Fabrication Of Twin Panel Metal Door

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Fabrication Of Twin Panel Metal Door


Privacy and security are major essential human needs in various houses, offices etc. ability to afford quality door and high long life span at an affordable price to an average Nigerian has been a problem. This project is aimed at fabrication of a double panel door which is capable of giving maximum security to life and properties. The locally available material (mild steel) of different shapes, sizes and forms was used with available indigenous technology without compromising the standards.

The door consists of a small and a big door panel fastened together at each ends with the aid of hinges. The door has an eye viewer and a door knockers. Some of the material used in the fabrication of the project are square pipe of different sizes, flat bar, metal plate etc.

The material was measured and cut into several shapes and sizes before being joined together with the use of arc welding machine and electrode. The components part was welded together then grinding machine was used to remove the slugs. The overall dimension of the door is 2.60m2 which is equivalent to 4 by 7ft.

The overall weight of the door is 5194.5109KN (that is, weight of frame, weight of panel and weight of cross bar). The material used is mild steel which has special features such as mechanical features, physical features, corrosion resistance, chemical features and light in weight.

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • Certification
  • Declaration
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgment
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 Objectives of the project
  • 1.2 The need for Door
  • 1.3 Types of Door
  • 1.4 Justification

Chapter Two

2.0 Literature Review

  • 2.1 Analysis of Alternative Door
  • 2.2 Choice of Alternative
  • 2.3 Types of Metal

Chapter Three

3.0 Materials and Construction Method

  • 3.1 Design Calculation for Twin Panel Metal Door
  • 3.1.2 Mass of the Frame
  • 3.1.3 Weight of the Frame
  • 3.2 The small Door
  • 3.3 The Big Door
  • 3.4 The Whole Door

Chapter Four

4.0 Material Selection and Fabrication Details

  • 4.1 Material Selection
  • 4.2 Tools and Machine used
  • 4.3 Safety Measure Taken During Construction
  • 4.4 Precaution
  • 4.4.1 Electric Shock
  • 4.4.2 Heat and Fumes
  • 4.4.3 Radiation from the Arc Welding

Chapter Five

5.0 Conclusion and Recommendation

  • 5.1 Conclusion
  • 5.2 Recommendations
  • References

List of Tables

  • Table 3.1 Selection of Materials
  • Table 4.1 Fabrication Details

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Door is a movable structure that is used as a means of closing off entrances for security purpose and also for the beautification of the area. In the ancient time, doors were not used and the people of then live comfortably in peace since there is trustworthiness among them, but as time goes on, some people gang up to become an enemy of progress, they started stealing another people’s properties and also terminate their live. This brings the people of those days to sit down and discover what is now known as door. During that time, doors were made of grasses or wood as a means of locking to secure their life and properties.

Wood as a material has a long history; it is the major component in the construction of doors. Doors made from wood is easy to construct and very cheap, but it can easily be destroyed when termites and other pests penetrate through it and it is not friendly with water and fire. The same thing happens to doors made from grasses, even worsen than that of the wooden door. As a result of these properties, wooden or grass door is not effective for security purpose as it can be easily breakthrough.

It was due to these problems that made engineers to develop and design more strong and effective door which is the metal door. Metal doors are in various design, these are: metal flush doors, flat sheet metal door etc.

The doors mentioned above give maximum protection to life and properties and meet people’s want.

But for more advancement, double panel door was employed by modern engineer into the family of existing doors to give maximum satisfaction. So the construction of this project is based on this double panel metal door. This door is divided into two (2) halves; the big door and the small door. It consists of the frame, the panel which is made of metal sheet, the stopper, the locking device, the hinges and the handle.

There are forces acting on door, these are: –

1. Contact Force:

This is a force which exists between surfaces in contact. It includes pushing and pulling forces, frictional forces and tension force in strings and wires.

2. Force Field:

Typical examples of force field include gravitational force, electrostatic force and magnetic force.
A gravitational force is the force which the earth exerts on every object on its surface.

1.1 Objectives of the Project

Some of the aims and objectives of this project are stated below:

  1. To prepare students for future task as an engineer or technologist.
  2. To provide maximum security for life and properties.
  3. To ensure better life span for door with the use of quality materials.
  4. To promote and improve the method of door designs to a modern design.
  5. To allow large objects to pass through the door at the same time by opening the two (2) panels.
  6. To expose the students to various machines used in the construction of twin panel metal door and to be technically involved.

1.2 The Need for Doors

The main reason and the need for doors include:

  1. For security purpose
  2. To allow for privacy
  3. For beautification of houses, offices, shops etc.
  4. Regulation of access and noise reduction.
  5. To control the physical atmosphere within a space by enclosing the air drafts so that interiors may be more effectively heated or cooled.

1.3 Types of Door

Doors are in various designs which are as follows:

  1. Leather door
  2. Wooden door
  3. Flat sheet door
  4. Glass metal door
  5. Metal door

The metal door was made up of metals and it has different unit like frame (metal panel), panel (metal pipe and sheet metal), handle (metal bar), and hinges.

The twin panel metal door we constructed is divided into units, namely:

  1. The panel unit
  2. The frame unit
  3. The handle unit
  4. The hinges

1.4 Justification of the Project

Metal door is a very strong type of door with a good life span and possesses high resistance to corrosion
Metal door is more advantageous when compared to other types of doors due to its mechanical properties especially when a good material is selected for the construction of the door. It is more appreciated when coated properly with quality paint.

Metal door is therefore preferred to other types of doors due to the following reasons.

  1. It provides adequate security to life and properties
  2. It offers high resistance to strain.
  3. It has a good life span
  4. It beautify houses, offices etc
  5. It offers a very high resistance to rusting when coated properly.

Chapter Five

5.0 Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

All the theoretical class work without a related practical work particularly in course of technology like engineering is useless and inadequate because it lies in the treasure of the skill needed to succeed as an engineering student. In this respect, we commend the effort of the institution for the imposition of project in the curriculum before the fulfillment of national diploma programme.

This project had ready exposed the weakness of student for correction and eventually instilling confidence in them. Moreover, the project work has taught students to think independently using their individual creativity and also it prepares students for the challenges ahead of them.

During the course of our project construction, we have derived a lot of gains and benefits. Similarly with the keen supervision of our indisputable supervisor, we have learned how to art, mark-out, cut and weld perfectly. At the end of the project work, we are able to produce a Twin Panel Metal door with good tensile strength, high ductility; high malleability, light weight and aesthetic quality.

Lastly, team work experience is derived during the process of the project work.

5.2 Recommendations

This project would not be completed without recommendations for improvement. Among the things to be considered is the duration of time allotted to the project work. The students should be given more time so that they will finish their project without any negative effect on their school works. By considering this, it would enable them to go for researches as pertain to the project.

Furthermore, the school authority is advised to provide more machines and tools needed by students in executing their projects. The available machines and tools in the school workshop are not sufficient; consequently much of the student time is wasted in the process of waiting for others to finish theirs.

The institution should develop an interdepartmental project work so as to put resources together for production or creation of essential components like construction of motor car which will involve almost all the department in this institute, ATM machine etc.

Finally, students could be motivated if the institution or government as well as private organization can come to assist the project work by funding it.

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