of the study is to identify some effects of computer literacy on the job performance of modern secretaries and the benefits of computer literacy.

It is however, hoped that this work will be of importance to the secretaries to help them know the benefits and how to achieve it.

5.2 Conclusion

From the relevant findings of the study, the following conclusions have been drawn

  1. The effects of computer literacy affected the efficiency of secretaries.
  2. The advent of computer enhances the performance of the secretaries
  3. The advent of computer has not made secretaries redundant rather the computer has come to stay with the secretary as both of them work hand in hand.
  4. The introduction of computer does not replace the work of secretaries rather it increases the demand for them

Finally it is anticipated that having taken care of the recommendations in this work, there will be improvement of success in future

5.3 Implication of the Research Findings

The findings of this study have some importance in educational implications, they includes:

Secretaries that are not computer literate may find it difficult to perform in a modern office or they may not even be employed in those modern offices and those working under already computerized office will be trained to acquire the skill of computer literacy.

As the technology is improving or advancing, if the secretaries are not working alongside with the advancement, it might lead to increase in secretary’s unemployment.

As the advent of computer enhances the performance of the secretary, secretary should be computer literate to enable them cope with this computer age or else it will lead to their unemployment.

Since, computer is becoming the talk of the day, more effort must be put in it to make efficiency and effective secretaries in the society.

5.4 Recommendations

The following recommendations have been made in the light of the findings and discussions with relevant major conclusions which have been highlighted.

Having been convinced that as technology is advancing secretary without computer literate can not make his/her way into modern office, it is good to embrace computer training to avoid those problems.

Secretaries should try as much as possible to acquire the knowledge of computer for its great impart in their performance.

The government should provide adequate computer system in schools so that students would be able to have the knowledge of it before graduation, especially the secretarial students.

More time should be created for in-service training for them to upgrade their knowledge.

Computer experts should be well acquainted with maintenance of computer to avoid certain obstructions that may occur due to bad state of the computers.

Finally, computer word processing should be made a core course for secretarial studies in their curriculum since computer is meant for them to perform their jobs effectively.

5.5 Suggestions for Further Research

Following the results of the study, suggestion for further research was suggested as follows:

  1. Out-put evaluation of the non-computer literate secretary
  2. The role of secretary in computerize institutions
  3. The relevance of computer in the technological development of the nation

5.6 Limitation of the Study

In carrying out this study. Some difficulties were encountered.

1. Uncooperative Attitude of the Respondents and Lack of Rest of Mind.

During the time of distribution of the questionnaire to the staff of Hong Local Government Secretariat, the attitude of some staff was incorporating to the researcher as a result of the panic and restlessness caused by Boko Haram. Others lamented on the destruction of the part of the Secretariat by the insurgents. In spite of these challenges, the researcher was able to convince the staffs for their corporation.

2. Financial Constraints

Financial constraints also hampered the researcher from visiting other business organization for reference purposes, most especially as the researcher took risk to go to Hong in Adamawa State, a twelve hours journey.

3. Time Constraints

This is another constraint that was one of the major difficulties which the researcher encountered during this research, enough time was not given for the gathering of data and the researcher equally has other demanding academic obligations to meet.

However, despite all the difficulties and problems, the purpose of the study has been a derived

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