Design And Construction Of A Metallic Book Shelf

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Design And Construction Of A Metallic Book Shelf


In the manufacture of metal book shelf, a Mechanical arrangement of materials are documents are stored and it could be made with metal or wood. But this one is fabricated with metal. The type of metal used in the fabrication is mild steel and square balusters. The undismountable bookshelf which has five partitions and four compartment under went many process namely, the drawing and the dimensioning of the bookshelf, needed materials, the marking out and cutting of the materials, welding, smoothing and filling of the work, then finally painting. Actually our dreams has come through in fabrication of metal shelf that will be economically and at the same time meet up with the needed standard despite the subsidized rate. Bookshelf could be made with metals or wood and they could be attached against the wall or they could be made standing on the floor. Our bookshelf shall be of the metal type standing on the floor.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study

A bookshelf is an invention with compartments and partitions where books and files are packed in offices, libraries and even homes.A bookshelf can be wooden, metallic or even glassed. They could also be dismountable metallic and indismountable.In our project, we decide to design and fabricate an indismountable metallic bookshelf. Certain factors were considered before embarking on this project.

An indismountable metallic bookshelf, have a longer life span and serves its purpose better than a wooden bookshelf. Also lose of parts of many dismountable bookshelf held us into opting for the one with its pant in tact.
Nevertheless, the need for preservation of books to enhance researches and studies purpose has brought about the construction of bookshelves for offices, libraries and homes. Thus, these protects the books from been easily destroyed by ants, rats, and from children.And it also enhances systematic arrangement of books for easy reference of location.

In the fabrication, the frame first erected before making the sides and the partitions with the steel material. The mass and volume of the books to be contained by thepartitions were considered before they were erected; so certain experiments were carried out which will be further discussed in the report.

1.2 Description Of The Metallic Shelf

This description of the metallic shelf is made up of the following pants.

  1. Side
  2. Back
  3. Partition
  4. Frame work
  5. Door

The side of the bookshelf is made up the square pipe frame and the mild steel plate material welded to it. Each side is specially designed to act as support in carrying the load under any stress.

The Frame

The frame shown is the skeleton of the whole shelf, it is made of 25mm square pipe and 25mm (1) by 50mm (2) rectangle pipe. The frame was first erected together by mean of welding before the sheet was covered at the back, side, top and the partitions.

The frame was design to withstand the stress that will be develop on it due to the weight of sheet metal and load on each partition.

The Side

The side is made up of a mild steel of 1.0mm thick with height 1473mm and length 501mm. It was welded to the frame (at an angle 900).

The Door

The metal bookshelf has two doors, the left an d right doors which are covered with metal net or wire gauze respectively. the doors was constructed with 25mm square pipe and covered with wire gauze to allows the user to view inside the shelf, to know if the particular book or file he/she is searching for is in that particular bookshelf.

The Back

The back is made or mild steel sheet of thickness 1.0mm, 1473mm by height and 122nmm in length and was also welded diagonally to the frame (at an angle 90).

The Top Or Plane

The top is made up of a mild steel sheet of thickness 1.0mm and 1224mm length by 501mm width and it is also welded diagonally to the frame. (i.e. at angle 900)

The Stand

The stand were made from a rectangle pipe and a square pipe, that is, the two back stand were made from square pipe while the two front stands were made from the rectangular pipe. This stand were extended from the frame work to enable stronger gripe, avoid bending, breaking and also to avoid slip.

The stand add to the height of the metal bookshelf to total of 1525mm in height and there are four stands under the bookshelf.

The Partritions

The partitions were design to be able to contain large number of books.

They are measured 355mm by height, 1222mm by length and 470mm by breath. The material used for the partitions was mild steel plate of 1.2mm thick was welded to the frame work of the partitions.

The volume of the partition

= l x b x h
= 1222 x 470 x 355
= 203, 890, 700mm

Area Of Partition

= 2(lb + bh + lh)
= 2(1222 x 470) + (470 x 355) + (1222 x 355)
= 1,749, 340mm.

The Fabrication of Portable Metal shelf is done by using all necessary items and methods for instance sheet metal, skills in manufacturing process by perform MIG welding to join the parts and etc. The advantages of the proposed metal shelf to be developed can be seen in its portable to be moved such that, people are offered to make their task easier since the metal shelf will facilitate them to put the items such as book, magazine and etc.

The process of development is initiated from designing the shape of the metal shelf by considering the function as well. In order to produce user friendly product that is suitable to the consumer, consideration to the ergonomic factor is taken into account. It involves the measurement process before the materials are cut into pieces before joined together.

The project involves small analysis of the Portable Metal shelf chassis or frame body and fabrication of the metal shelf itself with concerns regarding strength, durability, ergonomic factor, dynamic resistance and convenience. New concept of metal shelf is required to improve its durability and functions.

1.3 Problem Statement

This metal shelf will primarily can help people especially members of students to store the book after using it. The placement of book is not compatible because it located on table. After using the book student only compiles the book and so that, the arrangement of the book is not regulated and scattered. Thus, the development of this metal shelf is hope can provide better arrangement at the book by store it at on place.

1.4 Project Objectives

This project is to make the metal shelf that has commonly in market normally is sheet metal and portable to become portable and more functionality side. The metal shelf is combination of sheet metal, rectangular hollow steel and wheel. So the objectives of this project are:

  1. To design metal shelf that is suite to its application especially for loading items.
  2. To minimize the manufacturing cost by minimize the complexity of the metal shelf and simulate the material used with cheaper material but having high strength and endurance.
  3. To fabricate and introduce the new concepts and ideas for future prospect of metal shelf.

1.5 Project Scope Of Work

Literature Review:

Valuable data are searched and gathered. Considering the shape of the metal shelf in terms of its complexity and method to produce.

Sketching & Designing:

Sketching and designing using Solid work software in creating the design of the metal shelf.


Fabricate and produce the metal shelf by using all necessary manufacturing process such as welding, bending, punching, ginding, measuring, marking and painting.

Testing & Evaluation:

Simulate the mechanism of the metal shelf produce is in line with the expected function to be.

Chapter Five


Steel shelf is a simple product, which does not need much maintenance or repair after it has been manufactured. The research has revealed that fashion and design are important characteristics of Steel shelf for customers. The idea to use office furniture even longer than already practiced seems to stand in contradiction to customers’ need for up-to-date furniture design. Resistance to change and the influence of fashion have been identified as two factors that might be barriers to constructing or manufacturing appreciable steel shelf.

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