Fabrication And Construction Of Window Burglar Proof

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Fabrication And Construction Of Window Burglar Proof


Burglar proofs are major essential application to building structure activities for the beautification and security of the house such as school subtraction detached garage and high durability the ability to secure good quality and high durability at less affordable price to an average in Nigeria has been a problem. It aims to prevent animal and unwanted people into the building while is also maintain by painting to prevent corrosion of the burglar proof.

Table of Content

  • Title of project
  • Approval page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgment
  • Abstract
  • Table of Content

Chapter One

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 Aims
  • 1.3 Objective of the project
  • 1.4 The Importance for Burglar Proof
  • 1.5 Literature Review

Chapter Two

  • 2.1 Iron Rod Burglar Proof
  • 2.2 Flat Bar Burglar Proof
  • 2.3 Wire Mesh Burglar Proof
  • 2.4 Wooden Burglar Proof

Chapter Three

  • 3.1 Description of Burglar Proof
  • 3.2 Material Consideration
  • 3.3 Selection of material
  • 3.4 Material Problem

Chapter Four

  • 4.1 Design Calculation

Chapter Five

  • 5.1 Construction Procedure

Chapter Six

  • 6.1 Testing Procedure
  • 6.2 Problem Encountered

Chapter Seven

  • 7.0 Conclusion
  • 7.1 Recommendation
  • Reference
  • Appendix

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

Crime is any act of omission or commission of offence that violates a written code of conduct of the land or any geographical location therefore burglar is a crime that is defined by the law of Nigeria.

Burglar proof is an engineering design to control and prevent burglars from having a direct attach or entrance into our places of having

Construction of burglar proof base on the material used such as iron (mild steel) the discovery of iron makes a turning in mains creative innovation to improve his environment conditions as it makes a basic foundation for technological feet in the field of communication production and transportation. To declare iron and steel as the voice of technology is to sat the least about its benefits taking into consideration their uses and principal properties such ass, atomic weigh 55647, atomic number 26, melting point 15400c, boiling point 30000c oxidation number 2.3 density of 7.85/m3.

The basis of all physical object made of iron depends on the knowledge of history of iron ores wining of the ores, processing of the ore into pig iron and refining of the iron are into steel of various qualities and grades. Man exploits the extensive use of iron as science and technology advances, which brought about the discovery of many uses among which is for making burglar proof.

This iron revolution gave bright hope to main concerning security, in fact it’s advantages over wood which was in use in early years ago has really given satisfaction to man iron burglar proof is termites attach free as a result of its possession of high resistance and high degree of stain this making it highly suitable and durable for security purposes and it has water resistance when coated with anti must or corrosion compare to wood.

As a result of these merits man has substituted the use of wood with metal in burglar proof making metal burglary proof could be of various designs it could be made of mud steel or iron rods throughout and many other shapes for beautification.

This will make it light in weight and more attractive

1.2 Aims

  1. It Aimed So much of enlightening student especially those in engineering field such as civil and mechanical engineering in area of construction as regards to their profession.
  2. It provides a workshop model of a true metal protector and economics of material, labour and procedures.
  3. It also help the student to be salt reliance hide pendent as well as even when they are out of school.

1.3 Objectives of the Project

Some of main objectives of the project are listed below

  1. To let the student realize that they can bring a new idea to the engineering construction as this is the first attempt of constructing burglar proof with mild steel as a project
  2. To reduce the risk of danger to human life and properties caused by wooden burglar proof
  3. To produce decent and stronger type burglar proof
  4. To praticalize the theorical work done in the lecture room
  5. To make the student more exposed to the use of some complex machines in the workshop

1.4 The Importance for Burglar Proof

  1. It encourages the students to be able to put into practice or practical aspect, the theoretical aspect of the work taught in lecture room.
  2. It makes the student to produce a stronger and decent types of burglar proof.
  3. It serves as a security for human life and his/her properties against
  4. It enables engineering student to think on how to protect him an life in their societies

1.5 Literature Review

In the past, woods were being used for burglar proof as a means of securing our residence windows but it did not give a maximum security for life and also it does not meet the wants of the people.

As time went on, technology came into existence and they take burglar proof into consideration and decided to find an alternative way, which give birth to metal burglar proof of different steel.

This burglar proof has been done in many ways with different designs irrespective taste of the prospective buyers.
But the selected design was as a result of technology improvement that is from a plate bar to mild steel so as to improve the rigidity of the burglar proof and have the ability to withstand any external forces acting on it.

Chapter Seven

7.0 Conclusion

This project has brought-out an independent creative thinking and brainstorming with colleagues. It also prepares the student for the challenges technological practice ahead and how to cope with colleagues in teamwork.

Team work experience was acquired in the process of metal cutting and welding operation.

If certain things were considered, the project would have succeeded in producing better engineers for future challenges of our nation.

Among is the consideration of machines and tools available, which could not go round and hence much of the time wasted in the processing for waiting for others, which is precisely duration of the project.

7.1 Recommendations

This window burglar proof can be modified and improved upon, this can be done by using bestmaterial suitable and that can withstand and resist the factors that will affect it, such as corrosion, heat and bending.

The wealth of any society is determined by the variety and quality of the article it posses for its use and consumption. All the material things we posses are marble from the earth or from native mean white our prosperity depends upon on our ability to convert these raw materials into useful articles of consumptions prior to this will want to recommend that serious attention should be given to engineering. This will go way in adding value to the wealth of our society.

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