Factors Influencing Cultism In Secondary School (A Case Study Of Some Selected Secondary Schools In Orhionmwon Lga Of Edo State)

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Factors Influencing Cultism In Secondary School (A Case Study Of Some Selected Secondary Schools In Orhionmwon Lga Of Edo State)


Cultism is a small group of people who have extreme religious believes and not part of an established religion, which original object as turned into destructions? Cultism has destroyed so many lives, wasted so many families, aborted so many future makes our school or institutions of learning uncomfortable. Therefore it has to be completely eradicated totally from our society without knowing the cause of a problem, there is no way such problem can be solved. This study therefore focuses on the factors influencing the growth of cultism in secondary school using questionnaires administration, 40% of randomly selected secondary schools in Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State were sampled the findings revealed that parents, peer groups and power for protection, wealth are factors responsible for the growth of cultism in our country. Recommendations were made on how to totally eradicate cultism from our various secondary schools and society at large.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

The last two decade’s have witnessed secret cult violence in higher institution in Nigeria. Cult activities involve blood sharing and waste of human lives; have reached an alarming proportion in Nigeria society today. Media reports blaze the coverage of cult activities in educational institution in Nigeria. These include the activities in the University of Ibadan, Nsuka, Almadu Bello University, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, University of Benin and so on. Coverage also include the polytechnic such as Kwara state polytechnic, Oko polytechnic, Auchi Polytechnic the other polytechnic are not left out. The colleges of education are no exception, cult activities have been reported at the college of education etc.

Cult activities have continued to thrive in Nigeria due to the enormous impression of the seeming invisibility of cult and their members. A major factor working in the favour of cult group is mass ignorance on the part of students especially the new students who are hoodwinked and deceived to join them, secret cult societies could be traced down to the Egyptians. Cultism is the state or phenomenon where persons are bound together with a common belief or cause usually through some rituals. According to Oxford dictionary of current English 5th edition the word “cult” mean a system of religions worship especially one that is expressed in rituals. From this definition cults now popularly know as confraternities, have assumed a monstrous features in our institution of higher learning. To this end therefore our various campuses, which were hitherto a mode of intellectual quest and social uplift most have become citadel of violence and terrorism.

The pertinent question that one may ask is the phenomenon of cult just entering our institution of higher learning? The answer is simply no. this is because international figure have been know t be members of the pirates confraternity in their college days or universities. Furthermore, when there was a violent clash between the Eiye confraternity and the Buccaneers at the universities of Ibadan in (1989) some notable professors and doctors at the institution were fond to the patrons and bankers of these cults. The implication is that these professors and doctors were members of these cults in their own college days. We find and disturbing trend of the proliferation of campuses cult in or institutions of higher learning, such cults are Viking the black axe, the morphine, the buccaneers, the pirates, the black arrow to mention but a few have become a familiar features in our institutions.

Additionally, the attention of the government and the society at large is the introductions of violent, savagery and terrorism into the present day cult a diametrical contrast to what obtained in yester – years. It is now common in or campuses that factors of naval cults violently clash even in broad day light and manta themselves down with dangerous weapons such as guns and daggers, nocturnal initiation ceremonies in which initiates are animalized and some of then die in the process making blood covenants and performing other occultic rituals, organized opposition against any kind of oppression real or imagined liberal consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, intimidation and use of violent, extortion, stealing, armed robbers, arson, sexual abuse and rape, examination malpractice, maiming, manslaughter and murder. The recent occurrence are the university of Ile-Ife, Benin Ekpoma, Ibadan and of the course college of education, Ekiadolor to mention but a few artist to these facts. This is what as led to the pubic to speak against the societal evil calling to its total eradication.

1.2 Statement Of Problems

The fundamental problems of cultism are the uncertain and unsafe atmosphere in schools due to the manner of operation is both sinister and bizarre living behind them a trial of destructions most distressing of the problem is the space of killing in our schools in recent times. Many lives have been terminated prematurely. The human carriage of supposed leaders of tomorrow is what is causing a lot of concern to both the government and the entire citizenry. Inspite of measures put in place by the various arms of government and social administrators aimed at combating the ugly trend of cultism. The phenomenon seems to be gaining more popularity and prominence on our secondary schools. What could be responsible for students belonging to the secret cult could it be that they want to acquire power, wealth or influence? Could it be influence fro the peer groups, could they be acquisition for protection, could it be that their parents influence them. The following are the research questions drawn which will lead to proper investigation to find solution to the problems of cultism in our secondary schools.

1.3 Research Questions

  1. Does acquisition for power, wealth influence students to be involved in cultism?
  2. Does the influence of peer group a significant factor for joining cult?
  3. Does the parent’s involvement in cultism influence children to join cult?

1.4 Purpose Of The Study

This project work will be help to create awareness on the evils of secret cults in our institutions of learning as well as providing solutions to the problems, the only necessary ingredients are determination and constituency of the part of the authorities concerned to fight and uproot this social evils of cultism fro the schools system.

1.5 Significance Of The Study

On the completion of this project work. It will serve the purpose of guiding the individual in higher institutions into the school authorities and the government on how to find solutions to the prevailing problems of cultism in our schools. This study will provide in expository terms the causative factors that create the healthy climate that encourages the growth and spread of cultism in our institution or school. This will therefore provide planners and implementers of policies with the factors that influence cultism in schools. Factors known will enable them to combat cultism squarely and help eradicate the malaise that has become a canker worm in our secondary schools.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

This study will involve the total population of College of Education Ekiadolor Benin that is both the staff and the students of the College.

1.7 Definition Of Terms


A system of religions worship especially one that is expressed in rituals


Is the state or phenomenon where person are sound together with a common beliefs


This means until now or until a particular time


The act of seeking or a long search or to find.

Factors Influencing Cultism In Secondary School (A Case Study Of Some Selected Secondary Schools In Orhionmwon Lga Of Edo State)

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