Hindrance To The Effective Performance Of Secretaries In The Labour Force

Project and Seminar material for Public Administration

Project and Seminar material for Public Administration


In this project insight taken into the society working class its origin strongly and the various eocnomci political social and religious indices/ factors working for and or against it especially the secretaries and how the (working class) was been able to whether through the storms of life in chapter one the background of the study is seen the three basic needs of main food shelter and clothing and how man has been labouring to him to have them the derision/stratification of the labour force into unskilled and skilled labour was discussed. The statement of problem the purpose of the study the research question significance and hypothesis are seen.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

Over the year it has come to be established and accepted that the three basic needs of (the living) man is food shelter and clothing in the bid or in order to satisfied these basic needs man ahs saddled himself with and embarked upon various enterprises social economic political and even religious with the development and advancement in the various field human endeavoours came the grouping of labour into skilled and unskilled labour whereby people are known and grouped into what they can best achieve or do according to their training and ability. Under the unskilled labour are people without formal academic qualifications like the manual labourers while the skilled labour or workers are those with formal education or academic qualifications like the secretaries teachers accountants lawyers geologists etc.

Flowing from the above is the development and advancement in the secretarial profession which is grouped as skilled labour whether skilled or unskilled labour the exploitation and suppression and the consequent agitation for emancipation and improved conditions of services have/her brought the labour confrontation and continual struggle for supremacy. This struggle for emancipation and supremacy between the working class (the proletariat ) and the employer (the bourgeois) was borne out the two major socio economic ideologies of the world. Capitalism and socialism communism.

The capitalist ideology which ensures and postulates supports and distribution has the bourgeois as the super class while the socialist ideology supports or advocates centrally planned economy/public ownership mean of production and distribution with the working class as the super master.

In socio economic situation whether capitalism socialism/communism or mixture of both has the labour force that usually crises out because of the adverse conditions or the other which collectively constitute hindrances to effective performance.

These cries and agitations for improved conditions of services again prompted the as to press for and get their demands form the employers through collective bargaining. Trade unions embracing both skilled and unskilled workers but mainly formed and organized according to the socio economic strata of the various work groups/interests have grown from strength to strength since the introduction and emergence of paid employment whether trade unionism has successes or is succeeding in bettering the conditions and performance of the workers is also more dependent on the policies of the government of the day as there are very many other factors economic social political and religious that makes or make the effective performance of the workers of which the secretaries are among.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

From the foregoing background one would simply find out that there are many hindrance confronting the secretaries in the effective performance of their work which include economic social religions and political reasons.

  1. They are over used in their offices (they donโ€™t go home after the days job unless their boss go home) yet they receive meager/low wages earnings. Many times secretaries are given job that will make them stay more than the official working hours without any over time allowance offered.
  2. The delay/lateness in payment of salaries wages and allowances it is not longer a story that secretaries and other workers are being owed months of arrears of salaries wages even to the extent that the have to go on strike before being paid. Remembers โ€œa hungry man is an angry manโ€ the totality of human enterprises endeavour and a daily running about in summarized in the accumulation and acquisition of money . Money is a mobilize and a motivator. Let there be enhance and regular payment of salaries allowances and out pocket expenses and then see the secretary performing and putting in the best
  3. Secretaries are not motivated in their duties.

It is generally believed and accepted that motivation is the mother of invention. Once is motivated he/she must surely bring out the best in him/her .

The secretary can be motivated by sending him/her to periodic training to enhance his performance.

Periodic appraisal and evaluation of the work/duties of a secretary as well as offering the necessary encouragement serve as a motivational tonic to the secretary. Periodic organizational meeting or dialogue approach are also important for the motivation of a secretary which will eventually lead to maximum performance.

The secretary can be motivated by providing him/her with the work facilities/tool to enhance his performance because non provision of working tools may render the secretary ineffective.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

The purpose of this research work are as follows:

  1. To determine whether secretaries are over used in their offices yet they receive meager/low wages earnings or not and to what extent
  2. To find out the extent by which the salaries wages and allowance of secretaries are delayed and paid lately.
  3. To ascertain whether secretaries are motivated in their works/duties or not and to what extent
  4. To determine to what extent secretaries (females) are discriminated against in their office with the male especially those who have been working in Zamfara state due to one thing or the other are transferred in non-Shaira states.
  5. To find out if the secretaries are intimate and humiliated by their bosses in the offices that make them inferior and to what extent.

1.4 Scope Of The Study

The scope of this study boarder on the hindrances that affect secretaries in the effective performance of their duties which includes-intimidation and humiliation non motivation discrimination over use in work and delay lateness in payment of salaries.

1.5 Research Questions

To guide this project work some research questions were formulated

They are as follows:

  1. To what extent are secretaries over used in Anambra Imo River Basin development authority Owerri despite their meager wages earnings
  2. To what extent are the salaries and allowances of the secretaries of Anambra Imo River Basin development authority Owerri are delayed
  3. To what extent are the motivation of secretaries are denied at Anambra Imo River Basin development Owerri
  4. To what extent do the secretaries (females) are discriminated against (males) especially these who were transferred from Shaira Area (Zannfara state) to Anambra Imo River Basin development Owerri.
  5. To what extent do the secretaries of Anambra Imo River Basin development authority Owerri are intimidated and humiliated .

1.6 Significance Of The Study

  1. To point out the need to motivate secretaries of Anambra Imo River Basin development authority Owerri so that they will bring out the best they can offer to increase their performance.
  2. To fight against the delay in payment of the salaries/wages and allowances of the secretaries of Anambra Imo River Basin development authority Owerri.
  3. To assists Anambra Imo River Basin development Authority Owerri in utilizing the efforts of their secretaries without over stressing them.
  4. To eradicate the intimidation and humiliation shown by the secretaries of Anambara Imo River Basin development authority Oweei by their bosses
  5. To provide a way/method that will protect the interest of secretaries without discrimination despites the religion tribe and race
  6. To encourage secretaries of Anambra Imo River Basin development authority Owerri (AIRBDAO) to improve on their educational background by attaining even up to Ph. D in related fields.
  7. To assists the secretaries in Anambra Imo River Basin development Owerri in being acquainted with the new information technology so as to boost of increased production and efficiency that will finally lead to their effective performance.
  8. To organize a forum that will enable the secretaries to be seeing themselves at least once in three months and the research other believe that this will promote peace unity and love in their mist and it will lead to efficiency.
  9. To encourage the secretaries in Anambra Imo River Basin development authority Owerri to be proud of their work/jobs so that they will put in their best because when one is proud of what he/she is doing to earn a living it is believed there will be increase in the production of his/her services which will also increase efficiency.
  10. To remove the fear people usually have when they are advised to undergo training on secretarial studies.
  11. To promote the interest of secretaries in Anambra Imo River Basin Owerri by encouraging them to work hinder in order to improve their efficiency.
  12. To encourage the students secretaries who will soon enter into labour force on the benefits and joy of being a secretary

1.7 Hypothesis

  1. The Proper Function Of Any Organization On The Efficiency Of Its Procedures
  2. Most organization do need adopt well trained secretary procedure
  3. For the effective functioning the office that is the secretaries should depend on a good training procedure
  4. Because of trained secretaries in various organization secretarial works is hindered and so work is showed down.

1.8 Definition Of Terms

1. Hindrance

The obstruct delay in setting what you want in the other

2. Secretary

Any office worker who combines the major skills of shorthand and typewriting with other competencies of filing reprography etc (Anyaduba 1991)

3. Modern facilities of office

Equipment that meet the present day requirement in the office

4. Technology

According to Hornby (1963) technology is the study master and utilization of manufacturing and industrial method systematic application of knowledge industry.

5. Adequacy

The sufficiency of what is available for a special requirement

6. Efficiency

Ability to produce the desired effect with a minimum of effect

7. Availability

When office equipment are ready provided for use

8. Sophisticated

Highly automated and fully mechanized modern office equipment like the computer.

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