Fabrication Of Twin Leaf Metal Door

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Fabrication Of Twin Leaf Metal Door


This project report is based on fabrication of twin leaf metal door. A mental door is a movable structure used to close off an entrance typically consisting of a panel that swings on lings, side or rotate.

This metal door more reliable and strong and has much good looking appearance than other doors like, wooden door, glass door, leather door e.t.c various fabrication processes such as: marking out, cutting, bending, joining or welding, grinding, spraying e.t.c were adopted and implemented in the fabrication of this twin leaf metal door. Peep hole was fixed on the door to screw visitor and admit on choice, the main purpose is to ensure safety and protection.
The material used to make this protect to be well strong design are as follows-galvanised metal plate, square pipe lock set key paint, hinges, guage 12 electrode and grinding disk and the major reason of using the material is to provide good making features of the door which will meet up with nowadays demand and designs, and in order to expose students to how to use different types of simple tools and some machines. The special features on the door are as follows: pin hole glass, lock set key, hinges small, square pipe design, glass paint use to coat the door for rusting.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Many years ago, different types of door were in use which includes doors were either by wood or grass. These doors were made then to meet the purpose of security both life and property. It was later discovered that doors made with wood do not last long.

They have a short life span. More so, they are not durable they go demanded very easily and quickly and they cannot with stand high degree of strain.

Doors made with wood are very risky to be put at open place, this is because doors made with wood when faced with water frequently. It get demand. In addition, termites could make the life span of wooden short.

Also, considering the rate of which armed robber break into house in our society, one would agree. That wooden door gave then the to do so because, it could easily be damaged.

Meanwhile, based on the informational realms and also the urged to improve technologically, so as technologist in training, we have of come up with a design to serve as an alternative mean of making doors of different patterns of today. The pattern that seem to give doors a long of man and properties.

1.2 Literature Review

Many years ago, doors were made with either wood or grasses the general purpose of serves as a mean of secreting both lives and properties and also serve as a feature of any building.

When open, they admit ventilation and light. Doors used to control the physical atmosphere within a space by enclosing the air draft, so that interiors may be more effectively heated or cooled. Door are significant in preventing the spread of fire they are also as barrier for esthetic, keeping formal and utility area separates. Door are usually different in most places, due to chance of temperature and humidity, doors usually have to be framed. The Greeks and Romans used many styles of doors single, double sliding of folding the doors as well as many other found throughout Europe’s past were made of brome. This seemed to be going material used and purpose of doors.

1.3 Aims and Objectives

  1. To over come the problem of short life span of doors
  2. To reduce the risk of human life and properties cause by wooden and grass door during burglary.
  3. To change the local method of door design to the modern method e.g wooden door to metal door
  4. To allow student to be more expose to use of some complex machine in the workshop and basic workshop procedure
  5. To beautify the building
  6. To produce decent, stronger and well designed types of door by using metal.
  7. To practical’s the theoretical work done in the lecture room.

Chapter Six

Conclusion and Recommendation

6.1 Conclusion

This principle objective of designing for economic production of door is to produce a design that will satisfy both functional and physical requirements at a cost that is affordable to the common man and easy maintenance to the users. From the construction of highly experienced. It enable to test the ability to put in to practice most theoretical principles being acquired during the course of the studies in the ability reputable KWARA STATE POLYTECHHNIC.
With the help and maximum cooperation of our Honourable supervisor, Engr. J.O Akande, we came across some minor problem during the construction and fabrication of the project. And also we appreciate the effort of the polytechnic authority for implementing this kind of programmers at the end of the course, to make the student acquire some knowledge in terms of technological development.

Finally , we gave thanks to the supreme create of all creation for giving us the opportunity to soil our boat to this harbor.

6.2 Recommendation

This project is recommended for all human being usage either in the households, factories, companies, offices, churches, mosques e.t.c. for closing and opening of any entrance in their building and for strong and safety protection and for safety purpose.

Therefore, we appeal to the school authority to pay proper attention to the student complaint and give them the necessary assistance when required. Also proper encouragement should be given to student of the institution by government in the area of project construction or fabrication encouragement in terms of financial support and material provision.

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