A History Of Colonial Infrastructure In Katsina Metropolis, 1903-1960

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A History Of Colonial Infrastructure In Katsina Metropolis, 1903-1960

Chapter One

General Introduction

1.1 Introduction

With the colonial conquest of Katsina Emirate in 1903 the British colonial masters established social, economic and political policies in order to archive their objective which was not far away from economic exploitation. Some of these policies include the Native Authority System, the of Katsina College in 1921, Native Authority Treasury, Native Authority Agric Department, Native Authority Health Department and Native Authority Police Department among others. It is imperative to note that all these efforts made by the British government were aimed to facilitate economic exploitation and political oppression, in Katsina metropolis.

This research is therefore attempted to examine the history of Katsina prior the advent of colonialism. The research also analyzed the British conquest and occupation of Katsina metropolis as well as the political and economic changes that took place during the colonial period. But the work centered on the History of Colonial Infrastructures in Katsina Metropolis, 1903-1960.9

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Colonial infrastructure refers to the basic facilities needed for the functioning of community or society which were provided or established by the colonial government during colonial period. For example, Native Authority, Treasury, Central Prison, Katsina College to mention but a few. Several researches have been carried out on colonialism in Katsina metropolis but nothing much has been said about the colonial infrastructure in Katsina metropolis which to date. Therefore, the need to study a history of colonial Infrastructure in Katsina Metropolis 1903 to 1960 became imperative, because of the fact that literatures about the colonial infrastructure are very rare. Notwithstanding, the study of these colonial infrastructure in Katsina is vital. It is therefore, important to identify some crucial questions on based on our area of study.

  1. Why did the British conquered and occupied Katsina?
  2. Why British established such infrastructure?
  3. How did the infrastructure impacted the life of Katsina people?
  4. Is the infrastructure still in existence?

This research will therefore attempt to critically examine the aforementioned questions so as to obtain a concise and readable research.

1.3 Significance of the Study

A study of colonial infrastructure in katsina metropolis is very important because it portray the nature and significance of the colonial infrastructure if there is any. This research is also important owing to the fact that it acquaints us with, the knowledge of colonial activities used to facilitate the consolidation of colonial rule in Katsina metropolis most of these colonial infrastructures were also constructed through local labour and resources of Katsina. In addition, the research also contributes educationally to the existing knowledge of colonial infrastructure in Katsina metropolis.

1.4 Aim and Objectives

The aim of the research is to reconstruct the history of colonial infrastructure in Katsina metropolis, 1903 -1960.The study attempts to achieve the following objectives

  1. To assess the reasons why British Conquered and occupied Katsina metropolis in 1903.
  2. To analyze the operation of colonial infrastructure during colonial period.
  3. To explain why the British government provided such infrastructure.
  4. To examine the impact of colonial infrastructure on Katsina people during and after colonial period.

1.5 Scope and Limitation

The scope of the research covers the colonial period in Katsina metropolis1903-1960.Indeed, 1903 was another landmark in the history of katsina because that was when the British government conquered and established it control over the area. Additionally, the 1960 was another milestone in the political history not only Katsina but Nigeria in general because that was the period when Nigeria got her independence. Furthermore, this research has encountered with several limitations such as the time frame, financial problem among others.

1.6 Justification of the Study

Few literatures on colonial infrastructure in Katsina metropolis are very rare. This research is therefore important to the other researchers who are willing to further their research academically, because it highlights the history of Katsina, reasons why the British conquered Katsina and why they provided such infrastructure in the area.

1.7 The Conceptual Clarification

Colonialism is an extension political control by one powerful nation over a weaker nation. These foreign immigrant dominated countries where they settled not only political but social and economic in order to sustain their domination of the people there and impose various taxes.

Colonialism is the exploitation, maintenance, acquisition and expansion of territory, by powerful country. It was a setup of unequal relationship between colonial power and colonies and often between the colonist and indigenous population.

Infrastructure is the large scale public services system and facilities which include power supply, public transportation, telecommunication, roads, schools and hospitals etc

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