Feminism In The Philosophy Of Simone De Beauvoir A Critical Analysis

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Feminism In The Philosophy Of Simone De Beauvoir A Critical Analysis


Feminism is one of the philosophical concepts that has raised a lot of controversies in all human societies. Nike AIR Max 2017 Goedkoop It is a theory, ideology and a humanistic philosophy that incorporate men and women for the upliftment and development of the society. Air Max Tailwind 8 Goedkoop To this end, Simone De Beauvoir, a French existentialist philosopher, applied existentialists’ ideas to the situation of the contemporary women. Nike Air Max 90 Bloemen Dame For ages, the woman is seen as a second class citizen, the “other”, an object who is lost and is losing her way, as such, this has doomed her to immanence since her transcendence has been overshadowed and forever transcended by another ego.

Nike Air Max 90 Honeycomb Dame To her, a woman is a free and autonomous being like all human creatures who finds herself living in a world where men compel her to the status of the “other”. This work is therefore a critical analysis of feminism in the philosophy of Simone De Beauvoir using her Second Sex. Nike Air Max 90 Heren With the analysis of feminism, some of the possible findings include that De Beauvoir’s feminism is misogynic, anti-naturalistic and confrontational. This thesis therefore concludes that her feminism is inauthentic, unnaturalistic and is opposed to African feminism.

Chapter Five

Evaluation and Conclusion

5.1. Evaluation

This chapter evaluates this work by summarizing and concluding. The evaluation gives the summary of the work, stemming from chapter one to chapter five.

  1. Chapter one dealt with the general introduction and the general structure of the work. It stated the problems, the aims and significance, the methodology, scope of work as well as clarified of the terms.
  2. Chapter two took care of the literature review. It reviewed the relevant related literature of some philosophers on feminism in the philosophy of Simone De Beauvoir in the contemporary period.
  3. Chapter three focused on the concept of feminism in the philosophy of Simone De Beauvoir. She saw patriarchy, motherhood and religion (Christianity) as the main obstacles to women emancipation and liberation.
  4. However, chapter four made a critical analysis of Simone De Beauvoir’s concept of feminism; where her views as regards feminism were criticized, by narrowing it down to African feminism.
  5. It is then followed by chapter five with the evaluation and conclusion.

5.2 Conclusion

Having critically analyzed Simone’s philosophy of feminism, I have realized that the Second Sex is one of the greatest and most insightful works ever written on western feminism. I however concur with her that sex is not and should not be a barrier to women empowerment.

Patriarchy is not the only constraint to women empowerment; rather women are also the architect of their downfall. With feminism (western feminism), one can misuse or abuse herself (especially with the mode of dressing) in the name of women liberation and empowerment. Internalized conception of themselves and of things that matter in life can also oppress women.

With the popular admonition, “what a man can do a woman can do better”, has been misunderstood and misinterpreted by some feminists, as such has paved way for immorality in the society. the church’s seriousness in its liberation mission can make more serious efforts to bring some revolutionary changes on some factors that affect women’s status and role and the teaching of philosophy should also be encouraged so as to liberate the minds of the members of the society and that of the women, so as to encourage and mobilize them to do better wherever they find themselves, so as to cope with the numerous challenges of the contemporary society.

Feminism should direct its energy towards stopping the vicious circle of low esteem of women which leads to self oppression rather than combating with men and seeing them as their arch enemies. Women should be given equal more opportunities to perform, for denying them their rights of freedom and self expression is unnatural. When women belief that material goods, material status are the prime goods of life rather than integrity, authenticity and responsibility, they readily take to self destructive ventures such as prostitution and other vices that are inimical to women development.

This thesis is not only to expose the lapses in De Beauvoir’s feminism, but to broaden our horizon as regards the difference between western and African feminism, which has been generally misconceived as a philosophy of lesbianism.

Every human society has a culture and norms, which are parts and parcel of her existence. Culture is indelible but those anachronistic cultural practices that are obnoxious and inimical to women development should be transformed and developed for women and societal development.

Women make up the highest percentage of the human race. To draw women down is to draw humanity down. They should be encouraged and mobilized that they can do better wherever they find themselves of as to cope with the numerous challenges of the contemporary society.

The above has therefore given a detailed critical analysis of Simone De Beauvoir’s philosophy of Feminism.

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