The Fabrication Of A Polythene Bag Sealing And Cutting Machine

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The Fabrication Of A Polythene Bag Sealing And Cutting Machine


This machine is meant for sealing and cutting of nylon bag of different sizes. This machine is operated with electrical system. This machine can cut and seal nylon of different sizes.

It also comprises of materials as follows: Mechanical and Electrical section

Mechanical section include the frame structure, lever and the pedal mechanism.

Electrical section include the transformer, Regular and the micro switch.

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

The portable sealing machine is one of the most important fabrication of engineers of 20th century, the achievements led to sweet relieve for Agriculturist, industrialist, marketers etc. for this purpose, the production of Agricultural and industrials, goods which need appropriate attention for packaging and storage has been on the increase.

Previously, the packaging system has done by the use of paper, clothing material, etc. These methods are either given way to cellophane packaging system.

Different types of packaging system emerged owing to the facts of invention of which the most commonly used is the cellophane packaging and sealing.

It has the following advantages:

Low cost of production, high resistance to acid attacks, inertness, corrosion etc.

Polyethylene is used in packaging goods like ice cream, umbrellas, exercise books, pure water, beverages, weavon, packet shirts, bread, biscuits etc. the following properties polyethylene possessed are the reasons for its varieties of purpose that is to say how cost of production, inertness, resistance to acid, and corrosion water.

The use of polythene cannot be overemphasized. Most of food packaging for hygienic. The technology of cellophane permits raw materials of textile industries to be carried with sealed polyethylene the finished products are either marketed or exported with polyethylene packaging. Most utensils are packaged with polyethylene. Special polyethylene materials have been invented of recent that have shock absorber which gives protection to the breakable material. Since this packaging came up, there had been a safer conveyance of glass and ceramics materials, especially for transportation and exportation of finished goods.

Also, it is in packaging most of electronic gadgets which includes; computers, amplifiers, calculators, radio and T.V sets etc. for safety purposes. It will be needless talking about polyethylene. Without talking about the machines used in sealing generally. Some of the machines used in the industries include cellophane sealing machine used in sealing polyethylene materials, pneumatic, electrical sealing machine handled by electrical heater and needle point action and hand sealing.

Chapter Six

6.0 Discussion

Despite the success of the project, we encountered some problems and difficulties during the fabrication to the project. These range from carpentry, Electrical to Operational problems. During the fabrication of the wooden casing, which contains the transformer and some other electrical components, we found it difficult to drill 6mm holes due to the fragile nature of the plywood. While fixing the contractor, during assembling of the machine, the hammer dropped on the contractor and damaged it before we replaced it.

After fabrication and assembling of the sealing machine, the machine was used to produce bags of low-density polythylene. But the production was relatively low, which was as a result of low transformer capacity. Which was later replaced with the transformer of 600/30 primary and secondary coil turns that improved the capacity of 600 โ€“ 1200 bags sealed per hour. If for a normal working operation in an average of 8 working operation in an average of 8 working hours per day, the capacity of the production would be 8 x 1200 = 9600 bags per day that will be sealed.
For five working days of the week, the machine is capable of sealing or producing up to 5 x 9600 bags = 48, 000 bags.
The polythyene cutting and sealing of the polyethyene.

However, the machine can work activity for more than 24 hours depending on the need in production but for the maintenance purpose of the machine that is the reason for reducing the working hours to eight hours per day. The size and types of bags likely machined are low density polythyene (8 โ€“ 9) micro plane white for bread package.

6.1 Conclusion

From the discussion of the polyethene cutting and sealing machine, it is obvious that the sealing machine was fabrication/constructed with both metallic materials. Metallic materials used were heating elements screws, copier wires and some non โ€“ metallic components used are rubber, wood Formica, tapelon etc.

The machine is able to seal between 600 โ€“ 1200 bags per hour, which makes it highly useful in our daily sealing. The machines are used to seal and package of low density material of (8 โ€“ 9) micro bread polyethene.

If the maintenance regulations are kept properly, the machine will go a long way in alleviating the problems that we have been having in the part with packaging.

With the new trend in technology, the initial problem of getting over โ€“ heated during operation for long duration is taken are of by the timer which controls the amount of electric current that enters the system.

6.2 Recommendation

After due analysis of the polyethene cutting and sealing machine, it is found out that the introduction of this products to the market and various production industries will stabilize the price of commodities, as a result of low cost of production and running of the machine with high tastes satisfaction.

We have to recommend furture researches on fabrication/construction of the sealing machine because of the following reasons.

For longer production, a multiple purpose of machine can be produced which has electrical heating elements, the feeder and the receiver, the counter etc. with such machine millions of sealed bag can be produced in a day for exploration. Thus can help in the growth of economy.

In future fabrication/construction, the element thaphton should be arranged in such a way that it should have three element, the first will be sealing, the second will be cutting while the third will equally and bagging.
This can also enhance much production.

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